Jul 242014

Penguin Australia

As someone who moved to the other side of the world I know how hard it is to settle in, to find that feeling of belonging and to make new friends. Australian author and illustrator Caroline Magerl has captured these feelings beautifully in her very first book called Hasel and Rose:

Hasel and Rose

Hasel and Rose is a beautifully illustrated hard cover picture book about a sweet girl named Rose who has recently moved house. She is feeling a little lost in this new home, in this new street and in this new town without familiar faces, her family tries to distract her but nothing works. At night she looks out the window with her cardboard telescope, searching but not finding.


Some place far far away a little rabbit called Hasel starts a long journey, sitting in an old brown box she travels. Down hills, up mountains, through the sky and over water, in windy, stormy weather where is Hasel going?


One night Rose is out searching for that special something when, through the eye of her cardboard telescope, she spots a weathered brown box bobbing on the water. Could it be that the journeys of Rose and Hasel are to come together here at the beach? Will Rose find the special something she has been looking for?

To find out more about Hasel and Rose (RRP $24.99) by Caroline Magerl, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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