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Some people watch a complete TV series in one sitting, others like me can’t wait to get started on the next title in a good book series. Officially the Our Australian Girl books are written for young girls but I absolutely love reading them myself too (at 30 years old I am still a girl, right?) so I couldn’t wait to sit down with the two newest books in the series:

DAAI felt so sorry for Daisy when she was kicked out on the cold Melbourne streets by aunty May and it doesn’t look like life will get easier any time soon. Daisy All Alone (RRP $14.99) shows that there is nothing glamourous about living on the street, from eating out of rubbish bins to sleeping on a dump to eventually being picked up by the police and ending up in an orphanage, it’s nothing like Daisy’s old life on the farm.

Of course Daisy is not one to give up easily and she is determined to locate her father and find her little sister Flora who has been sent off to boarding school by aunty May. Together with her new orphan friends Edith and Harry she hatches a plan to escape from the orphanage and get to the city, unfortunately their freedom is short lived and they are returned to the orphanage. Then a couple shows up to adopt Daisy…

PPRPearlie’s search for the Japanese spy is deserted after her ‘subject of interest’ appears to have left town. With more and more families leaving Darwin by boat to escape from the war animal lover Pearlie feels it is her duty to look after all the pets that are left behind. In Pearlie’s Pet Rescue (RRP $14.99) Pearlie adopts a piglet, a dog and a bird and of course she also still has Tinto, her friend Naoko’s monkey.

Not everyone is keen on the very cheeky Tinto and he does like to cause a bit of trouble, on the other hand he is a great friend and when he rescues Pearlie after an accident they become even more inseparable. Pearlie is devastated when they too receive an evacuation order, she really doesn’t want to leave Tinto. In a last ditch attempt to find him a new home before the boat leaves, she heads into town only to come face to face with the suspected spy…

Who are the people wanting to adopt Daisy, will the boat leave without Pearlie and will her suspect turn out to be the real spy? Keep an eye on Hip little one for the next books in the series.

To find out more about the Our Australian Girl series, published by Penguin Books, to read all about the characters and to order your own Our Australian Girl books online visit www.ouraustraliangirl.com.au.

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