May 022014

Russell Hobbs

These lazy Easter holidays were fun while they lasted but now it’s time to get back into the school routine. With four young children (5 years and under) our mornings are usually quite hectic, they all still need help with getting dressed, making/eating breakfast and packing bags so it’s a race against the clock to get the twins to school on time. I’m always on the hunt for ways to make the morning rush less stressful, here’s my latest discovery that reduces our breakfast time (and mess) dramatically.

Russell Hobbs Blender

Like most people I used to make the kids toast for breakfast, it sounds quick but it is actually quite time consuming and messy. Our very unreliable 4-slice toaster is rather temperamental (we call it moody), toasting results are never the way you want them so it takes a few shots and we need 2 rounds of four slices to feed the tribe. Then I need to butter the toast (three with normal margarine, one with dairy free spread), cut it in kids sized portions and serve it on plates. To be honest I don’t know why I bother with plates because more crumbs end up on the ground than on the plate. Some of the kids pick, pull and peck, leaving the crusts, others take half an hour to eat half a slice. I won’t even start on the simple cup of milk that goes with the toast!

Breakfast Smoothie

Putting the fast back in breakfast

Since we’ve swapped our toast for smoothies breakfast is finally breakFAST. The Russell Hobbs Colour Control Blender ($99.95) has a huge 1,5 litre glass jug which is perfect for a big family like ours. We have tried lots of different smoothies during the holidays but this breakfast drink is by far our favourite: Fill the jug with delicious almond milk, some ripe bananas (fresh or frozen), a few weetbix and some probiotic powder and combine it all on Speed 2, specifically created for making perfect smoothies. It’s quick, simple, healthy (and suitable for all our kids), incredibly tasty and they slurp it up in a flash!

Colour Control Light RingAs part of the Russell Hobbs Colour Control range the blender is fitted with the unique Colour Control technology. The ring around the base lights up in four different colours, each representing a different speed suitable for a particular food type: Speed 1/Blue is ideal for purees (very handy for making baby food), Speed 2/Purple is perfect for our smoothies, Speed 3/Green is the go-to speed for soups and Speed P (Pulse)/Red crushes ice.

Of course this is just a guide, there are plenty of other food types you can make in your blender like cakes mixes and cocktails, dips and marinades, milkshakes and mayonnaise and much more. I love relaxing with a yummy mixed berry milkshake on a Saturday evening, much healthier, faster and cheaper than getting a take-away version!

Obviously I like the sleek and modern gloss black base and stainless steel details but the Colour Control Blender is more than just a pretty ‘jacket’, it has a powerful and reliable 850 watt motor and features strong and durable titanium coated two-tip blades that stay sharper for longer and offer excellent blending performance on all speeds. I also appreciate the strong suction caps at the bottom that keep the blender in place so you don’t need to hold it and kids can’t easily pull it off the bench. Priced at $99.95, and backed with a generous 2 year warranty, I think it is great value for money and a perfect choice for families who want the convenience of a good quality blender to make quick and healthy meals and snacks but don’t want to spend a fortune on yet another kitchen appliance.

Russell Hobbs Colour Control Blender

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