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Last week Tuesday we finished Sybbie’s first birthday celebrations in style with a sugar sweet, and very sticky, cake smash photo shoot. Because our little lady can be a little unsure about new people and strange environments I opted to have the photographers from Orange Leaf Photography come to our house, very convenient and less stressful for little ones.

Three girls

The Cake Smash concept is very simple: mum makes a big, soft, squishy, creamy cake and the photographer(s) catches the moment your little one attacks the cake, capturing a series of delightful photos to treasure forever.

Cake Smash

Because our Sybil is allergic to cows milk I had to use a dairy free cake recipe, something I hadn’t done before. One of my lovely readers helped me out and pointed me in the direction of this basic Dairy-Free and Egg-Free Vanilla Cake Recipe from Milk Allergy Mom.


It was the first time I used my new sunshine yellow kMix Kitchen Machine which definitely made the whole process a lot easier, the cake turned out soft, moist and breakable and I was surprised by how nice it tasted. I prepared the icing using a pre-made creme shortening from our local cake and bake store, it was so fluffy and there was so much of it, a bit too much sugar for my liking but it was absolutely perfect for the occasion.


Of course no matter how awesome the cake, the most important factor of a successful Cake Smash is the mini model and with a little character like our Syb you never know what to expect…

First touch

Luckily photographers Amy and Nadine were really warm and friendly and obviously very experienced with young children so it didn’t take too long for Sybil to settle in. Even though they brought their own backdrop, flooring and lighting it was still very homey and it definitely made for really gorgeous photos.


When we brought out the cake we had her undivided attention, she totally went for it and if we hadn’t taken away the cake she would probably still be eating today!


I think the photos did exactly what I had hoped, capture Sybil’s personality beautifully. She has so many different expressions and every photo is different. The ones in this post are just some of my favourites, now the tricky job of selecting a few to have printed and framed.

Syb Cake Smash

If you are in Adelaide and you are considering a Cake Smash, Maternity, Newborn or Family Photo Shoot go have a chat to Amy and Nadine at Orange Leaf Photography, for more information and to see their portfolio visit

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  1. Beautiful family. Happy Birthday Sybil xo

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