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If you are a regular Hip little one reader you have probably read Friday’s Yonanas post, you may even have entered to win 1 of 2 Yonanas Healthy Dessert Makers. The ‘ice cream’ was delicious and served in those gorgeous brightly coloured Re-Play bowls it looked extra yummy. But of course those sweet bowls are not just great for ice cream, we use ours all the time for fruit or yoghurt, crackers or sultanas and lots of other snacks, they’re a perfect size and they are eco friendly too.

Re-Play Cutlery

Re-Play Tableware is made in the United States from recycled milk containers, it’s BPA free and even dishwasher safe. Over the past year or so I have purchased quite a few of the cups, bowls and divided plates from Avidiva and am really pleased with them. They are strong and sturdy yet light weight and very easy to clean, visitors regularly comment on the quality and they are always pleasantly surprised when I tell them how well priced this fabulous ‘green’ range is.

I can not rave enough about the Re-Play Divided Plates, we have a big pile of them and use them every night for dinner. The three different compartments make it very easy to serve the right (and the same, for those kids who are always worried they miss out) amount of vegies, protein and carbohydrates. I find it is also easier for the kids to finish their meal when they see smaller portions, as opposed to one big heap.

Re-Play Bowls BlueThere are currently three different Re-Play colour combinations to choose from: Yellow/Green/Pink, Yellow/Green/Purple and Yellow/Green/Aqua, great colours to suit boys and girls. A set of 3 Re-Play Bowls costs just $10.99, a set of 3 Re-Play Divided Plates is a steal at $13.99 and an 8-piece cutlery pack is a tiny $7.99, this is an amazing prize for such a high quality, guilt and worry-free product.

To find out more about Avidiva, to browse the Re-Play range and to order online visit

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  1. Beautiful dinnerware for kids. I love the bright colours too.

  2. Blue or pink

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