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As many of you know I am a ‘foreigner’ who moved to Australia 7 years ago and while over time I have come to know some of Australia’s history there is of course lots more left for me to learn and discover. What I love about history is that you are never too young (or old) to learn about it, there are lots of enjoyable and age appropriate ways to expand your knowledge of the past.

Our Australian Girl logoThe best-selling Our Australian Girl book series is a fun, interesting and rather addictive way for children to learn about everyday life in Australia many years ago. Be transported to 1841 when Letty arrives in Australia by boat, step in Poppy‘s shoes and walk around in 1864 Victoria, fight for women’s rights with Rose in 1900, move to the country with Ruby in 1931 or join one of the other wonderful Our Australian Girl characters on their Australian adventures.

Our Australian Girl Grace

Our Australian Girl: Grace

We’re back in 1808 and poor orphan Grace is living on the streets in London, fending for herself as best as she can. After a run in with the law Grace is sent off to Australia, she has no idea what to expect of this strange, far away country many oceans away. Together with new friend Hannah, Hannah’s family and many other convicts Our Australian Girl Grace boards the Indispensable for a long and dangerous journey towards a new life in Australia. Grace is determined to grab this second chance given to her with both hands, but is not always easy. Join Grace as she changes her life around in four fantastic books, or (if you’re like me and want to read them all in one go) read the beautiful Grace 4-in-1 Hardcover Bundle.

Our Australian Girl Lina

Our Australian Girl: Lina

Fast forward to 1956, Melbourne is getting ready for the Olympic Games and at the same time an exciting new invention called the television is the talk of the town. Our Australian Girl Lina has won herself a scholarship at an exclusive private school but with her Italian background she doesn’t feel like she really belongs there, something unfriendly Sarah is making very sure of. It’s not easy living in two worlds that are so different and staying true to yourself. While busy working on the school newspaper Lina is struggling to keep old friendships alive, maybe it’s time to welcome a new friend instead? Follow Lina on her journey to find her place in this new environment over the course of 4 great books.

Our Australian Girl Grace 4-in-1Priced at a very affordable $14.95 per book, and just $24.95 for the Grace 4-in-1 Hardcover Bundle, Our Australian Girl is a great series for Aussie girls to collect. Each girl has 4 books to her name so ask a new title for your birthday, Christmas, the Summer holidays or your communion and save them all. Of course the books also make lovely gifts for young friends overseas, it’s a fabulous way to introduce them to life in ‘old’ Australia.

To find out more about the Our Australian Girl series, published by Penguin Books Australia, to read all about the characters and to order your own Our Australian Girl books online visit

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  1. I know how lina feels, I was the same came to australia from england with italian parents everything was so strange to me and it was hard to fit in.

  2. Lina’s experience is so typical of many young people. We all feel compassion for her.

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