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As you can imagine a ‘big’ household like ours is pretty busy, there is always food to be cooked, laundry to be done, rooms to be cleaned, kids to be showered, beds to be changed and homework to be checked and (like most mums) I often feel there is just not enough time in the day. I love finding ways to save time on everyday tasks so I have more time to do fun family things.

More time to go out and explore

More time to go out and explore

One of the ways I cut down one housework is by using a dishwasher, we have had our dishwasher for 2,5 years now and if you use it wisely you can not only save water but save energy too which is awesome news for the environment and your wallet. Our dishwasher runs on average every other day, sometimes even every third day which I think is really quite good for a family of six.

More time for spontaneous visits to the park

More time for spontaneous visits to the park

The helpful team at Dishwashing Expert is on a mission to help Australian families get the most out of their dishwasher so they have put together a quick list of handy, and surprisingly easy, tips to save money, energy and water:

  • Do not pre-rinse dishes by hand, it’s not needed and only wastes water.
  • Fully load the dishwasher, leaving room for water to circulate
  • Use 50°C, ECO or AUTO wash cycle as your every day program, designed to use minimal energy consumption but still maintain cleaning.
  • Use the timer setting to run the dishwasher in the middle of the night to use cheaper energy rates.
  • Check and clean drains, filters, spray arms and rubber seals regularly to ensure efficient operation.
  • Recycle product packaging.

I would love to hear your clever tips for cutting down your time spent on chores, maybe we can all help eachother out? As a little thank you I have two packs of Finish Dishwasher Protector to give away.

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