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For months I have been admiring the stunning IVI Interactive Play Rugs and with our girls moving into the same room recently I finally had a good excuse to get one. I took me a little while to decide on the design as they are all divine but eventually I made up my mind and ordered this one from The Little Haven:

IVI Family Play Rug

IVI Family Play Rug

The IVI Family Play Rug features a stylish house with lots of separate bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms and bathroom, a lovely green garden and even a pool with sunbeds. It’s hard to show in a picture but it’s the unique 3D design that makes IVI Play Rugs so special. The rug pile is raised to form the walls, furniture and objects in the house, all you need are your favourite dolls and your own imagination (something my girls have plenty of) and you’re in for hour after hour of pretend play fun.

My girls' room

Beds and bedside tables, a shower, basin and a bath mat, a plush rug and coffee table, side tables and tv cabinet, it’s all there. Our children don’t have many little dolls but that didn’t spoil the fun, some Duplo people, their Sonny Angel dolls and even a few Barbies live peacefully alongside eachother in the IVI house. Outside an exotic garden full of jungle animals offers entertainment for sun bathing guests, oh to be three and five years old again.

Hours of fun

All IVI rugs feature lots of different colours so they will blend in well with any decor but eventually the leading colours pink and green of the Family Play Rug won me over as they tie in beautifully with the rest of our girls’ bedroom. We already had the Mocka Six Cube Storage Unit with pink fabric boxes and the very pretty Habitat Baby Garden Party bed linen and the end result is such a bright, fresh and happy room, the girls love playing in it.


Depending on the size of your room and the number of children who will be playing on it you can choose between a small (100 x 150 cm) or large (134 x 180 cm) rug, please note that designs differ slighly between small and large rugs. Because our new rug was going in a shared bedroom I decided on the larger rug and as you can see it is a great size with plenty of room for a few little people to play together. But no matter how big the rug, your cheeky baby sister will still know where to find you and you need to guard your favourite dolls with care!


There are currently 11 different IVI Activity Rugs to choose from to suit boys, girls and gender neutral bedrooms, prices start at $159.95 and delivery is FREE Australia wide.

To find out more about The Little Haven, to browse the range of IVI rugs and to order online visit www.thelittlehaven.com.au.

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