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If you are a loyal Facebook follower of Hip little one you may have read that we spent 47 hours without power last week after extremely strong winds took down trees all over our suburb. By now the power has been restored, our fridge and freezer have been completely emptied and cleaned (and filled again) and I have caught up on washing but boy, it was quite a challenge. I do like camping but not in my own home! Of course every situation has its positives and last week brought some lovely moments too:

Tommie helping with the dishes

Tommie helping with the dishes

One of the things I loved about being without power is that you have no choice but to go to bed really early. It was rather refreshing to hop in bed when it went dark at 9pm and we just layed in bed chatting about our day; there was no tv to watch, no blogs to be written and no Facebook to be checked. Normally I would feel guilty about all the housework I didn’t do that day but as I had no other choice I decided not to worry about it. Last but not least, with no stove to cook on hubby took care of dinner with the BBQ, so easy!

Juliet (attempting to) cleaning up the crumbs

Juliet (attempting to) cleaning up the crumbs

I was also pleasantly surprised by how well the kids (especially the twins) helped out with chores that we now had to do by hand, it quickly became a competition who could offer help the fastest. With the vacuum out of order they happily cleaned with dustpan and broom and with the dishwasher on break they even helped do the dishes by hand. They quickly discovered that the more detergent you add the more bubbles you get so it took some extra rinsing but at least they had fun. On the second day the novelty had worn off and master 5 asked me: ‘Is this supposed to be fun or work?’ As you can guess he was secretly relieved when the power came back on! (So was I as our dishwasher is a big timesaver in our house)

Finish, for sparkling dishes

Finish, adds a sparkle to your dish

The two-day power break was a perfect time to take a closer look at our washing machine and dishwasher. They are normally in use all the time so it is rare to have them completely empty. Upon closer inspection it turned out both could do with a thorough clean so I took the opportunity and scrubbed our dishwasher from top to bottom. When the power was restored I ran a nice hot cycle with dishwasher cleaner and it’s good as new again.

While I can’t personally take care of your dirty dishes for you I can help deliver some extra sparkle to your clean ones. I have two packs of Finish Quantum with New Powergel to give away, just tell me about your dirtiest dishes below.

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  1. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  2. Thank you

  3. The ones with egg stuck on them! – yikes almost impossible to shift by hand.

  4. Cheers great competition!

  5. thanks for the chance

  6. Thanks for the opportunity to have some of this great powder, hopefully a winner!

  7. Any dishes my husband cooks with…and it’s usually all of them aswell! 😉

  8. The lasagne baking tray!

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