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A little while ago I told you about the fabulous Yumbox lunchboxes from Whimsy Child and as expected they sold like hotcakes, with so many pre-orders they sold out quickly and it is still hard to keep up with the demand. I know how many of you loved the design so with the Back to School period in mind I had a little chat to the gorgeous Mel at Whimsy Child and I’ve organised a Yumbox to give away to a lovely Hip little one reader:

Yumbox, the hippest (and healthiest!) lunchbox in the schoolyard

Yumbox, the hippest (and healthiest!) lunchbox in the schoolyard

Just in case you missed what all the excitement is about: The cleverly designed Yumbox lunchbox features five different compartments representing the five different food groups, making it very easy to pack a healthy, nutritious lunch for little students (or yourself). The innovative design includes a special lid that seals each compartment individually, contents will not leak or mix so you can even add liquids like yoghurt or fruit puree.

Yumbox GreenWhen you pack your child a Yumbox lunch you are not only providing a great variety of foods but you are also teaching your child about healthy eating and portion control. There is no need for a whole stack of separate of separate containers, bags or wraps, the complete lunch can be packed together and the BPA-free Yumbox can be used again and again so it is a great choice for the environment too. I told you Yumbox is awesome!

For more information have a little read of my original Yumbox post here.

To find out more about Whimsy Child, to take a closer look at the Yumbox ($34.95) and to order online visit www.whimsychild.com.au.

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  1. This would be perfect for my son for childcare and is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  2. Great product!

  3. Not entering this one as I’ve already purchased a Yumbox for each of my kiddies. They arrived today and they are AWESOME!! I can’t wait to start packing lunches in them. Fantastic design. Good luck all!

  4. Perfectly partitioned pack for petite portions for a pernickety eater. YUMBOX – yum for Mums, yummy for ‘littlies’.

  5. fruit and sandwiches

  6. thanks for this giveaway..

  7. Blueberries are my grandaughters love…with a vengeance. These YUMBOXES are an amazing idea. Love them and the fact that this will give my little ‘Molly” so much variety to choose from!

  8. I’m obsessed with lunch boxes and still can’t find the right one for my six year old, who only has whole foods, not processed for this school term as an experiment . I really what to see if she can make the term with different foods everyday to keep her interested my experiment will be a success . I need the right lunch box

    • With so many different compartment the Yumbox is a great tool to offer a variety of foods every day. You can pre-order your YUmbox at Whimsy Child for delivery mid-late February. Good luck!

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