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Speckled House

When people hear we have four kids they usually say the same two things: ‘Your house must be so noisy!’ and ‘I bet they make lots of mess’. Yes, the kids do make lots of noise, there are always little people chatting, laughing, singing, playing, dancing and of course sometimes crying or arguing. But when it comes to mess you’ll be surprised, I love an organised house and I’ve trained them well, they really are quite good at keeping things tidy.

Elephant Storage HamperI think our smartest move was to create a playroom, even if it meant I dom’t currently have an office to work in. Now the kids can keep all their toys, dolls, craft and books in one room as opposed to spread out over all the bedrooms. Little visitors know exactly where to go to play and the kids bedrooms are usually mess free, so there is no distraction at bedtime and it makes it easy for me to scoot in with the vacuum.

Star Storage HamperIn the playroom we use a few handy storage solutions to keep everything neat, clear and easy to find, our latest storage addition is a lovely storage hamper by Australian designer label Speckled House. Made from strong and sturdy canvas and fitted with easy carry handles (large tubs only) the stylish Speckled House Storage Hampers are perfect for neatly storing all those loose toys in bedrooms, playrooms and even your living room.

Our playroom cupboard is filled with toys for the three older kids and I keep all the baby toys together in our Mushroom Canvas Storage Hamper ($59.95). I can easily carry the hamper from room to room to keep baby Sybil happy while I do my chores, very handy! Measuring a generous 45cm high and 50cm diameter you can fit lots in and the hampers keep their shape really well.

Speckled House Mushroom Hamper

There are currently seven different Storage Hampers to choose from in two different sizes (small and square $44.95/large and round $59.95) and with different designs to suit boys, girls and gender neutral rooms. I love how these hip storage solutions become part of your room decor and add a warm, cosy touch (especially compared to cold plastics).

Speckled House Storage Hampers

To find out more about Speckled House, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

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  1. I could really use this for my boys bedroom

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