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I hate to be the one to tell you but if you haven’t purchased all your Christmas gifts yet you better get a move on, with only 2,5 weeks to go until Christmas you are quickly running out of time! I know what it is like: You’re busy working, doing chores, attending Christmas parties and barbeques and there’s just not much time for shopping so it’s always easy when you can shop multiple presents under one roof. This Christmas Remington has got the whole family covered with these great gifts for mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas, aunties and uncles and even little daughters and cousins:

Remington Twist BraidWhen I was a little girl I always dreamt of one of these cool hairstylers, I circled them in catalogues and pointed them out on TV and now our 5-year old daughter does the same, some things never change. The Remington Twist Braid ($19.95) is sure to make any little girl’s heart beat faster this December, who wouldn’t want to unwrap one of these fancy bright pink stylers that can create beautiful twisted braids with the touch of a button?

Using the Remington Twist Braid is very straight forward, there are just two button options (Twirl and Twist) so it’s very easy to master for mums and daughters too. The Twist Braid comes in a lovely pink box complete with a stash of hair clips, head bands, beads and hair elastics for lots of hairdressing fun, even the 2 AA batteries are included (nothing more annoying than a frantic hunt for batteries on Christmas morning!). Priced at just $19.95 this gorgeous set makes a fabulous Christmas gift that won’t break the bank.

WETech Rotary ShaverDads, granddads and teenage sons can be tricky to buy for but one thing they have in common is the reoccurring stubble on their faces. If your man is anything like mine he hates the daily shave and puts it off as long as possible. With the 100% waterproof Remington WETech Rotary Shaver (RRP $89.95) they can kill two birds with one stone, have a refreshing shower and do the grooming at the same time!

The WETech multi-flexing heads fitted with stainless steel blades efficiently shave hair in all directions, delivering a clean cut on both wet and dry skin. The anti-slip grip on the shaver ensures a confident hold at all times, very important in wet conditions, and the charging station allows for water drainage. Being completely washable the WETech Rotary Shaver is a breeze to clean, the hairpocket can be emptied with the push of one button and a cleaning brush is included for a thorough clean.

WETechWhen you have sensitive skin and hairs that grow in easily like my husband shaving is not something you look forward to but so far he’s been pleasantly surprised with the WETech, it’s quick, hassle-free, comfortable to hold, quiet (!) and gentle on his skin. With an impressive cordless using time of (up to) 60 minutes and handy 5 minute quick charge the WETech Rotary Shaver is ideal for busy men on the go.

Remington Perfect Waves 2For the ladies Remington has a whole range of fabulous gift suggestions, from long to short hair, from straight hair to curly and in between, from grandma to aunt and from mum to daughter, there is a perfect Remington Hair Styler for you. With Christmas parties and New Year celebrations coming up you might be tempted to visit the hair dresser for a head of classy curls or beautiful waves but you can save yourself big bucks by creating the look at home with the Remington Perfect Waves.

The Remington Perfect Waves (RRP $69.95) is a 2-in-1 styling tool that is really easy to use. The unit itself is fabulous deep-waver that leaves the most fantastic waves in a matter of seconds, the result is amazing. For shallow, beach-like waves you need just a quick squeeze between the plates and the longer you hold your locks in the more dept the waves have (think Downton Abbey waves, it looks so lovely). As you may remember I had the big chop a few months ago so now it takes me just over 5-10 minutes to create a new look with this practical styler.

Remington Perfect WavesYou can also use the Perfect Waves to turn your straight locks into loose curls by sliding the detachable heat-resistant cover (included) onto the styler. This spiral shaped cover fits perfectly around the barrel and clicks in to stay in place, it also features a handy clip so you can secure the end of your hair while you gently wind it around the heated base. No burnt fingers and nonchalant, feminine curls are the result.

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