Dec 282013

Whimsy Child

Many of you have come to know Whimsy Child as the go-to store for hip and quirky kids fashion but that’s about to change. A little while ago owner Melissa decided to shake things up a little and shift her focus to unique gifts, educational toys and other cool stuff, which means it’s a double win for you. On the one hand you now have a new address for super hip kids products and fabulous brands that you won’t find at your local shopping centre, at the same time you can score some awesome (and I mean AWESOME) bargains in the fashion clearance.

These clever Sound Cubes are one of the latest arrivals in the toy section, I think they look fabulous:

Micki Sound Cubes

Micki Sound Cubes

Sound CubesIt’s a puzzle, it’s a musical toy, it’s a matching game, these fabulous Sound Cubes by Swedish toy manufacturer Micki are triple the fun. The aim of the game is to put the two cubes together and ‘match’ both halves of the vehicles. When kids put the correct pictures together they will hear the sound of that particular vehicle, how cool is that? Micki Sound Cubes will help young children with motor skills, teach them about different vehicles and sounds and of course show cause and effect.

Micki Sound Cubes ($27.50) are suitable for ages 2+ and operate on 3 AA batteries (demonstration batteries included).

To find out more about Whimsy Child, to take a closer look at the Micki Sound Cubes and to order online visit

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