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Who would have thought, little Sybil is now eight months old and still no teeth. Her three siblings all cut their first tooth around six months old so I have been waiting for that first white bud to appear for a while without anything happening. Even though there are no teeth to show for it just yet she has been chewing and chomping away on anything she can get her hands on. To avoid her going through my handbag and digging up all kinds of unsuitable items to munch on we have given her her very own Bubba Bag instead:

Bubba Bag

The name says it all, the hugely popular Bubba Bag by Gumigem is a bag specifically made for babies. These cute blue neoprene bags are light weight and washable and filled with four gorgeous teething toys inspired by mama’s musthaves: car keys, a phone, a credit card and a purse. Each Bubba Bag toy is made from soft and flexible silicone that can safely be chewed on by teething babies without damaging those precious little teeth.

Bubba Bag Credit Card

Bubba Bag Credit Card

The contents of the Bubba Bag ($40) are the perfect size for little hands and the bag is cleverly designed to stand up and stay open so babies can easily access their own toys by themselves which is great for their motor skills. Our little girl loves playing with these teething toys and we use them a lot when out and about, they’re just what you need when you need to keep your baby quiet and entertained in the car, at church or when visiting friends and family.

Bubba Bag Purse

Bubba Bag Purse + Car Keys

The credit card, phone and purse toy can be used from birth, while the recommended age for the car keys is 10 months and up. Each toy has a different shape and colours to keep it interesting, baby Sybil is particularly keen on the bright red purse, because of the colour it is easy to spot and it looks like the knobs soothe her tender gums. She also uses the car keys to get to the hard-to-reach spots and she likes shaking them like a rattle (a very quiet one, thankfully).

Bubba Bag Phone

Bubba Bag Phone

At Gumigem they look further than just looks, all the Bubba Bag toys carry the CE mark and are non-toxic and washable. When your little one drops them on the ground or covers them with food or drool (as they will, the proof is in the picture!) you can just give them a good rinse and they’re good as new again. We love our Bubba Bag and it is no surprise that they sell out faster than Gumigem can get new ones in. To get your teething baby a Bubba Bag too simply place your pre-order online now, new stock is due to arrive next week.

Non-toxic and washable

Non-toxic and washable

To find out more about Gumigem, to take a closer look at the Bubba Bag and to order online visit www.gumigem.com.au.

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  1. Hope I win… a teething toddler and a teething baby at the same time, I definitely need some help!

  2. What a brilliant idea! My little one will love this and just in time too. I see a little white bump appearing on his bottom gum poor little thing 🙁

  3. Id love to win this fabulous prize for my daughter who is having her 2nd bubee on wednesday… Good luck everyone…. 🙂

  4. Iwould absolutely love to win one of these for Princess Amleanah!! Last week at 7months she cut he first tooth after 5 months of teething!! Now to be honest, as much as I would love one of these to help, I bet Amleanah would love and appreciate one even more!! 🙂

  5. My prayers have been answered!

  6. Good for my grandson!… 🙂

  7. Love this idea!!

  8. This would be great to win only know all to well how horrible teething can be

  9. My little lulu really needs one of these her teething is out of control! Pretty please!

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