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As the weather heats up and our little girl is wearing less clothing it is becoming more and more obvious that we have another eczema baby on our hands. From experience we know that summer can be a tricky season, on the one hand the fresh air and sun are great, but on the other hand heat can make eczema flare up and the (now uncovered) itchy patches are easy to reach and little hands will scratch and scratch until the skin breaks.

Frugi Girls Summer

To make sure her clothing doesn’t aggrevate the situation we dress Sybil in organic or bamboo clothing whenever possible. We particularly like the soft, organic cotton pieces by UK label Frugi and we’re in luck as the gorgeous baby summer collection has just arrived at Baby Gift Works.

Frugi Jam Pot TeePeople from all over the world have come to know and love Frugi not only because of the lovely colours, unique prints and sweet appliques but especially for its soft, durable and comfortable fabrics. As Sybil is a reflux baby she can go through five outfits a day easily, her clothes are washed over and over and the Frugi garments still look and feel fantastic. I have no doubt the new range is going to be a winner too.

Henny Check Pinafore DressWith Christmas in mind I’ve put away this super cute Henny Check Pinafore Dress ($39.95) which looks just adorable. Now of course you never know what the weather will be like on Christmas day but this dress can easily be worn with a crisp white tee underneath so we will be sorted either way. Nice bonus: we happen to already have the matching coral Knitted Ditsy Cardigan ($39.95), just in case it gets chilly!

Taking her new Christmas dress for a test crawl

Taking her new Christmas dress for a test crawl

Frugi Icecream TeeThe boys range is just as delightful, featuring fresh, cheerful colours and cool prints like tractors, boats and cars (thankfully no skulls, bones or odd slogans here!). All Frugi garments are designed for easy wash and wear with room for baby to move around comfortably, even with a cloth nappy on. If you’re purchasing a Baby Gift Works (Christmas) gift for a special little person make sure you select gift wrapping and gift tag, it’s free for two or more items and the parcels look beautiful!

Frugi Boys Summer

To find out more about Baby Gift Works, to browse the Frugi range and to order online visit www.babygiftworks.com.au.

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  1. I would spend my $50 voucher on FUGI Books! You can never have too many books for the little ones!

  2. I would spend $50 voucher on clothes for the next season

  3. Definitely one of the jumpsuits

  4. I would spend it on clothes as i am pregnant with my second bub due in totally different seasons 🙂

  5. I would spend the voucher on bigger size clothes. My little man is getting big

  6. i would spend it on books and clothes, shes completely outgrown the ones were using now

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