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Fluffy Buns

As the weather warms up I breathe a sigh of relief, no more drying racks in the living room! I can’t wait to just put the washing outside and for it to dry in an hour. As we are about to start another toilet training journey I can see plenty of laundry ahead of me, at least on the hot days we can ditch the clothes and she can wear just a pair of training pants. If you have little ones in cloth nappies or ready for toilet training make sure you check out Fluffy Buns for all your fluffy gear.

Gro Via All-in-OneAt Fluffy Buns you’ll find a great selection of cloth nappies and accessories from well known Australian and international brands, handpicked by lovely store owner and mama Misty. If you are new to modern cloth nappies (MCNs) you can count on Misty to provide you with lots of helpful tips and tricks, she’ll have you ditching the disposables in no time. Cloth nappies have come a long way since the terry squares, these days cloth nappies are very effective, easy to use and look absolutely gorgeous!

Weegoamigo 'World Peace' Digital Printed Muslin

Weegoamigo ‘World Peace’ Digital Printed Muslin

As well as cloth nappies Fluffy Buns also offers a fabulous range of baby gifts and goodies for mum. The latest label to arrive in store is Weegoamigo, an Australian brand famous for its eyecatching muslin and blankets. The newest collection has just been unveiled and it is absolutely stunning! The stylish printed muslin wraps are selling like hot cakes, hip mamas just can’t resist the unique prints and beautiful colours.

Weegoamigo Paper Doll MuslinThe new Weegoamigo Printed Muslin Swaddles ($39.95) are available in 9 different designs, they’re all equally amazing although I do have a soft spot for the World Peace and Paper Dolls print. The swaddles are a very generous 120x120cm in size, that means plenty of material for wrapping and also plenty of shade when you use it as a suncover on your pram. The 100% cotton fabric is light and breathable, designed to be cool and comfortable in the stuffy Aussie summer.


Weegoamigo Little Dumpling Muslin (Sorry, no sleep guarantee)

Ezyline Mellow YellowTo get back to the topic of laundry, if you are like me and you’re always short of (hanging) space Ezyline ($15) gladly lends a helping hand. These compact little packages unfold to create a 2m washing line ideal for under verandahs, carports, around the house or of course on holidays around caravan or tent. It hardly takes up any space in your suitcase and it is completely pegless (less luggage and no rust spots), so clever!

To find out more about Fluffy Buns, to browse the range and to order online visit During the month of September all orders receive FREE delivery Australia wide.

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