Jul 062013

As you may know we are quite the LeapFrog family, we absolutely love the way they approach learning and it suits our children really well. You may have spotted the brand new LeapReader in the toy catalogues and wondered what all the buzz is about. Well we wouldn’t be hip if we didn’t take this new LeapFrog baby for a test spin and tell you all about it.

LeapReaderAfter the enormous worldwide success of the LeapFrog Tag Reading System it was evident that both kids and parents love the way LeapFrog teaches kids how to read. Combining words and letters (reading) with sounds (listening) is very successful and Tag lets kids have fun while mastering this important skill. But as you know learning never stops and research has shown that it is also very important to add a third dimension to the mix: writing. Reading, listening and writing, you can now have it all with the new LeapReader Reading and Writing System.

The LeapReader (ages 4-8) is pretty much a world of knowledge and learning fun packed in just one small stylus. This magic pen allows children to read letters, words and sentences while hearing them out loud, they can play games, listen to stories and (probably the most exciting) now even learn to write. LeapReader does everything the Tag Reader does (read more about that here) but the difference is in the writing part.

LeapReader, making writing fun

LeapReader, making writing fun

When your LeapReader touches the ‘magic paper’ as my kids call it writes just like a pencil without using ink (yes, it is mess free!). The friendly voice over helps children to explore independently using clear instructions and positive encouragement which is very important for children. Children can READ the example letter, HEAR what it sounds like and now also learn to WRITE it themselves and of course the LeapReader recognises if they wrote the letters correctly or not.

LeapReader WritingI was able to hear first hand from a professor at the College of Education, Victoria University, how this triple learning is very valuable for children who are learning to read and it made so much sense. Hearing, reading, writing, if kids can link these three components letters and words will become so much more than just lines on paper. LeapReader helps to bring books to life and light that little flame inside so that learning becomes fun and exciting.

You can use the LeapReader at home but also on the go, it is perfect for in the car or while on holiday. Don’t worry, thanks to the special headphones (sold separately) your child can learn quietly if needed. A huge bonus is that there are no batteries required, the LeapReader simply charges via a USB connection. While you plug the LeapReader into your computer for a charge you can take a look at your child’s progress using the LeapFrog Learning Path.

LeapReader KitThe LeapFrog LeapReader ($99.99) comes with two audio books and five songs preloaded and with 256MB of memory there is plenty of room for more items from the LeapReader library to be stored. The LeapFrog library is always growing, it currently holds 100+ titles so there is something exciting for every child. I will make sure to share some of our favourites with you as we discover them. Tip: There are some very well priced LeapReader bundles (Reader + Book + Activity Set) available at retailers right now that are excellent value for money!

If you already own a selection of Tag books you’ll be pleased to know that LeapReader works with most Tag titles, so your child can keep enjoying his/her favourite books and there is no money wasted (we all know how annoying that is!).

Now you don’t just have to take my word for it, see the LeapReader in action here and be amazed. If you would like to try the LeapReader for yourself make sure you enter the giveaway on the LeapFrog Australia Facebook page, there are 10 LeapReaders up for grabs and entering is super easy. Hurry as entries close July 12, 2013.

To find out more about LeapFrog, to take a closer look at the range and to locate stockist near you visit www.leapfrog.com.au.