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If there is one thing our 4-year daughter has enough of it is imagination. She is the queen of pretend play, always making up stories and taking her siblings along on special adventures that grown-ups just don’t understand. Like many other girls (and some boys too!) she loves fairies, if she’s not dressed up like one she is drawing, reading or talking about them. If your child is anything like mine the newly released book Forget-me-not Fairies published by Hinkler is sure to be a real hit. By the way, did you know today is International Fairy Day?

Forget-me-not FairiesForget-Me-Not Fairies ($19.99) is a beautifully illustrated storybook featuring a collection of whimsical fairy stories. Little readers will love joining sisters Sophie and Ellen on their adventures in Wishaway Wood, a magical land full of fairies, goblins, butterflies and lots of other interesting characters. The book contains 11 stories and while my girls are too young to read the book by themselves they have a fantastic time listening to me read and exploring the pictures, pointing out all the details and linking my words to the visual content.

With 192 full colour pages this hardcover book has hours of magical entertainment to offer, you can browse some of the pages here. But it is more than just a storybook, all it takes is a bit of imagination and a sprinkle of pixie dust for young children to enter the enchanted fairy world themselves. Within no time they’ll be singing along to ‘The Wishing Song’ (if you are musically gifted you can try your hand at playing it yourself, the sheet music is in the book) and the special Forget-me-not Fairies website also offers a sweet craft activity.

Dress Up Fashion DollsOf course you can count on Australian publisher Hinkler for plenty more fairy fun. Deluxe Fairy Collection, part of the Dress Up Fashion Dolls series, tells the story of a fabulous fairy garden party. Get hands on and dress the two stand up dolls in their pretty fairy costumes, then act out the store on a real pop-up stage. Once you’re done safely store your fairy friends in the special built-in pouch so they can rest up for the next garden party.

Seek and Find FairyHere’s my tip for the younger fairy fans: Seek and Find Fairy (or Seek and Find Princess if that’s more her thing). These books are so much fun and combine lots of learning areas. Our 2yo and 4yo can sit and ‘read’ these books for ages. Read the stories, look at the pictures, play the seek and find game on each page, practise counting… Add to that the bonus charm bracelet and you can see how these books add a sparkle to every little girl’s day.

To find out more Hinkler Books, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.hinkler.com.au.

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  1. have done all

  2. 🙂 Happy Faerie International Day Today!! 🙂 <3

    🙂 Love the cartoon Fairly OddParents – Hilarious
    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends! There's one about faery ogre have a girl & boy leave FaeryLand as Faeries & Ogres are not to fall in love they leave with her sister who's a faery turned bad have a friend who's a prince turned into a frog … totally funny but cannot remember the title 'Once upon a??

    My niece loves faeries cartoons pink a very mischievious girl but a real girl. 🙂 <3

    – Do Not Twitter People Only Look at Twitter!!

  3. 🙂 Nothing wrong with believing in fantasy land like faeries, dragons, ogres, unicorns & more!! 🙂

  4. 🙂 Tried to Share on this page kept on saying ‘page could not be found’ shall share on facebook!! 🙂

  5. Perfect for my daughter who loves Fairies, and who’s birthday is coming up in July.

  6. All little girls need to dream, of magical lands and fairy wishes. Perfet presents for a little miss with a wonderful imagination.

  7. oooh I would love to win this for my daughter, her birthday is coming up she would love this xx♥

  8. We love so many of these books. *fingers crossed*

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    • Not a problem at all 🙂 Only the first question is mandatory, the rest is a bonus. Good luck!

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