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The super cute (often over-the-top) poems and sugar sweet gifts, all things pink and sparkly and macaroni necklaces, for many Mother’s Day is a day to reflect on how lucky they are to be a mum and how blessed and glorious motherhood is. The reality is that being a mum is not always moonshine and roses and some days it is just really difficult and challenging. We all struggle sometimes and some of us more than others, did you know 1 in 7 new mums are diagnosed with postnatal depression? Here are some facts to get you thinking:


Belinda Horton, CEO of PANDA, shares her thoughts on Mother’s Day:

Have you ever wondered what you were thinking when you decided to become a mum? Questioned the sanity of your choices when you think about the chaos and havoc this little person has created in your ordered life? Do you try to remember the last time you could just lay in bed, with nothing to think about except what you were going to have for breakfast?

Well, as I’m sure you know, if you are already a mum those carefree moments are long gone. The warm and fuzzy images of motherhood we see are so far from the reality we know as mothers. So why do we celebrate all this chaos and uncertainty on Mother’s Day? How is that a sane thing to do, especially if it is your first Mother’s Day? It would probably be better to mourn the loss of your old life, the seemingly sane you and the surety you had in every part of life.

So why do we have Mother’s Day? Perhaps it is for the children in our lives and for us as children, not so much for the mum. I know that it teaches our children how to show their gratitude and thanks, to show their love and care for mum as ‘the’ special person for one day in the year. Sometimes you have to grin and bear it, to love and accept the handmade cards, the gifts bought at school and the cold toast and tea for breakfast.

I suggest it is important for you to write your own script for the meaning of your Mother’s Day and every Mother’s Day to come. I think we should declare Mother’s Day to be the day when we reflect as mothers, take stock and start afresh for the year ahead. An annual tune up to re-evaluate the part of our lives we live for ourselves. All of this assumes that you believe it is OK for you to have a life that is separate from your baby or being a mum. Crazy I hear you say? I barely have time to shower and never go to the toilet by myself and you think I should be evaluating the things I do for myself? Well, yes is the answer to that question. Who said that women need to cease to exist when they have a baby? How does a baby get to suspend a life that existed well before they did?

I do get that in the early weeks and months after your baby arrives there isn’t much room for anything other than the baby. It is really important to be able to heal, focus and adapt without the demands of your previous life. But this doesn’t need to be indefinite. When you are ready it is time to plan, to dream and to bring to life new visions of things to come that will bring you back to yourself. Mother’s Day is a wonderful time for new mums to check in and see if they are ready to do this. Not being able to do this may be a sign that your life needs re-balancing with time to yourself and more emotional and practical support.

Mother’s Day is also the ideal time to think about the amazing wisdoms that we learn as mums. Like how to focus on another human being, not because of what we gain from doing this but because this little human being demands it. Also learning how to trust ourselves, mother’s intuition as many call it. You know those times when you just seem to know and perhaps for the first time in life you are able to hold firm for another person. And lastly, to marvel at what we have achieved. A new life in your baby, and a new life for you, one that may not feel like it fits yet, but it will. Take the time to think for yourself, about yourself and what you need to stay well and happy. It can only be good for your baby now and for their celebration of you on future Mother’s Days.

PANDA has been raising awareness of postnatal and antenatal depression for over 28 years and has helped tens of thousands of Australians get much-needed information, support and treatment to aid their recovery. If you or someone you know is concerned about postnatal depression visit or call PANDA’s National Perinatal Depression Helpline on 1300 726 306.

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  1. A signed declaration from my children saying “I will not disturb Mummy for the whole of Mother’s Day”. If only!! Although it is vital for mum’s to also get 5 minutes peace, so I hope all mums out there can achieve this for even a short moment on their Mother’s Day.

  2. I not looking forward to breakfast in bed or fancy presents, all I’m looking forward to this Mother’s Day is to be told “I love you and thank you!!”

  3. Maree pending time with my family. This is my first mothers day with my beautifulnew daughter. Such a blessing after 4 miscarriages. Our 3 year old son is at an age that he understands Mothers Day a lot more so is being very cute!

  4. I was most looking forward to spending quality time with my three kids before this baby arrives, and it happened, we had a lovely day!

  5. The kisses and cuddles all day, the handmade cards, the simple gifts, the smiles of pride and excitement on their faces when you open and read them. Burnt toast and a cuppa in bed ….yes, that sounds like my perfect day 😀

  6. Spending mother’s day with my sweet children,
    snuggling in bed.
    Laughing and excited chatter as they give me their handmade gifts.
    Quality time with them,
    does not matter what we do,
    because I just appreciate being a mum
    to these wonderful two.

  7. It is my eldest child’s first year at school so I was looking forward to the lovely handmade gifts that they make at school and I wasn’t disappointed! I received several beautiful gifts made with love that I will always treasure.

  8. As I’m a dad and not a mum I know what my wife was looking forward to and got, breakfast in bed and new winter pyjamas.

  9. We had a great family day on Mother’s Day – a park picnic, lots of games and laughter. It’s all I could ask for, all I wanted, on Mother’s Day.

  10. spending the day with my girls as a struggling single mum I wont be getting any presents I do for my hard work everyday but the love from my girls is all I need! I want lots of cuddles and kisses

  11. I looked forward to spending time with my girls and it seriously was the best day. My newborn daughter slept through the night for the first time prior to Mother’s Day which meant she was in a deliriously happy mood which made me happy too.

  12. We had a great mothers day because we all went to the park and had a big barbecue picnic and all the kids had a great time.

  13. The best part of Mothers Day is being acknowledged for all the work us mums do!

  14. It was my first mothers day and also my birthday, so it was extra special. Next mothers day I look forward to a smile from my daughter as she will be just over a year old.

  15. I was looking forward to my son letting me hug and kiss him! He allowed me one hug and kiss for Mothers Day. Typical 10 year old boy!!

  16. I’m looking forward to lots of cuddles and flowers from the family and just enjoying the moment of love!

  17. I am looking forward to being with my little daughter and my own mum. I am learning how to be a great mum by being with mine.

  18. The night off cooking is always my favourite, a rare treat. I also love the gifts my girls put so much love into.

  19. I don’t need presents just time with my boys! My best moment was my 2 year old son learning to say happy Mother’s Day and then repeating it randomly and laughing in the days that followed. Very cute.

  20. I look forward to pampering my mother,
    And giving her a special time like no other!
    She is so beautiful and deserves so much,
    But I find I can only express this is with a child’s touch.

  21. The day she found out we were expecting a baby, my life had just begun.

  22. Its my first mothers day~i wanted a baby for so long and now i have him 🙂

  23. breakfast in bed cooked by my fiancé cause the little one is too little

  24. Just a sweet kiss and a warm hug from my little one would be best gift for Mother’s Day.

  25. To wake up in the morning and find my husband missing, replaced by my two little girls cuddled up next to me and the smell of pancakes wafting from the kitchen 🙂

  26. I look forward to spending time with my Mum on Mother’s Day and also my children, making memories to remember forever.

  27. Spoiling Mum by not being mad at her, or letting her do the dishes, or be frazzled to pick up us kids from school.

    (Teenagers, you have to love us!) 😉

  28. Pancakes in bed and homemade cards with two excited little faces peering up at me. It’s all a mother needs 🙂

  29. Seeing my wifes eyes light up as she holds our new born daughter in her arms on her first Mothers Day.

  30. I was looking forward to the arrival of my daughter…but she had other plans and came a few days later!

  31. All I wanted was a little sleep in! Hubby did a brilliant job and took our baby son (the cause of my sleep fantasy! lol) and three year old daughter for an early walk. Gold star to him!
    But I also got an awesome picture of the family from my daughter. Love it! Best present ever.

  32. Breaky in bed and homemade gifts from the kids. They always mean so much more when they’ve made them themselves.

  33. I look forward to a hand massage from my daughter and a foot rub from hubby. Pampered from top to toe!

  34. Nothing more then a flight for my mum to come see me. Been too far away for too long a visit from her is all I need. 17 days and counting <3

  35. Spending time with my mum and kids together playing and having some fun.

  36. Telling my mother im sorry for all the stupid things i have done to her over the past year and make a fresh new start.

  37. I am going to make her proud by taking her and dad to a nice little getaway resort and then picking them up after mothers day, she deserves to be pampered this mothers day

  38. Watching hubby, wash my car, cook dinner and do the washing so i can relax all day!

  39. looking forward to making my mum her favourite roast dinner with duck and all her favourite vegies

  40. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my mother, all i want is for her to be happy!

  41. The thing I most looked forward to on mothers day was waking up to my newborn smiling at me and my 17 month old giving me a huge hug and kiss. Nothing else was important to me that day

  42. I usually work weekends, so having a day off on the last Mother’s Day was the best gift I could get. 🙂

  43. Most of all having a picnic at the beach, and lots and lots of little bubba kiss’s and cuddles.

  44. As I am not a mum, I will be giving thanks to my own mum, for conceiving, carrying, birthing and raising me, to be the fine woman I now am………

  45. Mother’s Day has been a sad day for me for the last 7 years, trying for a second child,
    Grateful that i have my son, looking forward to my gift from him.

  46. I had a lovely mother’s day with my three princesses on holiday lots of cuddles and yummy breakfast.

  47. I was most looking forward to the smile on my mother’s face when she was given her handmade gifts I helped my 5 year old sister make for her!

  48. my daughter cleaning her room so I can actually see the floor

  49. I had the most amazing Mothers Day, after 3 years I finally had all my children sitting around the dinner table. My son and I had a very bad falling out and we have finally started to talk again. Money or presents can’t buy that.

  50. This mothers day i am looking forward to celebrating what a beautiful mother i had in my life. It has been a year without her and this year has been the hardest, but celebrating the day that made my beautiful mother the most happiest wasnt so bad after all. I enjoyed celebrating what a wonderful life she had & how beautiful she was. Even tho she wasnt here to recieve any presents or breakfasts in bed, she recieved what matters most, the love from her children & family.

  51. Having my husbands great grandmother for lunch! She has just recovered from a broken hip but adores her latest 2 great great grandaughters so much that she has worked so hard to be well enough to visit. Will be a special mothers day!

  52. I had a wonderful Mother’s Day with a long drive in the country and a picnic lunch, lots of fun and laughter with my awesome family of seven.

  53. A bunch of fresh flowers and a simple breakfast in bed is all I ever ask! 🙂

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