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It is hard to believe but three months have passed since we brought our littlest family member home from hospital (it feels like yesterday!) and before we know it she’ll be starting solids. Our other three children were early starters, taking their first bites at 4 months old, so I better read up on what the latest recommendations are. With four small children I may not have the time to cook fresh meals every single day so I am going to (try to) be organised and cook in bulk so there is always a homecooked meal or snack waiting in the freezer. Now preparing the meals is one thing, storing them is a whole different story:

LittlelockWhen you are looking at storage solutions for baby food there are a lot of factors to consider: Size (You don’t want to freeze huge containers as you will end up wasting uneaten food), safety (no harmful chemicals), durability (containers need to last as you will be using them over and over), practicality (easy to use and easy to stack) and of course containers need to be microwave safe (no need to transfer the food before heating it) and dishwasher proof (to save you hand washing everything).

Littlelock ContainersDesigned by a clever Aussie mama the new Littlelock containers tick all those boxes. Made from tempered glass (stronger than regular glass) they are both durable and eco friendly. They are safe from BPA, Phthalates, PVC and lead so you won’t be feeding baby something dangerous without knowing it. Unlike most other materials Littlelock glass is stain and odour resistant so you can start with a nice clean container every time.

Littlelock MealsFill the brightly coloured containers with your own homemade meals, close the clips and the airtight, leak proof seal will keep all the goodness and yummy aromas in so the food stays fresh. You will be amazed by how tight it ‘locks’, it’s obvious this is a very high quality product! Your baby gets the benefit of wholesome meals, you save money by not purchasing single serve jars and of course you can keep using Littlelock post-baby stage, think sauces, butter, jams, fruit and much more.

Littlelock Glass Food Storage Containers are available in two sizes: 120ml ($29.95 3-pack) and 210ml ($33.95 3-pack), a great size for growing tummies. Each pack contains 3 different colours so you can colour code your meals, eg. green for vegies, pink for fruit.

To find out more about Littlelock, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

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  1. cute product – glad to have found them – thanks Hip Little One!
    <3 kylie

  2. Love em!

  3. love that it is glass – i prefer glass so would love these 🙂

  4. Really needed some as well but now closed already liked all on facebook as well. 🙂 <3

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