Apr 082013

Every now and then the public breastfeeding debate heats up a little (or a lot) and everyone has an opinion on it. While I absolutely agree that women should be allowed to feed their babies where and how they please I am not ashamed to say that I myself am not a big fan of public breastfeeding. I have never felt very confident doing it (even after breastfeeding four babies) and whenever possible I always try to feed my baby at home. But regardless of where you feed your little one, clothing with easy nursing access makes the feeding process much quicker and more comfortable.

Stone Nursing Sweater

From casual to fancy dress and in between, Australian fashion label Eve of Eden has a number of fabulous nursing styles on offer. One of the latest casual designs to arrive in Australian stores is the Stone Nursing Sweater ($48, size 8-16) which is comfortable to wear and toasty warm, just what you need for a chilly winter weekend. Team it up with a pair of skinny jeans and you’re done! You can wear this style on or off the shoulder and the chunky press studs make for easy nursing access.

Charcoal Nursing Singlet

A great breastfeeding singlet (or even better, a few) is essential for every nursing wardrobe. You can wear it under other clothing, on its own and at night time, good quality and durability is a must as you’ll wear it all the time. Personally I am not a big fan of thin spaghetti straps so I prefer the wider straps of the Eve of Eden Nursing Singlet ($32.50, size 8-16) which are much more supportive for larger breasts.

Unlike most feeding singlets on the market the Eve of Eden Nursing Singlet doesn’t feature drop down cups so there are no obvious clips that are in plain sight. For feeding access simply lift the overlap of fabric, easy! I wear this singlet a lot, in fact it never makes it back into my wardrobe as I put it on as soon as it is dry. Priced at $32.50 this is a fantastic investment and worth every dollar. This must-have style is available in multiple colours.

Asymmetric BlackGold Top

Now of course every mum deserves to feel special and the new Asymmetric Black/Gold Top ($48, size 8-16) is sure to make you feel just that. This stylish design flatters a beautiful bump but also hides that little bit of extra baby weight post pregnancy, it’s a winner all the way. The black and gold combination makes it a great choice for an evening out or other special occasion. To feed your baby simply pop open the press studs on the shoulder.

To find out more about Eve of Eden, to take a closer look at the nursing wear range and to order online visit www.maternitysale.com.au. Delivery is free Australia wide.

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