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Our gorgeous baby Sybil is now 7 weeks old and after a few hiccups at the start we seem to have established some sort of breastfeeding routine that works for both of us. Expressing (excess) breastmilk has helped massively when I battled mastitis in the second week and it has provided me with a small milk stash. This frozen milk has proven to be very handy as the little lady regularly vomits and spills her whole feed, needing a top-up shortly after.

I have found this combined breast and bottle feeding very easy thanks to the Miomee feeding system. Check out these great Miomee Feeding Essentials and enter for your chance to win the lot:

Miomee Manual Breast PumpWhen it comes to expressing milk a good breast pump is a must-have, it will save you time and allow you to collect every single drop of precious milk. The Miomee Manual Breast Pump ($89.95) is designed to be comfortable, efficient, easy-to-use, compact, portable, durable and affordable, what more could you ask for? The unique flex cup suits most breast shapes and by gently compressing the breast it closely imitates a baby’s natural feeding action.

With the Miomee Manual Breast Pump Kit you can easily go from expressing to feeding or storing breastmilk as both a feeding teat and milk storage lid are included as well as a 150ml Miomee bottle, bottle stand and 6 disposable breast pads. The pump is compatible with all sizes Miomee feeding bottles so if you are likely to pump a decent amount you can go straight to a bigger bottle as opposed to having to stop half way to empty/change bottles.

Miomee 150ml Bottle

Miomee Feeding Bottles are available in three different sizes: 150ml, 270ml and 340ml all of which come with slow flow teats. Medium Flow Teats and Fast Flow Teats ($8.95, 2 pack) are sold separately for when your baby gets older. The extra wide neck design is another example of how well the Miomee range mimics breastfeeding, the breastlike shape will make it easier for baby to drink from the bottle which is especially important when you combine breast and bottle feeding. A nice bonus of the wide neck shape is that it is very easy to fill and clean. The Miomee bottles are made of high quality materials, are very durable and of course they are BPA free. Smart buy: when you buy the Miomee 150ml Bottles ($16.95 2 pack) two free storage lids are included.

Miomee Milk Storage LidsYou can use the Miomee Storage Lids ($8.95, 4 pack) on any of the Miomee Feeding Bottles to store breastmilk, water, milk or even solids. The flat lids allow you to stack bottles in your fridge, freezer or insulated bag for travel which is much more practical than regular rounded bottle caps. To help your poor, exhausted baby brain the lids have a write-on panel so you can mark the date or contents of the bottle.

image001If you prefer to keep you bottles on hand for daily use you can use the Miomee Breastmilk and Formula Containers ($12.95, 4 pack) to creating ‘bite size’ portions for the fridge for freezer. They are easy to fill and stack, feature the write on panel and they are much cheaper than feeding bottles. The great thing is that when it comes to feeding time you place the whole container in the feeding bottle, that way you don’t have to transfer the milk.

Miomee Nipple ShieldsIf you are yet to start breastfeeding I’d like to warn you, it’s not all moonlight and roses and can be quite painful at times. Usually this is just a fase and it will get better. To give your sore nipples a break whilst keeping up with the feeding make sure you have a set of Miomee Nipple Shields on hand. The Miomee Nipple Shields ($12.95, 2 pack) are made from soft BPA-free silicone so they are gentle on your (sensitive skin).

Miomee Washable Breast PadsIn the early days (and in some cases longer too) breastfeeding is often a bit messy. In between feeds your breasts can leak some milk and during the actual feed you might find milk flows freely from the second breast while baby is drinking from the other side. The Miomee Washable Breast Pads ($14.95, 6 pads + carry case) will keep your clothing and underwear dry, one less worry on your mind. Unlike disposable pads you can simply wash and re-use them, great value for money!

To find out more about Tommee Tippee Miomee, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.miomee.com.au, shipping is free Australia wide.

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