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Ever since the twins were born in 2008 I have loved walking, babies safely strapped into the pram and just getting some fresh air does wonders for your sanity. I started off with a big double pram, later I added baby no.3 in a baby carrier. After that my big boy would walk and the two girls enjoyed the luxury ride. This time around I only have one baby in the pram and with 4 years of experience under my belt I knew exactly what I wanted.

Buzz 4Quinny Buzz 4
The Quinny Buzz 4 (RRP $549) has a sleek, modern look that will appeal to many parents. This classy ride offers a comfortable trip for your little one when out and about, yet folds down to a compact, flat package that is easy to transport or store. The reclinable seat can be used in a forward and rearward facing position, a fabulous feature that I really missed in my last pram.

When it comes to setting up the Quinny Buzz 4 it is as easy as undoing the clip on the side, then simply step aside and watch the pram unfold automatically thanks to a clever gas lift mechanism. I love anything that makes a parent’s life easier and is more gently on your back, which we all know is not in top condition after giving birth. The height of the handle bar can be easily adjusted with the press of a button, making the pram comfortable to push for tall dads and short mums and anyone in between.

Miss 2.5 catching a ride

Miss 2.5 catching a ride

Designed to carry up to 20kg the Quinny Buzz 4 is made to last so it is a great investment (for comparison, my 4.5-year old son weighs 17 kg). Both the 5-point safety harness and the footrest are extremely easy to adjust to allow for children of different heights, this is often an issue with other prams and you only find out once your toddler grows taller. Although I mainly use the pram for our newborn I have tested it with the older ones too and miss 2.5 has enjoyed a few rides in it already.

Buzz 3Personally I enjoy the sturdy feel of a pram with four wheels but if you prefer the more narrow shape of a 3-wheel pram you might find that the Quinny Buzz 3 suits you better. Both Buzz designs have the same stylish look, air-filled rear tyres for a smooth ride and other clever features, it is just a case of wheel preference. Both the Buzz 3 and Buzz 4 are a breeze to push and have a (lockable) swivel wheel(s) for easy manoeuvring.

Dreami CarrycotDreami Carrycot
I have always been a big fan of bassinets/carrycots, they look just gorgeous and make such a sweet, snug bed for baby when out and about but also at home. The Quinny Dreami (RRP $249, birth to 9kg) is ideal for newborns as it allows baby to be fully reclined when travelling (this means baby can sleep in the same, familiar position as in a cot).

The Dreami clicks onto the Buzz 4 frame without any effort (no waking the baby) and when the hood is up you can use it as a carry handle, very handy. This is a very sturdy bassinet that will give parents the peace of mind they need when it comes to their precious little bundle. The Dreami comes complete with a foot cover which will you keep your baby well protected when outside.

Baby Sybil having a snooze in the Dreami while out and about

Baby Sybil having a snooze in the Dreami while out and about

I knew I would be using the Dreami Carrycot a lot but I did not know how much of a sanity saver it would turn out to be. From the moment we first placed our little lady in the Dreami she loved it, she fell asleep peacefully and stayed asleep for 5 hours. Since then we have often used the Dreami to get her to sleep when nothing else would work (read all the time), it simply moves around the house with me and lets me do my chores while she sleeps. I can even walk to kindy, pick up the kids and come back home without her waking up at all, how convenient is that?

Maxi-Cosi MicoMaxi-Cosi Mico
If you are in and out of the car a lot you will realise very soon that strapping baby in and taking him/her out is quite a hassle and of course time consuming too. You can save yourself a lot of stress by installing the Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Carrier (RRP $449, birth to approx. 6 months), a compact and high-quality infant car seat designed with the same Air Protect technology I wrote about back in December.

The Maxi-Cosi Mico is also compatible with the Buzz 4, simply click it onto the pram frame and you have an instant ride without having to move your baby. The Maxi-Cosi Mico is a breeze to install, in and out of the car in less than 1 minute. It is as easy as hooking on the anchor strap and clicking the carrier in to the adjustable base which stays in your car permanently. The seat is generously padded to keep your baby comfortable and well protected, especially around the sensitive head area. Of course it is fitted with an adjustable 5-point safety harness so your precious cargo is as safe as possible.

Quinny Buzz + Maxi-Cosi Mico = The ultimate travel system

Quinny Buzz + Maxi-Cosi Mico = The ultimate travel system

When you take the Maxi-Cosi Mico out of the car/pram and place it onto the ground you can keep the carry handle up to allow the seat to rock gently (great for putting baby to sleep) or move the handle to the back of the seat to secure it and keep it from rocking. Whether you are having a picnic at the park or are visiting friends or family, you will always have a safe, clean place to put your baby. It even has a removable sun canopy to keep baby cool and in the shade, very important especially in the hot Australian summer.

To find out more about Quinny/Maxi-Cosi and to take a closer look at the products featured above go to or visit one of the many stockists across Australia.

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