Feb 072013

With the big breastfeeding debate currently dominating the news, Facebook and many other websites now seems like the perfect time to introduce you to Boobie Beads, a fantastic product designed by MummaBubba Jewellery and lactation consultant Pinky McKay. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with what others think, see or say and whether you should feed in private or not, it is all about you and your baby because in the end that is what breastfeeding is all about.

Boobie Beads GreyMade from the same high quality, baby safe silicone as the original MummaBubba Teething Jewellery the new Boobie Beads are a clever way to keep your baby from being distracted while breastfeeding. Using bright colours and easy to grasp shapes the Boobie Beads necklaces ($32) will catch your baby’s eye and help keep him/her entertained and focussed instead of looking around and going on and off the breast all the time.

Boobie Beads PinkThe ultimate goal of Boobie Beads is to encourage a better and more restful feed for both mum and baby and as a bonus it might even cut down your feeding time too (no endless reattaching). Now of course a happy well-fed baby is one thing but a happy mum is important too, which is why Boobie Beads are available in two stylish colours (Pink and Grey) that will add a cheerful touch to your wardrobe.

Important to know: Boobie Beads are not just popular with breastfeeding mamas, bottlefed babies get distracted during feeds too so Boobie Beads can be just what you need to bring back the peace!

To find out more about MummaBubba Jewellery, to browse the range and to order online visit www.mummabubbajewellery.com.au.

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