Jan 182013


Even though the kids have been on school holidays for the past weeks I have still been packing plenty of lunches and snacks, no break for me there. A day to the beach here, a long car trip there, a picnic at the park and plenty more outings all require a big supply of food. I usually pack my kids a mix-and-match lunch but all those separate containers do get a bit bulky so I love the look of these cool new compartment lunchboxes from Sustainababy.

The funky LunchBots stainless steel lunchboxes are available as a DUO design ($22.50) with two separate compartments or QUAD design ($25.95) with four separate compartments. No more cracker crumbs stuck to your fresh cucumber and no more yummy carrot sticks covered in dry bread, the LunchBots lunchbox proves that sometimes it is good to stick to boundaries. The sleek, modern look make this a great choice for both children and adults alike.

LunchBots QUADMade from high quality, food safe stainless steel you won’t have to worry about rust or stains on your new LunchBots lunchbox, you can even pop the base in the dishwasher to make your life really easy (handwash only for the coloured lids). By using a reusable lunchbox you are saving yourself big bucks on disposable sandwich bags and you are not adding to all the plastics in landfill, a double win!

To find out more about Sustainababy, to take a closer look at the LunchBots range and to order online visit www.sustainababy.com.au.

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