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If you were to ask the twins what they enjoy most about kindy they’ll probably supply you with a whole list of creative things they love doing. Painting, playdough, cutting, folding, drawing, pricking paper, working with wood, sticks and wool and much, much more. I remember doing most of these activities at school myself, and my mother probably did them too, after all why change things when they are not broken? In fact, they are proving to be very successful!

Kaleidograph FloraMany kindergarten activities are based on the theories of well known naturalist Froebel (1782) and with Froebel in mind the talented team at Kaleidograph has designed a fabulous children’s toy that will open up a whole new world of shapes and colours and may even spark a very first interest in design! I absolutely LOVE this concept and I think any child would love to have a go with one of the Kaleidograph kits.

Kaleidograph Card Set

Kaleidograph card set (available in two different designs) consists of 12 colourful die-cut cards in different shapes as well as a double-sided poster with design suggestions. By combining, stacking, flipping and rotating the different cards children can copy the amazing designs from the poster or come up with their very own creations. There are so many possibilities with just 12 cards! If your child is intrigued by a kaleidoscope they will go crazy for this too, guaranteed.

See Kaleidograph in action:

Kaleidograph CrystalAlthough originally designed for children I have to admit Kaleidograph is good fun for adults too, I could play around with it myself for ages. You can try Kaleidograph online for free, go on ad give it a go too! Priced at just $14.99 per set I think Kaleidograph card sets make a fantastic educational gift for children and because the sets are lightweight and thin they don’t cost much to post either.

To find out more about Kaleidograph, to play with Kaleidograph online and to locate a stockist near you visit www.kaleidographtoy.com.

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