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The more children you have, the more you get to deal with sickness too (at least in our house that’s definitely the case). Each child has its own medical history, allergies and little accidents and when you combine your baby brain with sleep deprivation it is easy to get things mixed up. I am sure you all agree that your child’s health is not something you want to play with so I think you will love this great product by MessPots: the I’ve got an ow! Medical Journal.

I've got an ow!

I've got an ow! journalThe I’ve got an ow! journal was created by Australian mum Monique to help parents and carers keep track of their child(ren)’s big and little ‘ows’. The compact notebook is a great aid for your (sometimes foggy) memory and you’ll grab it more often than you think. It lets you record anything from immunisations (and side effects) to small complaints, from allergies to hospital visits and anything else that concerns your child’s health. I’ve got an ow! keeps it all in one spot, making life easier for everyone.

If you are looking for a thoughtful and useful gift for a new or expecting parent that doesn’t end up gathering dust at the back of a drawer this is it, any parent will love this handy journal! If you have multiple children you can keep one for every child, it will not only prevent mix-ups (Was is master 3 or miss 5 who complained about a sore ear just last month?) but it will also make a nice keepsake for later. I think our oldest daughter will have a whole pile of them by the time she’s grown up!

I've got an ow! journal insideWith over 70 pages you’ll have plenty of room for all your notes over a long period of time, so you (or the doctor/health nurse) can look back months or even years. The I’ve got an ow! journal is a fantastic tool to recognise patterns that you may have missed otherwise, I have high hopes that it will help us see the big picture and find a reason for miss 4’s reoccurring complaints. No more ‘Didn’t she have this before?’ moments for us!

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