Dec 162012

Rudy and the Dodo

Although many of the big retailers have already closed orders for Christmas delivery you can still can count on some awesome small Australian businesses to get your gifts to you in time for the big day. One of those lovely stores is Rudy and the Dodo, the ‘4th baby’ of mama Julia. At Rudy and the Dodo you’ll find a website full of gorgeous gifts for small and big people, perfect for under the Christmas tree! (Check the Rudy and the Dodo Christmas cut-off dates here)

While you browse this fabulous store you might wonder who picked all those fun, beautiful, quirky, unique items, let me introduce you to owner Julia in today’s Sunday Coffee:

Rudy and the Dodo - Julia and family

Rudy and the Dodo – Julia and family

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
It starts with a sleep in, a fab breakky at a favourite café, and time with my hubby and three little boys. Sunday is always family day in our house, and I like it that way! I do wish the sleep in was a reality and not just a wish though!

Why did you start Rudy and the Dodo?
Before kids, my career involved lots of interstate and international travel, along with client entertaining. Not very family friendly! So when my second son was just a few months old I decided to take the leap and start a little online business filling what I saw as a gap in the market for quirky toys and gifts for babies and kids. Five years and another baby boy later we continue to grow and cater for more and more fabulous customers looking for gifts that are just a little left of centre.

What do you like most about running your own store?
SHOPPING! I spend lots of time searching the globe for fabulous, quirky finds that my customers wont see in every other store. I also love the flexibility it offers – I do school and kindy drop offs and pick ups and can juggle things to allow time for activities like reading groups at school and the odd long lunch with girlfriends!

Wooden Blackboard LaptopWhat is your favourite product at Rudy and the Dodo (at the moment)?
Oh, SOOOO hard to choose. It’s a toss up between the fabulous French backpacks ($44.95, choice of 5 different designs) and the wooden blackboard laptop ($24.95).

What can we expect of Rudy and the Dodo in the near future?
We are polishing up our website early in the new year so it will be all shiny and extra fabulous with a few more bells and whistles. We’ll also continue to expand our blog to include more inspiring decorating and creative ideas, and to meet some more extraordinary mamas.

To find out more about Rudy and the Dodo, to browse the range and to order online visit

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