Dec 252012


Saying goodbye to our old car two weeks ago was very sad, I will miss it a lot but I knew I would be excited once the new car stood on our drive and the seat for the new baby was all installed. There is something about seeing an empty baby seat in the car, all of a sudden it really hits home that this baby will be here very soon and how tiny a newborn really is (even after three babies that still amazes me!).

For our other three children we originally considered an infant carrier but once we realised they only last until baby is around 6 months old we decided on a Safe-n-Sound Convertible Car Seat instead. We were very happy with the seats but I admit at times it was tricky to get a sleeping baby in and out of the car seat without waking him/her up. Any parent will agree that a baby’s sleep is like a little holiday, you want to treasure every moment of it and make it last! Those were the times that I wish we chose an infant carrier instead so with a new baby on the way I wanted to reconsider my options.

Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant CarrierA lot has changed in the past 4 years and so have car seats. A few months ago well known label Safe-n-Sound released a brand new infant carrier that stands out from other infant carriers around, the Unity Infant Carrier. Unlike all other infant carriers available in Australia the Unity Infant Carrier suits babies up to 12 months old, allowing parents to enjoy the ease of a portable infant carrier for twice as long (more value for money!).

My Christmas present, seat all ready for the new baby!

My Christmas present, seat all ready for the new baby!

These extra 6 months of use won us over straight away so here’s our Unity Infant Carrier all installed. With the older three children I was home most of the time, but this time around I will be in and out of the house a lot for kindy pick-up/drop-off and other errands so I was worried how the new baby would go with sleeping. It will be so easy when baby can sleep in the car seat and we can just take the seat off the base when we arrive at home or kindy without having to wake the baby up.

Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier BaseAnother bonus of using an infant carrier: It also provides an instant baby seat for when we visit family, friends or church, how convenient! Installing the Unity Infant Carrier in our Toyota Tarago was very easy, we did need an extension strap but they are widely available from all big retailers. Taking the seat in and out will need a bit of practice but I am sure we’ll get the hang of it in no time. You can even purchase a second base so you can use the same carrier in two cars, which I think is very practical.

Steelcraft Travel SystemSome other quick facts: The Unity Infant Carrier is available in Black Bubbles/ Eclipse and protective sun hood is included. The carrier is compatible with selected Steelcraft Travel System Stroller and Prams so your carrier doubles as your pram seat too, from car to pram and pram to car with ease. A multi-position harness, adjustable crotch straps, EPS foam, high side walls and easy height markers will keep baby safe at any stage.

To find out more about the Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier (RRP $399) and to locate a stockist near you visit

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