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By now pre-Christmas delivery has closed at most (if not all) online retailers and line-ups at the shops are getting longer by the minute, last-minute gift shopping is not pleasant! If you are still missing a few stocking fillers for the little ladies of the family I have one tip for you: Blingles.

The Blingles range is perfect for girls who love a good dose of glitter and glam and who enjoy being busy with their hands. Blingles lets you turn ordinary into fancy by sticking little gems on pretty much anything you can think of. To get you going each Blingles kit comes with several design templates but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be blinging ‘free-range’ in no time, wowing others with your very own unique designs.

The Blingles Accessory Pack ($20) contains a massive 250 gems (that’s a lot of bling!) as well as a photo frame, trinket box, key chain and more all ready to be decorated to your taste. This is a perfect gift for siblings or friends to enjoy together and good to have on hand for rainy (or very hot) days when you’re stuck inside. With so many components this box is sure to provide hours of entertainment (and some peace and quiet for mum).

How much peace and quiet does depend a bit on the age of the child, younger children will still need some help while older ones can easily bling away independently (the Blingles range is recommended for ages 6 and up). I helped my two 4-year olds quite a bit as they were decorating their Christmas cards last night, they absolutely loved doing it though and that is all that matters. Today they will finish off the colouring and the cards will be ready for family, friends and neighbours.

Handmade Christmas cards all 'blingled' up

Handmade Christmas cards all ‘blingled’ up

Blingles products are a hit with girls young and old and they are widely available at big retailers all over the country, just pick up some Blingles fun at your local K-mart, Target, Big W, Toys’r’Us or other big toy store. There are different Blingles kits available and with prices starting at just $10 they are a great stocking filler that won’t break the bank.

To find out more about Blingles, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

For your chance to win 1 of 2 Blingles Prize Packs (RRP $30 each) visit and answer the following question: What item in your house could do with a bit of ‘Bling’?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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  1. My mobile could do with some Bling, so could my boring lamp shades

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  4. My iPod nano could use some bling so I look glamorous while walking with it on my walks.

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  7. My little girls headbands. I’m sure they’d agree you can never have too much bling on a headband.

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  9. Le Toy Van Honeybake Hob Set from Little Obsessions

  10. Calfy Paddie Rider from Avidiva

  11. 3 Sprouts Storage Bin Roccoon from Little Boo-Teek

  12. Bobble Art Small Gloss Bowling Bag Woodlands form Nana Clair’s Gifts

  13. My curtains could go a bit of bling. what a great idea

  14. Blingles liked on facebook

  15. My vanity mirror could do with some bling, everytime I look in the mirror it’s boring and bland but with some bling bling I could look like a star!

  16. I’d love to get some of those blank photo frames from Spotlight & have the kids add their ‘personal’ touch / blingage to them!

  17. Not exactly in the house, but the number plate on my car. I saw one the other day, all prettied up with these & it looked great.

  18. The boring old terracotta pot that I can’t throw away because my mother in law gave it to us!

  19. My ipod would look so cool!!!!

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  23. my computer table, it needs blinging up! its just so WHITE!

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  25. My daughters room would love some “bling”

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  27. My cat’s sleeping area. I think he’d love a cosy little “pad” decked out in Blingles! My boring old cork noticeboard could do with some brightening up too!

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  33. My loo could always do with a bit of bling, I’d rather it sparkled with Blingles than what is usually sparkles with!

  34. I would BLING the toaster,
    And maybe make matching coasters!
    Everything would glitter with Glam,
    With the awesome Blingles… BAM!

  35. Awww how I would Love to bling the toilet seat,
    Something different it would be,
    For my friendly guests to see!
    A talking point over coffee
    Or something i could brag about!
    thankyou Blingles for helping to BLING up our lives!

  36. my laptop, its looking a little boring

  37. Our bathroom mirror could do with some Bling to brighten the morning!

  38. I have liked Blinges on facebook

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  41. My fridge. It is big, white and boring

  42. We need to bling up our 18 month olds room – after looking at this website I can see she does not have enough sparkle in her life!

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  46. Desk lamp…BLINGLES brighten my boring study times.

  47. My toaster. That would really brighten up the kitchen.

  48. My kindle could use some bling,

  49. My stove could do with a bit of ‘bling’ – would certainly making cooking in this hot weather a bit more exciting for me!

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  52. my girls room is all white with nothing in it some bling would make their lifes complete and put smiles on their faces from here to the rainbow and back as my 3yr old said

  53. I like Blingles on facebook.

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  55. Baby Donkie – Happi Cupcake Land Wall Decal

  56. Nana Clair’s Gifts – Sparkle T – Polka Dot Tea Set

  57. Rudy and the Dodo – la marelle bag (french) – cherries

  58. Sticky Biz – Garden Room Wall Art

  59. In the bathroom we have a big two door mirror cupboard, it is very plain and quite boring. I would love for my kids to give it a bit of Bling.

  60. liked blingles on fb

  61. at work my locker but at home would bling my daughters door so everyone knows they are about to enter the girlie abode

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  64. We need some bling on my phone and my daughter’s ipod shuffle.

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  67. My remote control for the tellie needs some bling

  68. I’d love to bling my boring old lounge.

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  70. I would bling my little one’s bed headboard, make a wish before going to sleep 🙂

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  79. Around the bathroom mirror in the kids bathroom, it could do with a bit of bling, may keep their interest for that much longer to get them to clean their teeth longer and better 🙂

  80. I would Blingle the glass sliding doors in our house to stop the nasty accidents that sometimes happen when we have visitors who are too busy admiring the view outside and don’t notice the door.

  81. Have liked Blingles on facebook.

  82. My Netbook could use some bling 🙂

  83. email subscriber.

  84. What item in my household could do with a little bling? Or What item in my household would end up with a little bling?
    Second answer would be my little girls entire bedroom. I can see her going wild with blingles right now.
    If I could steer her to just one thing, like a few pretty note books that would be great but I can’t picture her stopping there

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  87. Alimrose Designs Super Hero Doll at Baby Donkie store is my favourite.

  88. Artiwood Flip Kick at Little Boo-Teek is my favourite.

  89. Back Me Up Short – Light Stone at HoodKid store is my favourite

  90. Wooden ‘laptop/notebook’ blackboard at rudy and the dodo store is my favourite.

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  94. The mirrors could do with some bling for sure.

  95. I subscribe via RSS

  96. My daughter would go crazy ‘blinging’ everything…notebooks, headbands, photo frames etc. We would also be able to ‘bling’ things to give as birthday presents this year.

  97. Likes Blingles on fb

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  99. My granddaughters would love blingles for their newly decorated rooms, on their mirrors and light shades

  100. i would bling my laptop and bring it back to life

  101. liked blingles facebook

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  103. My MacBook. It’s a bit boring and white.

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  107. photo frames as they can be so plain and boring

  108. My phone cover is the most dull & boring thing
    It could definitely do with a bit of bling!

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  110. Uh Oh – look out toilet seat! I don’t know that it needs bling but goodness what creative juices my daughter could exude with this product. My 5 year old has often commented that the toilet seat is a ‘very boring colour.’ Next it will be the pots and pans. HELP!!

  111. I’ve LIKED Blingles on their FAcebook page

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  113. I’ve SHARED this competition on Facebook (but don’t know how to copy over the URL – sorry not overly computer savvy)

  114. Avidiva – my FAVOURITE ITEM is Charli Bear – Red Flower Mary Janes shoes

  115. Rudy and the Dodo – my FAVOURITE ITEM is set of 3 (retro animals) suitcases

  116. gr8x – my FAVOURITE ITEM is the Odette satchel

  117. Havoc Denim – my FAVOURITE ITEM is the Girls New York Ruffle Playsuit

  118. My favourite item at Rudy and the Dod is the wooden ‘laptop/notebook’ blackboard

  119. I continually love to update rooms to freshen them up with seasons, and my little girl would love to bling up her bedroom!

  120. Sorry, could you please delete the comment above. I hadn’t finalised. Entry will be reposted. Apologies. xx

  121. I continually love to update rooms to freshen them up with seasons, and my little girl would love to bling up her bedroom! She would be able to bling everything from jewellery boxes, to toys, and even the wall pictures. What a fantastic product.

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  126. From Bink Kids, my favourite is the Organic Onesie Skulls and Stars by Maxomorra

  127. From Little Boo-Teek I love the Decoylab Lion Clock, it is very cute!

  128. From gr8x, I love the Double Stretch Swaddling Wraps in pink/white.

  129. From earlybirds, I love the basic t-jackets. So simple but gorgeous, and user friendly.

  130. Brilliant BLINGLES ‘bling’ our back-to-school things, individualising them with interesting, amazing artwork in a family bonding session.

  131. I would definitely bling up my phone

  132. email subscriber

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  134. I want to add some bling to my iPad, it will stop me getting it confused with my husbands and will keep his hands off mine!!!

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  138. Definitely my diary!

  139. My two daughters would love to bling their two very boring lamp shades,it would make their bedrooms perfect

  140. My cat’s collar!!!

  141. Like Blingles on Facebook!

  142. I am an e-mail subscriber.

  143. I love Fedora Hat at Little Boo-Teek.

  144. Love Babiators- Black Ops Black at Skip to My Lou.

  145. Love Stroller Strap at the Gr8x.

  146. Love DaVinci Art Cabinets at Art Eater.

  147. Liked, Shared and Subscribed!

  148. My 2 daughters have TONS of new school stationary, bags, lunch boxes, drink bottle that are all ready to start the school year but are looking a bit boring. Could we please have one of your prizes to brighten them up?. Thanks

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  151. Would like to bling my mobile phone and love the craft idea with some office storage containers. EG: pencil holders

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  153. My samsung galaxy tab could use with a bit of bling & my mums mobile.

  154. Facebook Fan of Blingles- Bella Erceg (Anna Erceg) mum facebook account

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  158. HOOTKID – Gas station Hat

    LITTLE BOO TEEK – kroom playeset. Fire station

    Avidiva – ewan the dream sheep

    SKIP to MY LOU – pinknounou Ludovico Elephant

  159. FB liker

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  162. I like Bingles on Facebook

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  164. What item in your house could do with a bit of ‘Bling’?
    Me – I am plain and boring (safe) I could use a spruse up.

  165. I Follow Hip little on on Pinterest

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