Nov 132012

Obviously I feel very, very blessed to be pregnant and I am definitely enjoying feeling and seeing this baby grow but I am also looking forward to meeting him/her in the new year. I am looking forward to knowing the gender, seeing its beautiful face and introducing the baby to its siblings and getting lots of hugs day and night. I am looking forward to using all those gorgeous baby clothes and seeing a little personality develop.

It may sound a little strange but I am also excited about getting back into shape, to be honest I am finding the weight gain much harder to deal with this time than during the other pregnancies. Not that I am putting on any more weight this pregnancy but because I worked so hard losing 16kg before falling pregnant. I loved feeling confident and happy with my shape and I can’t wait to feel the same again.

For now I am proudly wearing my bump and with a bit of help from Mama Spanx I should be able to pull off some gorgeous dresses this festive season. You may have heard of Spanx before, it’s an almost magical range of body shaping products that many mums worldwide, including famous ones, swear by. In fact, the gorgeous Retro Mummy was raving about it just last week (and she was brave enough to share a photo, I think she looks amazing!). Now of course pregnant women don’t need any slimming products but sometimes we do need a bit of support, at least I know I do, which is exactly where Mama Spanx comes in.

The Mama Spanx Full Length Panty Hose is specifically designed with expecting mamas in mind: the design is comfortable and made with high quality materials, it supports, lifts and smoothes the areas that need it yet provides plenty of room and a soft waistband for your growing baby belly. If you ask me Mama Spanx is the best of both worlds, it flattens everything but your tummy! Combine these great features with a fabulous ultra-sheer look and you’ve got a real confident mama must-have.

Mama Spanx Full Length Panty Hose ($59.95) are available in nude and black and come in 4 different sizes, you can find them at selected Myer stores across Australia.

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