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The older the kids get, the more their imagination grows and with two 4-year olds in the house I am often lost for words by all the games and stories they make up together. Sometimes it is as if they are encouraging eachother to get as silly as possible, yet at the same time it is adorable to watch and such a blessing to witness. I love toys that encourage imaginative play and that is exactly what Bilibo does.

The award winning Bilibo range, created by Swiss designer company Moluk is all about imagination. In fact there is nothing straight forward about it! As a serious, down-to-earth, boring grownup you might look at Bilibo and wonder what to do with it, but curious little minds love this quirky toy and find a thousand-and-one uses for it. Which side is up, which side is down, is it for storing or is for pouring? It is totally up to you.

The world of Bilibo is full of surprises and with the Bilibo Pixel Game Box there is even more fun to be had. The box contains six Bilibo Minis, 36 coloured chips and a customisable dice but no instructions, after all kids are creative enough to come up with their own games. Flip, collect, roll, hide, count, share, swap, what game would you like to play with Bilibo? My three keep it simple, just grab a handful of chips each and swap until you only have chips that match your Bilibo Mini colour.

Also part of the Moluk designer collection is Plui, an innovative new bath toy that is sure to put the fun back into bath time. The Plui Rainball Bath Toy may look plain and simple but isn’t that usually the best? Fill your Plui by holding it under water, then lift it out and watch the ‘rain’ coming down. Kids will love controlling the rain by covering and uncovering the small opening at the top with their finger. Plui is available in blue, green and yellow.

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For your chance to win a Bilibo Pixel Game Box and Plui Bath Toy visit and answer the following question: What imaginative game do your little ones like to play most?

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  194 Responses to “Bilibo giveaway”

  1. We play hide something under a stacking cup, shuffle, and Carter has to find it – it’s his favourite at the moment and great for places like the Doctor’s surgery as it distracts him (and can be played with anything)

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  7. I really like the EDTOY mini magnetic vehicles at Little Obsessions and know my truck and plane mad toddler would too (they remind me of toys my brother had 30+ years ago – one of which is still going)

  8. I like the Milky surfboard PJ’s at Little Boo-Teek

  9. The paper party animals kit with the giraffe and elephant (two favourites here!) at Rudy & The Dodo are very cute.

  10. The Bobble Art Plane drink bottles at Nana Clair’s gifts look great!

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  15. My son loves playing peek a boo while the other loves to pretend he is a chef and creates wonderful imaginative food for me to eat 🙂

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  21. like Emma Laue Apron Bib (Navy Leaf) from Looking at your kid

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  26. Visited Coccinella Eco. My daughters main imaginary game is playing teachers. She always sits there and calls the roll. Forever telling students off though :-S

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  28. my two youngest like to pretend to be doctors and nurses and we are always the patients and they use m ands m chocolates as medicine we even made them little doctors coats they are so cute my sister gave my son a real Stethoscope |

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  33. At the moment we’re playing ‘going to Monte Carlo’ (thanks Madagascar 3!) Anywhere can be Monte Carlo, but we *must* take our handbags with us 🙂

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  38. Extra Entry 1
    Australian Girl Dolls – Emily
    Blonde like my little girl & similar name too 🙂

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    Rudy & the Dodo
    Bunny night light

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    Nana Clair’s gifts
    Chevy fire truck

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    Dandellion feeding plate

  42. On a side note have you heard of Rafflecopter? They have a wonderful entry form you may be interested in 🙂

  43. My 1 & 2 year old love to play zoo animals, the elephant is their favorite!

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  46. My girls love to play pretend with there little people making them do shopping trips and play etc….

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  52. I love the Plui toys. I think it could be great not only for small kids but even for 8 years old children!

  53. With Halloween just over we played “Duck the Apple” which turned out to be a hit and they want to play everyday. You simple place whole apples in a bucket of water and you have to try to get it out with your mouth while your hands are behind your back. Another one is “Masterchef” where one is blind folded and the other is the taste tester. One puts a spoonful of something from the kitchen in the others mouth and they have to guess what it is while describing it’s taste. Last week I got to taste bird seed!!!!!!

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  59. Miss 2 & Miss 4 inherited a pink ‘Princess’ Tent made out of old pink fabric and tent poles, decorated with sequins from a friend whose children had outgrown it.

    Together, they spend hours in that tiny confined space doing anything from ‘resting’ to belting out a concert piece on their mini piano!

  60. My daughter loves playing mummy to her baby brother… she does all the burping and pretends to change nappies and also pretends to breastfeed him, which is really hysterical!

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  62. Imaginitive houses with mum and dad . The cardboard boxes are a number of funny things. The palace, the zoo, the movies, its endless 🙂

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  67. my girls love to play hide and seek they can play for hours hiding from each other in different places, sometimes their spots are very funny and easy to find other times can be hard like when my youngest hid in the linen cupboard and her sister couldnt find her

  68. My favourite saying is my home is my castle, I will do what I like in it so my children pretend I am the queen and they are princes and princesses!

  69. My little one likes to play castles and princesses using cushions and sheets.

  70. My favourite item at Stickybiz is Dino room wall art.

    My favourite item at Gr8x is Cindy Double Zip Satchel.

    My favourite item at Petit is navy multi-stripe tent.

    My favourite item is Shampoodle Pocket Denim in Orange by Whimsychild

  71. My favourite item at Gr8x is Cindy Double Zip Satchel.

  72. My favourite item at Petit is navy multi-stripe tent.

  73. My favourite item is Shampoodle Pocket Denim in Orange by Whimsychild

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  78. My boys love to play ‘supermarket’. They jump in the Cozy Coupe and go and get fruit and vegetables for Mummy.

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  82. I like the Cute as a Bug WaterProof bib from Mickey

  83. Love the Milky Chambray Frill Dress from Little Boo Teek

  84. Tea Parties with ‘cakes’ and ‘tea’ are very popular!

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  92. The imaginative game that my little ones like to play is hide and seek, the places that my little ones hide in are so bizzare and not where i would think that a child would hide lol! It’s amazing how they manage to squeeze themselves into the smallest of spaces too 🙂

  93. My 3yo son likes to be a dinosaur then lies down on the ground & pretends to be a fossil (the fossil is a lot quiter than the Dino)

  94. I love to listen to my niece and nephew making up stories. Since having a canadian teacher, my niece has adopted a canadian accent during play. It is hilarious to listen to!

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  99. My little one likes playing peekaboo, every time I play with him he laughs a lot.

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  104. Old West Tan Toddler Boots at HootKid is chic

  105. Alimrose Designs Georgie Giraffe Rattle at Little Boo-Teek is so cute

  106. Absorba Yellow Organic Cotton romper at Mickey House is one of my favourites.

  107. Tiger Tribe Wooden Pull-back Aeroplane at Little Obsessions is super cool.

  108. My sons favourite imagination game, is turning his lego into monster trucks and motorbikes, he makes the most creative cars,

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  109. My toddler loves to dress up and play chef. She loves making “dinner” with different materials like pom poms, pegs, raw rice & uncooked pasta. She cooks for everyone including all of her toys 🙂

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  112. My daughter loves playing “teachers” where she has a roll-call sheet and a blackboard and many stuffed toy students that she teaches and also reprimands! Haha

  113. My son loves just playing in my Tupperware cupboard…you can buy him all the toys in the world, and yet he prefers sitting in there and playing with all the containers!

  114. Dressups then pretend drinking tea time.

  115. Love the Avidiva – Lelby’s Owl – Bluebell Stripe

  116. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  117. Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  118. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  119. My little man loves dressing up in his policeman outfit, pockets laden with handcuffs, whistle & walkie-talkie. Then we all cop a few speeding fines from him, along with a few stern words about our driving!!

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  121. Love the My Escape Tree Book Case from Little Obsessions

  122. Love the Flatout Frankie Little Unicorn Head from Skip To My Lou

  123. I dont know what they call it exactly but the play with rocks and imagine they are people and name them.

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  126. dungeons and dragons because i have boys

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  129. My little one has just started engaging in imaginative play. Which usually involves him wearing my shoes, carrying a grocery on his shoulder, while driving his ride-on car!

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  132. My 18 month old just loves to move furniture and people around a doll house, playing out little scenario’s and talking to the people as she plays – that miniko set looks just divine and right up her alley!

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  135. peek-a-boo is the most fun with the youngest at the moment. the eldest loves role playing, and pretending she is mummy 🙂

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  139. rudy and the dodo – ‘snack & stack’ blocks cutlery set

  140. petit – French Cafe Playhouse

  141. skip to my lou – Fabrik Paradise Dress

  142. nana clairs gifts – Nancy Pancy Fairy

  143. They like to play schools, it’s so much fun watching them! 🙂

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  148. At Sustainababy I love the ERGObaby Carrier – Organic Twill – Navy with Midnight Lining

  149. My favourite at Tiny Twig is the Girls Smock Dress RR Multifloral- very pretty! 🙂

  150. From hootkid I love the Ra Ra Legging – Candy Pink

  151. My favourite item at Nana Clair’s Gifts is the Missi Missi Bean Bag- JUNIOR SIZE- Hot Pink with Flowers 🙂

  152. My kids love watching the Avengers and then they pretend they are the different characters and shoot at each other and me!

  153. My little one loves attending to sick dolls and putting them to bed.

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  156. Love Skinny Jeans at Havoc Denim…

  157. Love Matilda at Australian Girl!

  158. Love Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies…

  159. Love Stroller Strap at the Gr8x!

  160. we like to play with cardboard boxes, peek a boo, and hide and seek

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  162. Pretend cooking and cup of tea making is the favourite in our house. I’ve had to switch to decaf!

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  166. Love the 3 Sprouts Storage Bin – Blue Elephant from Little Boo-teek

  167. The Ralph Lauren hoodie polo dress (1-2T) from Mickey House Kids is very pretty

  168. Love the Emma Laue Alexa Romper (Size 00) from Looking at You Kid

  169. The RAINBOW BUILDING BLOCKS from the Wooden Toy Shop are lovely.

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  174. At the moment my two daughters like play eye spy. They also love to play role play games. Like Mum’s and Dad’s, schools.

  175. My baby boy is 4 months old, so we play aeroplane, though im pretty sure he has no idea what that is!! He just likes the noises and movement and I get to play a fun game with him 🙂


  176. From Petit – Pink and Green Fabric Letters (would look lovely in my girls room)

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