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Quite some time ago, during one of my online travels searching for hip products to share with you, I came across a very interesting looking baby bottle called Mimijumi. The quirky shape of this bottle straight away caught my attention but at the time Mimijumi was unavailable in Australia so I decided not get you all excited about something out of reach. Well I have good news for you, Mimijumi has recently hit Australian shores so now all Aussie mums can get their hands on these amazing baby bottles.

There is much more to Mimijumi than meets the eye, this range is carefully developed by a brilliant team of doctors, mothers, lactation experts and designers who bundled their knowledge and talents to guarantee a product that really works. The bottle is designed in the US while the high quality, completely safe materials are sourced from Europe, because when it comes to feeding your precious baby only the best is good enough.

The Mimijumi concept is actually quite simple, which is also the reason these bottles are so popular. Most people will agree that breastfeeding has fantastic benefits for mother and baby but the truth is that breastfeeding is not always possible. By creating a bottle that closely mimics a mother’s breast you can bottlefeed your baby as natural as possible. The unique Mimijumi shape, texture and drinking technique will make the transition to (or a combination of breast and) bottlefeeding a breeze.

Mimijumi products are completely free from BPA, latex and EA free and they exceed Australian safety standards, because the last thing mums need is to worry about nasty chemicals in their baby’s milk. The bottles don’t just look ‘simple’, they are simple to use too as each bottle consists of just 3 pieces: the base, an easy screw-on nipple (one piece) and the lid. You can even clean the bottles in the dishwasher (top rack)!

There are two bottle sizes available, Very Hungry (240ml, $22.99) and Not So Hungry (120ml, $19.99), as well as replacement nipples in two flow rates. When you order 3 items or more shipping is free Australia wide.

To find out more about Mimijumi, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.mimijumi.com.au.

For your chance to win a Mimijumi Starter Pack (1 x 240ml bottle, 1 x 120ml bottle and 1 x fast flow nipple replacement, RRP $61) visit www.mimijumi.com.au and aswer the following question: What Mimijumi feature do you like most?

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  2. I love that these bottles are BPA, latex free, and EA free, and exceed Australian Safety Standards 🙂

  3. What I love most about these brilliant Mimijumi bottles is that they will allow me to have the use of bottles when needed but because it will feel so similar to a breast it wont interfere with actual breastfeeding because my baby boy will wont have the confusion and stress of trying to get used to two totally different sensations when it comes to breast and average bottle feeding.
    This combined with BPA free makes for a happy Mummy and happy baby. 🙂

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  11. i love that they are bpa free and mimic breastfeeding ! we have 2 of these and they are awesome !!

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  14. Their quality, BPA free and they resemble a nipple/breastfeeding!

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  20. I love how the nipple mimics a mother’s breast. It would be great for my husband to feed our baby expressed breasrmilk easily without it affecting our breastfeeding relationship.

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  26. I love that they look like boobies!!! My baby wont take a normal bottle.

  27. I love that they mimic breastfeeding! I may just get my booby-monster of a baby boy to take a bottle (fingers crossed!).

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  29. I love that they mimic a woman’s natural breasts.

  30. Liked and subscribed 🙂 These bottles look great.

  31. I love that they have replicated a mother’s breast, creating a natural feeding and latching experience for a happy baby!

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  41. Exceeds Australian safety standards – Which is good to know that it is safe to use it for the babies. love it!

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  47. The feature i love the most about the bottles is how much they look like an actual breast 🙂

  48. I like how Mimijumi closely mimics a mother’s breast.

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  53. I love that they’re the ‘Next Breast Thing’ – takes the pressure off a poor Mum whose just given birth, but isn’t ably to feed their little one naturally!

  54. It would have to be the fact that there latex free ( my wife is allergic to latex) & it goes without saying that there BPA free, everyone’s allergic to that!!!!

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  59. BPA and latex free, EA free, anti-colic and exceed Australian Safety Standards. Totally love this feature.

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  64. I love the fact the teet resembles breast!

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  70. Suitcases set of 3 retro animals at rudy and the dodo are very cute.

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  72. I’d be very interested to try one of these.

  73. the Jade Daisy Dress at Looking at You Kid is pretty cute.

  74. Oops I forgot to say what feature I like about them. Probably the shape. They look like they might be easier for a breastfed bub to get used to.

  75. The Dinozone Savannah playset at Little Obsessions is cool.

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  80. i like that you can bottlefeed your baby as natural as possible and that it will make the transition to or a combination of breast and bottlefeeding a breeze.and i like how Mimijumi products are completely free from BPA, latex and EA free and they exceed Australian safety standards

  81. I love that the Mimijumi bottles are BPA free

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  88. I love mimijumi as they are so similar to the shape of a real nipple, and if my 2nd breastfeeding experience is anything like my first i dont produce enough milk in the first 2 weeks so pumping & bottle feeding is a must and with a realist nipple the transition will make things alot easier

  89. I found mimijumi bottles on a design blog long before I found out I was pregnant. I remember bookmarking them and thinking that if I ever had a baby I would use them because they were just the most gorgeous bottles I’d ever seen.

    When I found out I was pregnant eight months ago, the mimijumi bottles were one of the first things I thought of! I nearly had a friend ship them over, but now I am SO glad to find they are available here. We’ll be using these and nothing else

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  92. Love Girls Allegra Ruffle Dress

  93. […] Win With Mimijumi […]

  94. great for us moms with breast cancer it give us a better reassurance for our babies future.

  95. fb shared 🙂

  96. I like the function Integrated venting prevents colic, thanks!

  97. I like that they’re easy to clean! Oh dishwasher, I love you.

  98. I like the shape and the fact that they seem to mimic what my kiddie would feel comforted by!!!

  99. The unique Mimijumi shape, texture and drinking technique will make the transition to (or a combination of breast and) bottlefeeding a breeze. wow wish they had these years ago would have made life so much easier

  100. I love that these bottles mimic breastfeeding. These will be super helpful for my little boy as he often does not accept most of my different bottles.

  101. I have never tried these bottles, but you never know till you try, and if I get given one Im sure I will go out and by more

  102. I love that these bottles are BPA, latex and EA free.

  103. The fast flow nipple satisfies my hungry baby before he falls asleep. When I breastfeed, the flow is slower and the baby dozes off mid meal. I like getting the feed over and done with without waking him every 5 minutes!

  104. Its as close to a real breast as can be 🙂

  105. Love the Quirky fancy shape of MIMIJUMI…

  106. I love the fact that the bottles are slanted to prevent colic and wind problems. The fact the nipples mimic the nipples focuses on natural sucking motion and I love how the bottles meet all AS standards and are BPA, latex and EA free.

  107. the thing i like in this product that its actually close to the breast which is easy for my baby

  108. Love the nipple design & they were made from safe material.

  109. Finally a product that is natural, safe and helps bonding with your baby, I LOVE that it mimics breastfeeding, brilliant!!

  110. I love the fact it looks like a real breast. You can give dad the bottle so mum can have a break and there is no worry of nipple to bottle confusion.
    Could have help with my first child. Will need some once number two arrives next year.

  111. I like that the it is shaped like a mothers breast making it easier to feed your little one

  112. the shape of the nipple is exactly like the mothers nipple and the transition from breast to a bottle would be very easy.

  113. I like the fact that it exceeds Australian safety standards and is easy to use. Like all mums I want the best and safest for my precious, little angel.

  114. the shape of it would bring much comfort to my child

  115. The intergrated system to reduce colic.

  116. I absolutely love
    Missi Missi Bean Bag- JUNIOR SIZE- Red with White Stars

    My daughter is due in March and i would love to spoil her with the best.
    Thank you xx

  117. I like how the Mimijumi’s teat is so like the mothers breast!

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  121. I love that the Mimijumi bottles are BPA free – I’ve been so careful during pregnancy to avoid nasties like parabens in my toiletries, it would be great to continue protecting baby from as many chemicals as possible for as long as possible.

  122. Love that these bottles are BPA free!

  123. I love they are bpa free and mimic breastfeeding !!!

  124. i like that they are bpa and latex free and the company also allows women to bottlefeed whilst realising that breastfeeding can be difficult for some.

  125. I love that the top part is all one piece.

  126. Bub are very precious so the fact that they’re BPA, Latex and EA free is great.

  127. I already subscribe to your weekly newsletter 🙂

  128. The word BPA free and chemical free jump out at me on anything for my children and i will only buy products that state they are free of nasties. That’s why i find this product attractive .

  129. its so much like a nipple so the baby is gonnas feel at home in the bust of a bottle

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  133. I love the design, they look very cool!

  134. Easy transition for combo feeders, breast to bottle and vice versa 🙂

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  137. little boo-teek – Summer Days Fedora in Hot Pink
    looks good

  138. My favourite feature is that it replicates a mothers breast. That would reduce the chance of breast refusal

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  139. I love the fact that bubs will get less air as the bottle empties, and she can still sit up and drink easily.

  140. I love the fact that they are perfect for combination feeding. They are the closest to being mum’s boobie that I’ve found and there fore the easiest for baby to feed from. The fact that they excede australian manufacturing standards is and understated bonus. Fabulous product! Thank you!

  141. the closest thing to nature! Mums good stuff on tap is best, but if the tap is broken, at least baby can still get a good feed! 😉

  142. I love the Very Hungry Bottle as I have a very hungry 4 month old hippo and loves mummy’s boobies! These bottles are the very closest I have found!

    I have shared your page on my FB 🙂

  143. I love how it’s like a breast especially for mums who breast feed and bottle feed when they return to work.

  144. new liker for mimijumi on facebook

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  148. My favourite item at Stickybiz is Dino Room Wall Art.

  149. love the shape of these bottles, not to mention there free of all the nasties bpa, latex etc and the resemble a breast great for the bottle transition

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  158. My favourite feature on the Mimijumi bottles is the angle that the bottle neck is in. Too often, straight-angled bottles allow too much liquid out and can lead to spills or put babies off from drinking anymore but the Mimijumi bottles do not require as much tipping and therefore produce less mess – and make feeding time a better experience for all!

  159. Latex and BPA free, I couldn’t ask for more!

  160. I love that the bottles closely replicate a mother’s breast. I had no luck breast feeding with either of my children and this would be the next best thing or my next one if i have the same problems

  161. Resemble a nipple allowing the easy transition between breast and bottle

  162. Mimijumi products are completely free from BPA, latex and EA free and they exceed Australian safety standards

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  166. Liked on facebook page,subscribe to sales,savings and giveaways 🙂

  167. What I like about this is, it is bpa free, latex, ea free. And most importantly it reached australian standard and also the unique-ness of the bottle 🙂

  168. I like all the features A LOT! My favourite though is it has an easy screw on 1 piece nipple. So easier to clean and more hygienic.

  169. I love the angel of the teet. This means that you can still snuggle your little one in close, and in the same position as when you are breastfeeding. I have been saving for a starter pack so this would be just perfect!! Have shared on FB 🙂

  170. Liked Mimijumi Australia on Facebook 🙂

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  172. I have “like” mimijumi on Facebook. Yay! That’s my third entry 🙂

  173. I’m already a twitter follower of hiplittleone, now im a new follower of mimijumi on twitter. Just twitted about this giveaway through iPad, but I have no idea how to copy the URL. I hope u can find my tweet, I tagged both of u 🙂 thanks.

  174. Have followed hiplittleone on Pinterest as well.

  175. I have also visited more than four of your sponsors sites, but here are my four favourites.
    Petit.com.au, I like their scalloped cottage shelves.
    Littlebooteek, my favourite is the milk & soda polka dot scarf.
    Stickybiz, love the iron on label.
    The wooden toy shop, love the wooden colour building chart.

  176. I love that the teat ACTUALLY mimics real breastfeeding! I’m so keen to try this bottle. My 5.5 month old flat out refuses expressed milk (or any liquid for that matter!) in any bottle or sippy cup. I’m hoping this bottle will help my son wean on to bottle feeding so I can return to work part time.

  177. Love the way these bottles are BPA and latex free!

  178. I am an e-mail follower!

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