Sep 162012

As our youngest daughter is getting older she is being very clear about the things she likes and the things she doesn’t it. When she walks to the book shelf she usually picks the same books, she just can’t get enough of them. One of her favourite books is the ‘Book of Babies’ from the Babblebooks range. Babblebooks are a fabulous creation by New Zealand mum Emma who is joining us for today’s Sunday Coffee.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
My ideal Sunday would mean the kids actually sleep past 6.30 am for a start! We are very lucky to live on beautiful Waiheke Island so we head down to the beach most days; my ideal day would include lots of racing around on the sand with the family and our big silly dog Ringo, then home for a big roast dinner and a glass of red with my fiance who is a great cook.

Why did you start Babblebooks?
After I had my first child I despaired of the baby books available. They were really boring! And the same formula was found over and over again. Story books just weren’t right for very small children. I’d always really loved words and language and the idea just evolved from there.

What do you love most about running Babblebooks?
I absolutely love getting the feedback from other mums. Obviously I thought it was a good idea but it has been really special hearing how much other parents enjoy them. Giving money to Unicef NZ on a regular basis (as each book sold donates $1 to them) also makes me very happy.

Which of the four Babblebooks is your favourite?
My favourite is actually the Book of Colours. I have always loved the fact that beyond the everyday colours there are all these other shades with the most amazing names. I remember talking to my niece Amy when she was very small about all the colours there are, and that stayed with me when I eventually had my own children and then created the books. It was the first one I put together.

What can we expect of Babblebooks in the future?
Aah ! Well the sky is the limit! I have lots of ideas about other titles and would love to extend into wall friezes, picture cards, games, toys and even clothing… so watch this space!

To find out more about Babblebooks, to browse the current titles and to order online visit

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