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Over the past 4 years I have always had children in nappies, first two at a time, then three (yes I was changing nappies all day!) and now only one which is a breeze. Not much longer though, a few months from now we will be welcoming our new addition which means there will be plenty more nappies to be changed. With young children at home it can get very busy and there is not always time to throw the used nappy in the outside bin straight away, so how do you avoid your whole house smelling like dirty nappies?

The Sangenic Nappy Disposal System ($40) by Closer to Nature is designed with busy parents in mind and offers a quick and convenient solution to the smelly nappy issue. The clean white Sangenic unit makes a perfect addition to any nursery, just keep it close to where you change your baby and you’ll always be free from stinky nappies in an instant. No more running to the bin through the rain (or waking up to a smelly house because you couldn’t be bothered throwing out the night nappy)!

So how exactly does the Sangenic work? Simply open the lid, pop in the nappy and turn the wheel. The dirty nappy will be wrapped in a special multi-layer, anti-bacterial film locking away 99% of germs and odour, then it drops to the bottom and your Sangenic is ready for the next nappy. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? The Sangenic uses 60% less plastic than nappy sacks and unlike most nappy sacks it actually locks away the smells.

The Sangenic can hold up to a week worth’s worth of nappies depending on how many nappies you put in per day. Compared to going outside multiple times a day that sound pretty fabulous to me! When you buy your Sangenic Nappy Disposal System at least one cassette is included (you can purchase sets too with multiple cassettes), cassettes are widely available. Best value for money: The Nappy Disposal Starter Kit ($75.00) which includes the Sangenic AND 6 cassettes.

To find out more about Closer to Nature, to take a closer look at the Sangenic Nappy Disposal System and to locate a stockist near you visit

For your chance to win 1 of 2 Sangenic Nappy Disposal Systems including 4 cassettes visit and answer the following question: What is your top tip for a quick and easy nappy change?

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  171 Responses to “Sangenic giveaway”

  1. Have everything ready before you start especially if it’s a number 2, I even pull out a few wipes from the container so they are ready to go. I’ve also hung a mobile above the change table this time to hopefully distract my little one so they won’t put their hands down there and make an even bigger mess 🙂

  2. Love Sticky Biz products, so hard to choose just one favorite because they are all fantastic but the Wall Art is amazing. My daughter also has the bucket hat, t-shirts and labels and they are all fantastic quality.

  3. as an experienced nappy changer (8 kids is experienced isnt it? ) i still have 2 in nappies i find a little toy and playing a game while changing bub’s bum make’s the job easy and fun for baby (nothing worse than a poopy bum baby trying to escape or poop on hands ewww)

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  5. Distraction! Have something to easily distract a wriggly baby or toddler with – a small toy they can hold or something new to look at. We also sing and count – especially during those nappy changes taht takea while to clean up!

    • Since posting this comment, I found a great distraction for Carter (16 months). I have a little clear cosmetic bag with a zip and each day I put two new items in it for him to unzip and get out when I’m changing him. It’s washable as is whatever I put in – just in case he gets it anywhere near his nappy! I put in things like a peg, block, lid, small ball etc and it’s worked so far!

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  11. I always sing a song with my son, it keeps him distracted and his hands busy with actions or clapping. I find if I don’t sing he tries to roll away or just won’t stay still for me.

  12. Visited Avidiva and how cute is the Giimmo Night Light “Indigo” The Hedgehog 🙂

  13. Visited Little Obsessions and really like the Plan Toys Classic Wooden Airplane (my Dad was a pilot so we have a bit of a plane theme going)

  14. Visited Coccinella and love the moving zoo

  15. Really like Sustainababy and the Purebaby Bodysuit in flint – what a great colour!

  16. Have everything you need for the Change Close By and Distract your Baby by Singing to them whilst you are changing them

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  19. My best advice – Be Prepared!!

    I’ve not really experienced ‘wriggly children’ but am keen to score this prize for my sister, soon to be first time Mum – this is right up her husband’s alley. He was even considering a second washing machine for the baby!!

    We stayed with them recently and he was operating like a Sangenic Disposal System, every time I changed my daughter, he was there with a new ‘nappy disposal bag’ – something he probably won’t be able to keep up with when sleep-deprived!!

  20. Make sure that you have everything you need or even might need and if your kids a wriggler , get your partner to hold em down! 🙂

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  27. Get a portable nappy change with the mesh pocket to put nappies and ointments. Then put in your nappy bag. So, you know you won’t miss anything at all.

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  29. I do not have one, still gagging and dry retching with each and every pooh I have to deal with. Does it get easier????????

  30. Get a loving Gran or Nanna to do it! They’re pro’s at dealing with dirty nappies and appear to thrive on doing it!

  31. have wet wipes on hand before you start

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  33. Give it to the husband to do – on weekends, week nights and anytime he is not “resting” from baby duties at work.

  34. When you change your baby’s nappy in the middle of the night, do it halfway between a feed. For example if breast feeding, feed bub on one side, then do the nappy change and feed on the other side. That way they’ll be nice and sleepy and ready to go back down to bed, rather than being roused awake at the end of a feed by being changed.

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  40. Be organised and prepared.
    If you have a little boy be prepared with a tissue incase he decides to wee so that you can catch the wee before he wets all his clothes, especially when your cleaning a poo :/

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  45. Always always always have everything to hand before you begin!

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  58. Give baby the wipes packet, my baby gets distracted like it’s a toy and stops wriggling

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  62. Have a new nappy open and ready, plenty of wet wipes on hand, a protective sheet or mat, plastic bag or nappy sack opened out. For special days- coffee beans up the nose!

  63. I get everything ready before I put my little on on the change table – wipes, nappy, powder & nappy sack. Then I give him a rattle or to to hang onto & we’re done.

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  69. What I find the easiest is to have everything ready to go before you undress bubba get the Nappy ready & get wipes out of the container.. Doesn’t take me really long and it helps that my bubba helps by holding her legs (she is almost 5 months) that really helps

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  73. Distraction & talking to them. I find they get restless if you try to change it while the room is quiet & they arent engaged in anything even if its just your voice

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  75. My top is to have everything laid out ready. Have the nappy bag open, the wipes laid out, the new nappy unfolded and close. Also have a toy to distract bubs.
    Ive done these:
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  76. Changing a nappy is like a game of baseball. Spread the nappy in the position of the diamond with you at bat. Then fold second base down to home and set the baby on the pitcher’s mound. Bring up home plate, put first base and third together, and stick the three all together. For a home run in one, throw the old nappy in Sangenic disposal system with all your might. Of course, in case of rain, you gotta call the game and start all over again.

  77. have everything you need close by – including a grandparent who is hopefully still wearing rose coloured glasses toward their grandchild!

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  79. 41 Orchard – Boys Name Wall Stickers

  80. arteater – Framed Wall Art – 12 Image Mini Gallery

  81. Little Obsessions – Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset – Airport

  82. avidiva – Dandelion – Pretend Play Rattle -GRANDPA

  83. The best tip is to Be Prepared!! If everything is at hand then it is so much easier!

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  87. I used to change poo’y nappie while sitting in front of a fan so I wouldn’t smell a thing.

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  89. My top tip is putting the fresh nappy under the baby’s bum before taking off the dirty one in case bub suddenly wee wees.

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  95. I think after years of experinec it just comes natural to change quickly, if its your first practice on a doll

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  97. Love the kid’s bean bag Timmy Tiger one at Leafy Dreams Nursery Decals.

  98. Tiger Tribe Cheekies Panda Blue is one of my favourites

  99. Milky Pretty Girl Flutter Tee at Looking at Your Kid is gorgeous

  100. baltic bubba bunny at Rudy and the Dodo is so adorable.

  101. Have everything ready and have a few hand held toys/books(small),that you can rotate,i use some toys/books for nappy changes only,it distracts them

  102. Straight jacket tied to the change table!…no not really have a toy handy for the child to play with as a distraction

  103. Organisation is paramount. Have everything you need together so you don’t need to search for things

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  106. My fav item from Little Boo-Teek is the Decolab Lion Clock – very Narnia!

  107. Get everything ready before u start and slip new nappy under old one so u don’t risk getting wee everywhere and doing a full costume change in the wee hours!

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  112. Love the Chevy fire truck at Nana Clair’s Gifts.

  113. Love the pirates wooden lacing beads at Rudy & The Dodo

  114. I love the Noah’s African Circus wall decal at Leafy Dreams Nursery Decals.

  115. I love the boys Hudson skater “blue” shorts at Havoc Denim!

  116. Keep bub occupied by giving them a toy to place with. They won’t wriggle so much.

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  118. My top tip would be getting your husband to do it! 🙂

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  122. I love 5 Piece Melamine Meal Set- Backyard theme at Nana Clair’s Gifts!

  123. Love BabyLuxe Organic Terry Reversible Bib at Avidiva!

  124. Love DaVinci Art Cabinets at Art Eater.

  125. Love Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies.

  126. Have everything ready and close at hand…so no little kiddies can get away!

  127. A ball of rolled up sticky tape is excellent at keeping little ones amused while nappy change is happening 🙂

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  131. as the mother of 7, soon to be 8,I have learnt to have everything ready within reaching distance before you start changing their nappy and always bring 2 of everything so your prepared

  132. be well prepared and have everything you need close at hand.

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  136. This would be awesome to win as we have to remove our rubbish ourselves. We don’t have the luxury of a garbage truck collection. Like F.B page and subscribed 🙂

  137. Have shared on FB but unsure of how to get a URL for the share so I shared the photo on your page too!/photo.php?fbid=10151199415262430&set=a.483862212429.266296.119394892429&type=1&theater

  138. Top tip for a quick and easy nappy change…….Get Dad to do it 😉

  139. Little Boo-Teek……..LOVE the dispenser bottles!

  140. Sticky Biz wall stickers are THE BEST! High quality and the only ones I have found that actually stick on our textured walls and stay there!

  141. Gummy babies – The Dandelion Plush Bear Organic Cotton is just too cute!

  142. Oh my, I love the Le Toy Van Honeybake Oven and Hob set from Little Obsessions!

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  145. Make sure you grab everything you could possibly need before you start! I have 2 in nappies, so I make sure I have everything I need and line them both up production line style!

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  150. Favourite item from – Baby Romper, Hat and Bib Set with Chirpie

  151. We sing the ‘Nappy Change’ song to the tune of ‘La Cucaracha!’

    “We change your nappy,
    We change your nappy,
    We change your nappy,
    Yes, we do.
    We change your nappy,
    We change your nappy,
    Nappy changing’s what we do –
    Change your nappy!”

    Makes us both laugh and makes nappy changing less stressful 🙂

  152. Favourite item from – Madison’ Pocket Hobo Black

  153. Favourite item from – Bobble Art Woodland Lunch Bag

  154. Favourite item from – Daily Tea Gili Islands Sporty Dress

  155. Get them distracted and act quick!

  156. I like Closer to Nature Baby!

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  158. Love Girls Jacket at Tiny Twig.

  159. Love Djeco Farm Building Blocks at Little Obsessions.

  160. Love Matilda Doll at Australian Girl.

  161. I love Travel Nest at Earlybirds…

  162. To distract baby’s attention by playing songs or music during changing nappies time, thanks!

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