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Breastfeeding can be fantastic and wonderful for mother and child, but often there are some hurdles to jump. As a mum you just want to see that you are doing the best for your baby, you want to see your baby grow and be healthy. Many mothers worry about their milk supply and are keen to build it up by expressing and eating the right food. Famous lactation consultant Pinky McKay decided to help these mums out and developed a delicious biscuit that doesn’t just taste great but will help your body create more breastmilk for your baby, the natural way. Let me introduce to you: Boobie Bikkies.

Now don’t worry about where to find the time to bake biscuits or source hard-to-get ingredients, Bookie Bikkies are sold ready-to-eat. There is no baking required and they even come conveniently packed in separate wrappers so you can take them along in your nappy bag or keep some next to your bed, it also means they stay fresh for longer. It doesn’t get any easier than this, no more excuses for picking an unhealthy snack!

It can be tricky to know what and what no to eat but Pinky has done the research for you. Bookie Bikkies are made using only natural and organic ingredients that are well known to aid breastfeeding mums, ingredients that will nourish your nervous system and your baby’s. They are full of whole grains, protein, B vitamins, minerals, iron and Omega 3 essential fatty acids and you are passing all these important nutrients on to your baby.

Although I can’t speak for the effect on my milk supply (baby is not born yet) I can say these are probably one of the best biscuits I have ever tried. You don’t just know that they are good for you, they actually taste wholesome and really yummy (and they are big)! Boobie Bikkies are available in Vanilla flavour and Orange & Cinnamon flavour and you can buy them per carton of 10 or subscribe and get multiple cartons delivered each month. To try first you can request a free sample, just pay postage.

To find out more about Pinky’s Boobie Bikkies, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

For your chance to win a Boobie Bikkies New Mum Bundle (RRP $75) visit and answer the following question: What would you like to ask Pinky McKay about breastfeeding?

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  4. When is a safe and acceptable age to start getting a baby to eat food?

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  9. I love the kids art frame from Art Eater!

  10. Like the girl’s denim yoke lace dress from Havoc Denim

  11. Like the Treasure Box from Coccinella

  12. How can I get my baby to keep still while breastfeeding? He seems to have digestive issues and keeps taking himself off the nipple then gets frustrated when he can’t latch back on.

  13. Is it true that if you put cabbage leaves on your boobs,beneath your bra, it helps alleviate sore nipples?

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  15. Is it possible to feed 2 babies after 2years

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  19. Rocking lambie on Avidiva

  20. Does the ‘maternal instinct’ to breastfeed naturally ‘kick in’ when you give birth?

    I’m not particularly keen to breastfeed but know in my heart that it’s ‘best for baby’ (and will also help me get my figure back quicker!)

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  22. Is that common that 6 months old baby wake up every 2 hours to be fed in the middle of the night? How to solve the problem?

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  24. My almost 12 week old is exclusively breastfed and sleeps from about 8pm to 5am (which is fantastic) however during the day she’ll feed every couple of hours. I always put her back on the same breast once she stops feeding then offer her the 2nd but she never takes it and then 2-2.5 hours later she acts like she is starving Again. So I am wondering if this is normal? She is gaining weight beautifully so that isn’t a concern.. It can just be a bit draining especially as she won’t take a bottle.
    Thanks 🙂

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  26. how do I help make others (eg family) more supportive and understanding of my breastfeeding the baby?

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  30. I love the kids art frame from Art Eater too cute

  31. I would like to ask her
    Why is my baby so nosey whilst feeding?

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  36. What is the best position to feed a reflux baby?

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  39. Id ask her how to make my 16mth old sleep through the night without needing booby 5 times 🙂

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  40. I’m a very experienced breastfeeder so my answer is nothing, hope this is ok!

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  45. My favourite item at hootkid is the Bite Me Short

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  49. I heard breastfeeding was really painful, is this true?

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  51. I would like to ask Pinky McKay what experiences/ opinions she has with milk supply in women with thyroid issues? I found breast feeding to be the hardest most challenging thing I have ever tried to do (even labour was a walk in the park). I consulted books, other mums, ABA counsellors, sort out support/treatment from lactation consultants & specialist breast feeding Dr/GPs. I ate, slept, medicated & had my feeding techniques reviewed to try and improve but still had excruciating pains & milk supply problems with bub #1 (lasted 9mths b.feeding) and again with bub #2 (after 6mths was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis & hypothyroidism). Once this was treated my circulation, milk supply, hormonal/ emotional roller coaster & lack of energy problems resolved & I had little if any problems feeding up to 13 mths). Looking forward to the birth very soon of bub#3 & hoping past experience (and correct Thyroid medication) will help ensure a smoother breast feeding experience this time around! But those bickies sound delicious and definitely worth a try!

  52. I would like to ask if these would help me. For my first child I got 2 mls of milk for 1 week from both boobs while tablets from my GP. With my second child I got 10 mls for 7 weeks while on the tablets again. I’m due in december with my third child and so desperately would love something to work for me.

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  54. How to stop baby falling asleep while breastfeeding him/her?

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  62. I would ask her advice on feeding toddlers.

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  64. I love the wooden lunchboxes on Rudy and the Dodo.

  65. And the kids art frames on Art Eater.

  66. And the Eco Paint on Sustainababy.

  67. How do you encourage a reluctant baby to feed?

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  69. Would love to ask her, if breastfeeding is deemed so natural and easy, why so many Mums chose not to breastfeed?

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  81. Just love the concept!

  82. Is it normal to still have a very strong let down and milk shoot across the room when bubs is 11 months old?

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