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As you all know it is very important to drink plenty of water, especially if you are pregnant like I am, but ever since moving to Australia in 2006 I have struggled with it. The taste of Australian tap water really puts me off and when pregnant I am always extra sensitive to unpleasant tastes and smells. Bottled water may be more tasty but it is also rather expensive and using a new bottle every time is not eco friendly at all. A few months ago I stumbled upon a fantastic solution, meet the ‘Bobble‘.

These funky looking drink bottles are called Bobbles, and they make drinking water enjoyable once again. Simply fill one of these babies with ordinary tap water and when you are ready for a refreshing drink the water will flow through the filter and comes out super delicious, time and time again. Instead of buying filtered water you can filter your water on the go, such a simple but clever concept!

Hip individuals will find that the Bobble Water Bottle ($14.95) is a perfect size for at home and out and about, it holds 550ml and you can fill it a massive 300 times before the filter needs to be replaced. For families, the office or if you simply prefer not to fill your bottle that often there is the Bobble Jug ($29.95), its 1.9 liters capacity should get you through the day nicely and you’ll nearly reach your daily quota of 2 liters before it needs a refill.

On top of being super stylish and delivering tasty water the Bobble is of course safe too. Bobble products are made in the USA and contain no BPA so you can drink you water without a worry. Bobbles are reusable so better for the environment, they are made of recycled materials and can be recycled themselves. Lots of top features if I say so myself! You can find the colourful Bobble range at many stockists all over Australia including Woolworths, Myer and Officeworks.

If you would like to be part of the Bobble trend why not ‘like’ Bobble Aus NZ on Facebook? Every week they give away a Bobble Drink Bottle so go and give them the thumbs up and try your luck in the weekly competition. You could just be this week’s winner!

To find out more about Bobble, to take a closer look at its great features and to locate a stockist near you visit

For your chance to win 1 of 10 Bobble Jugs visit and answer the following question: Which of the five Bobble features is most important to you and why?

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  300 Responses to “Bobble giveaway”

  1. the fact that they are reusable, having a house of 6, it’s nice to know that they can keep being used, not having to throw anything away and waste it.

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  6. No BPA!

  7. the fact I can rest assured that I will have lovely fresh filtered water anywhere any time 🙂

  8. I like that its so simple to refill & reuse. Not wasting so much tome & money & bottles buying bottled water.

  9. Love the unique filter feature of the bottle that provides instant clean and tasty drink of water!

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  13. I love the idea that we can be anywhere and have filtered water ‘on tap’ as they say!! But it is also very important to me that the whole concept is recyclable at the end too xx

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  15. Visited Gr8x, beautiful bags…love especially the ‘Alice’ Shoulder Bag – ‘Limited Edition’ that is coming out this month!

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  17. FoLlowing bobble on twitter x

  18. Certified BPA free, free of harmful Phthalates and PVC is the feature I like best.

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  20. I love that they are safe to re-use as with many bottles nowadays to re-use is to abuse

  21. Love it

  22. I love that it has no BPA 🙂

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  26. carbon filter is the best thing to keep all nasties away

  27. I love the fact that they are made of safe, recycled materials! I am trying to lessen my carbon footprint (sometimes not doing a very good job of it – but I am really trying) and when their life is up you can then recycle them again!! Perfect and a great, stylish way to serve iced water to guests!

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  33. reusuable

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  38. My favourite feature is that It’s reusable in a fresh way.

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  41. It’s reusable, so you get maximum value for money.

  42. Great taste, To drink great tasting, healthy water, all day, every day keeps me healthy from the inside out.

  43. That it’s reusable, easy to refill anywhere when I run dry and the filters are easily replaced to ensure great filtered water all the time.

  44. no bpa & the fact it’s reusable 🙂 thanks for the chance

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  46. Reusable! Everything helps if you can save a few dollars in buying bottled water.

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  49. BPA Free 🙂

  50. That it will improve the taste of my tap water.

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  52. I love that is 550ml for the bottle. Can never have too much water on hand!

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  54. BPA-free of course!

  55. I love the flow through filter…so handy just to pull the jug from the fridge and pour!!!!

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  61. BPA free because BPA is toxic, and drinking from a bottle with BPA is not really appealing… don’t want to risk dying of a painful horrible death.

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  64. I love that it removes the unpleasant taste & odour in Tap water – Certainly need it here!

  65. Love that it filters the gross taste of tap water – Im not a fan of the taste either

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  67. BPA Free – because I like to feel confident that my family are using products that are safe for them.

  68. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  69. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  70. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  71. Love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

  72. I love that it is BPA free – I think it’s really important to avoid as many chemicals as possible as there are so many in our modern environment that we can’t avoid.

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  75. BPA Free: because I don’t want to get cancer!

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  81. Oops forgot to answer the question! I like that it looks modern cool. It can be like my own water feature, only you can drink from this =)

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  83. Love the bean chairs from avidiva!

  84. I like the Tegu 8 Piece Pocket Pouch in Natural Mahogany from whimsychild

  85. The Le Toy Van Honeybake Ice Cream Sundae from littleobsessions is so cute!

  86. I want a wall sticker of my name from 41orchard!

  87. I love that its BPA Free, as should all plastics.

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  93. Most important to me is to drink great tasting, healthy water, every day, all day, because we have tank water and while I know it’s safe, it always tastes a bit offy to me – so we filter every glass we drink. Would love to try one of these!!

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  99. I love that it’s great tasting – because I find it incredibly difficult to drink my ‘daily dose’ of water, no matter how hard I try!

  100. I love how bobble filters out the nasties and makes great tasting filtered water out of it! Great for my 2 little boys, we are always looking for whats the best for our boys <3 🙂

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  105. visited your sponsor link Coccinella. i like the playme counting beads, i had a similar one as a little girl! 🙂

  106. visited Skip to my lou sponsor, i love the Dandelion camera tshirt

  107. 100% recyclable is such a great feature in todays world

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  109. BPA free is very important to our health

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  113. 100 percent recyclable hygenic too great colour range and trendy too!!

  114. That it reduces the unpleasant taste and odor of chlorine so I can have nice clean tasting water

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    BPA free is important feature for me as it is safe for my kid to use it.

  123. That it makes it so easy to have great tasting and healthy water on hand any time!

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  128. Favourite item from – The personalised bright pink girl’s t-shirt.

  129. Favourite item from – Calffy Paddie Rider.

  130. Favourite product from – A3 Kids Art Frame.

  131. Favourite product from – The Pink Orchard Bean Chair.

  132. the fact that it is BPA free and reusable – i am a big water drinker so having filtered water with me all the time would be awesome!

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  136. My favourite feature is the carbon-based filter. I like the thought of the water being filtered before I drink it.

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  139. the love the carbon-based filter great idea

  140. Refill and reuse bobble over and over and over again, this is the most important feature for me.

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  145. Coccinella Melamine Sipper Mug The Happy Farm is one of my favourites

  146. littlebooteek Bobble Art Large Drink Bottle – Dinosaur is great

  147. Lelbys Bluebell Garden – Owl is awesome

  148. Avidiva Bumbo Baby Chair with Tray Table & Safety Restraint – LILAC is great.

  149. The reusable filter is the most important to me, makes water more wonderful.

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  151. I love that they are both BPa free and reusable, meaning that I can keep refilling the bottle without harming the environment or my family’s health.

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  154. i like everything from the shape too the fact they stay cold longer and the design is gorgeous

  155. What a great product. When i was pregnant with my first i couldnt drink tap water because the taste made me sick.

    The best part of the product, besides the great colours, is having fresh, filtered water whereever i go.

    Ive done the following:
    Like Bobble AUS/NZ on Facebook
    Follow @BobbleAusNZ on Twitter
    Subscribe to the weekly Sales, Savings & Giveaways email

    Thank you 🙂

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  158. The Coccinella Frog High Chair is so cute

  159. The Art Eater Mini Gallery is awesome

  160. I love that the Bobble is BPA free

  161. The Earlybirds Booties are adorable

  162. The Havoc Denim Samba Mini Skirt is too cute

  163. BPA free and reusable = great!

  164. email subscriber.

  165. I love that it filters the water

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  168. I love that it contains no BPA 🙂

  169. The fact that it is made from recycled plastic because it does make it a more environmentally friendly and sustainable product. That’s a big thumbs up in my mind as a eco-concious consumer.

  170. I love activated carbon filter that filters out the chemicals and impurities.. It would save me so much money… So I didn’t have to buy bottled water!

  171. I love that I can reuse them again and again- and with a filter that lasts so long I won’t be needing to replace that in a hurry either! 🙂

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  176. My favourite at Skip to my Lou is the Coco & Ginger Ava Suit

  177. My favourite item at rudy and the dodo is the “my playhouse adventures” cubby – domestic adventures

  178. My favourite from gr8x is the ‘Penny’ Top Zip Hobo

  179. My favourite item at Sticky Biz is the Girls Large Name Labels- love the butterfly!

  180. Great taste. Whithout which the fussy kids wouldn’t touch water.

  181. BPA free is always piece of mind.

  182. new bobble fb liker

  183. the fact that is it BPA free. With all the chemicals in everything else it’s good to know you
    can drink water with peace of mind

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  186. They look so good ,i think i might like to eat one lol!!!!

  187. The long lasting filter is better than Brita’s ones,
    Changing them is expensive and not fun!
    Love their funky design,
    And Aussie – that’s just fine!

  188. newsletter subscriber.

  189. liked bobble on FB

  190. They are re-usable – nothing goes to waste

  191. Love they are BPA Free – thumbs up!

  192. Have liked the bobble Aus/NZ Facebook page 🙂

  193. Free of BPA

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  196. BPA free, so important!!!!

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  200. This is such a great concept. The drinking water at work is really bad we have to boil it and wait for it to cool down having the built in filter would be great!

  201. It’s reusable. Saves money and more importantly, the environment.

  202. Already subscribe to the weekly Sales, Savings & Giveaways email

  203. It is made of recycled materials.

  204. I like bobble Aus/NZ on Facebook.

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  206. I like Plush Robot Toy at Coccinella!

  207. I like the Stroller Strap at the Gr8x!

  208. I like Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies!

  209. I like Djeco Farm Building Blocks at Little Obsessions!

  210. A filter that I can refill 300 times sounds great value!

  211. Love the fact that there’s no BPA, I’m scared to drink/eat from anything plastic unless I know that!

  212. I already like Bobble AUS/NZ on Facebook 🙂

  213. I follow @BobbleAusNZ on Twitter!

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  216. They’re BPA free, which means a healthier drink for you and the environment.

  217. They are super stylish!! I love my filtered water, but I also love looking cool. Way to go Bobble!!

    Already like Bobble on facebook and follow on Twitter. Have subscribed to the weekly newsletter and Hip Little Ones RSS feed

  218. They are super stylish!! I love my filtered water, but I also love looking cool. Way to go Bobble!!

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  223. The bottles are reusable and BPA free… and the water tastes really yummy!

  224. Like Bobble on Facebook

  225. I love the carbon filter because we’re on a farm and rely on bore water, not town water.

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  227. I love the filter that protects my family.

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  231. REUSABLE means saving money
    Cause wasting it isn’t funny
    It also helps the world and for me
    i hate seeing plastic bottles in the sea =)

  232. Liked and shared – with thanks =)

  233. It should be the no BPA, but really, the taste factor wins me over!

  234. I love that it has no BPA

  235. I liked Bobble on facebook

  236. I’m a Bobble follower on Twitter

  237. That you have delicious tasty water to offer your family, especially the little ones.

  238. Liked on Facebook

  239. I like to stylish design as I love to look great on a budget and this is perfect.

  240. I love that it is BPA free and looks funky, I find the metal ones a bit dates looking where this is fresh and invigorating.

  241. LOVE that you can use it 300 times before you have to change the filter!

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  244. I love that its reusable so I can fill and take it everywhere with me to save money and have delicious fresh tasting water everywhere

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  247. reusable

  248. facebook liker 🙂

  249. Liker on fb page:)

  250. I love the fact that the bottle is made from recycled material and that it is reusable.

  251. Shared on Facebook 🙂

  252. Love bobble bottles. Its a funky design, Love the facts its reusable and filters last so long, BPA free, yet also made from recyled materials.

  253. It’s recycled! I’m all for companies that encourage recycling – get on the bandwagon people!


  255. Reuse, reuse, reuse! And reuse! Up to 300 times per filter! That’s awesome! 😀

  256. I love the fact that they are made from recycled materials, & are themselves recyclable!!

  257. I liked Bobble on facebook for a chance to win 🙂

  258. I posted this competition to my facebook timeline, coz I really want to win! 🙂

  259. I love that this product is BPA free, as it has taken Australia quite some time to follow suit with America and Europe in recognising that food-grade plastics need to be BPA free.

  260. BPA free

  261. I love the fact that the bottles are BPA free. I can’t believe this chemical is still being used!

  262. I like Bobble AUZ/NZ on Facebook

  263. I suscribe to the weekly email.

  264. It is reusable – can’t stand throwing plastic out.

  265. I like bobble Aus/NZ on Facebook!

  266. – I have shared on my Facebook page.

  267. I follow you via your weekly e-mails!

  268. I like Skinny Unisex Jeans at Havoc Denim.

  269. I like Travel Nest at Early Birds!

  270. I like newborn BUBBAS at Rudy and the Dodo!

  271. I like Da Vinci Art Cabinets at Art Eater!

  272. reusable and no bpa

  273. Following Bobble on Twitter @irena80

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  275. B.Box -Nappy wallet

  276. BPA free, so that it is safe to drink!

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