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As you may know the idea of Hip little one was born in 2008 when I became a proud mum of twins. I found it really hard to get out of the house, I didn’t get much further than the local supermarket let alone a clothing store or fancy shopping centre. I discovered the ease of online shopping and very much enjoyed (or should I say got addicted to?) getting the newest products delivered to my doorstep. If you like the idea of receiving lovely parcels filled with great baby or kids products you will love Bambino Box.

Bambino Box introduces Australian mums to a fabulous selection of products and brands by sending them out a Bambino Box every month. Each month you’ll receive a beautifully packaged box full of goodies tailored to suit your family, from clothing to food, from toiletries to handy products for at home, even some thoughtful gifts for mum, each box holds new surprises and you’ll never know beforehand what you’ll get!

So how does it work? Simply join Bambino Box online and tell them a little bit about your family, that way you’ll always receive products that you can actually use. You can order a single box, sign up for multiple months or send a Bambino Box to a family that is very special to you. For expecting mums there is even a huge Pregnancy Gift Box available, now that is gift giving made easy!

Now rest assured, a Bambino Box comes with a surprisingly affordable price tag. A single box costs $21.95 but the value of the products inside is much higher so you always get great value for money (and you can save even more when you subscribe). For example, this month’s ‘Spring has Sprung’ box has an average value of $90! One of my favourite gifts was this super soft wool blend Buddha Baby beanie valued at $19.95, that’s pretty much the value of the box already.

Some subscribers were lucky enough to find one of these fantastic Dreambaby Mag Lock 4-packs ($44.95) in the September Bambino Box. In my time as a store manager we used these child safety locks in the store and we loved them, in fact customers were always asking me about them because they are invisible from the outside. Good thinking Bambino Box team, looking forward to seeing more of your work!

To find out more Bambino Box, to see how it all works and to order you own Bambino Box visit

For your chance to win a Bambino Box visit and answer the following question: What would you like to see in a Bambino Box?

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  234 Responses to “Bambino Box giveaway”

  1. Hot chocolate, massage oils or nail polish….alll little things to make mum feel herself again!!!

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  5. How to settle a crying baby, information on child care centres relevant to each customer’s state, and relaxation tapes for parents and baby.

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    done all the above 🙂

    i would love to see mummy goodies to keep our sanity 🙂 mini chocloates,biscuits,coffee,lollies

  9. little surprises for mum

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  11. love love love
    what a great idea!!

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  14. For new mums a coffee mug/flask that keeps your tea or coffee warm, its the only way I could have a warm coffee for the first 6 weeks 🙂

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  16. Im the fan on the fb page:))Lovely goodies for our kids:)

  17. I love the idea of something nice for mum but how about something to treat dad as well? Maybe a sports magazine, discount deals for a game of golf, something that caters to dad, do often dads get forgotten in all the hype over a new baby 🙂

  18. I would love to see some hand cream for those overworked, tired and dry hands!

  19. A cleaner or a nanny. We can squish her in there can’t we?!?

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  23. For new Mums a lovely hand cream that acts as a barrier and rubs in quickly without leaving hands sticky, nipple cream or gel breast pads, some lovely tea bags like Chamomile Lemon or nursing tea, and much chocolate 🙂

  24. Liked Bambino Box (and what a brilliant idea they are!)

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  29. LOVE Tiger tribes Magna Play Robots in space case from Little Obsessions.

  30. great giveaway! I would love to see a hand cream for mum, maybe a toy for my toddler or organic wipes would be awesome! And maybe some shaving kit for daddy! xx

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  39. Lovely prize ,Have done all of the good things required 🙂

  40. A creative Journal for the soon to be mothers to write down their thoughts and feelings along with a mixture of delicate chocolates for their enjoyment/spare time before the birth.

  41. I’m going to be Captain Obvious here… But COFFEE!!! I never, ever touched coffee until I had children. Now it’s the only thing that gets me through the afternoon!

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  43. Already a liker of Bambino Box 🙂

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  45. Chocolate, a magazine and something to occupy the kids while I enjoy the first two items! 🙂

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  51. Flavoured coffee samples

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  54. I would love to see bottled ice tea and a good book to read or a nice magazine. Some bubbles for the kids or a nice tune or two, some choccies like the other mums have said, but in general i think it will be lovely to just open something 🙂

  55. Would like to see samples of things like wipes, nappies, baby food etc.

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  59. Visited Whimsy Child… love the Djeco Robots Magnetics Set.

  60. Visited 41 Orchard….like the Giraffes Nursery Wall Decals.

  61. Visited Looking At You Kid. Like the Emma Laue Harry Hat.

  62. Visited Lelby’s and love the Red Orchard Bean Bag Chair.

  63. A mixture of goodies for Mum & child,for Mum some magazines,pampering samples,& anything with chocolate!! For child maybe puzzles,crayons,books & some healthy snacks for on the go!

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  68. Woud love to win one of these at Hip little one!

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  69. Whimsy Child-Djeco Stickers- Small Friends- my daughter would love these!

  70. Little Obsessions-Tyrrell Katz Working Wheels Drinking bottle

  71. Sustainababy-Peter Rabbit Naturally Better Classic Gift set,my daughter loves Peter Rabbit!

  72. Sustainababy-Peter Rabbit Naturally Better Classic Gift set

  73. Looking At You Kid-Alex & Charli Puppy Dog Hoodie

  74. This is the best idea, I love this, will be signing up for sure! I’d love to see some organic products in there, also some stuff to give mum an excuse for some ‘me time’ (pampering products, magazines, coffee). As someone else said, something for dad would be great too! Even little samples of baby creams/ washes/ shampoos would be great as I like to pack them when travelling.

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  80. Baby bath Products, Skin Products for Mother and Baby, Unisex Outfits

  81. Love the Bluebell Stripes Beanbag on Lelbys

  82. Babysitting gift vouchers that you can cash in on loved one’s and friends, when you need a little time out!!

  83. Info & tips/advice on how to settle your baby into a routine.

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  87. In a Bambino Box I would like to see any kind of tea that helps with breastfeeding / calm / relaxations 🙂

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  93. With the birth of a little one often taking the focus off the first born child (or children), perhaps a little pressie for Child 1?!

  94. A nice wrap to lay out on the grass and enjoy so playtime in the park with this beautiful weather we are finally receiving

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  96. I’d like to see things for my kids – interesting toys and snacks, for example.

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  98. A little stress ball which says ‘you’re doing a great job 🙂 ‘

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    I would like to see some gift vouchers in the Bambino Box. It would be great to let Mummy to purchase something that she wants.

  100. hmmm…. seasonal accessories for baby. Sunglasses, knitted beanies, mittens, muslin wraps, knitted blankets and baby essentials like onsies… things you can never have too much of, and always need

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  104. Lollies!!

  105. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  106. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  107. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  108. Love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

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  110. A mixture of fun and necessities. Necessities such as nappies, wipes, baby/kids food and toiletries. Also fun treats like cute clothes, crafty activities for kids, beauty products and yummy surprises! Maybe even a special school holiday one full of kid’s activities!

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  115. Favourite item from – The Raspberry Early Birds Bigger Birds Romper

  116. Favourite item from – Dash Baby Organic Cotton Sleep Dress

  117. Favourite item form – Knuffle Kid The Marilyn Dress

  118. Favourite item from – Djeco Kirigami Paper Balls!

  119. I’d love to see the milk brand room sprays for a happy soothed baby

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  125. I would love some things for older kids especially if you have a newborn at home things they can do themselves whilst you are settling/feeding baby etc like colour in books, stories, also for the mums chocolates, gift cards, movie tickets, vouchers, cleaning products, toiletries, also magazines, dvds/cds, safety products, towels, sunscreen, hats,

  126. Some small luxury items for mum too! So she feels special and not forgotten as well.

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  128. I’d love to see some discount vouchers for buying babies’ and mums’ stuffs in a Bambino Box.

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  133. Have done all of the above, Thanks for an awesome giveawaY 🙂

  134. moisturising foot cream and thick socks

  135. eveything that u need for a change the design is always what makes me wanna buy

  136. Id love to see a summer box, One with pool toys,suncream, sunglasses, a hat ect.

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  139. I love the Coccinella Kanoe Hammock

  140. The Earlybirds Organic Travel Nest is gorgeous

  141. The Art Eater Acrylic Photo Block is cute

  142. I love the Havoc Denim Pipa Quilted Pinafore

  143. Chocolate is a necessity in the Bambino Box!

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  145. need some sweets and nappies

  146. I think information on Modern Cloth Nappies would be good. Also environmentally safe products for laundry and baby would be good too. Particularly skin care products.

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  148. treats to spoil mum.

  149. Anything to help with feeding my baby would be wonderful right now- like a nice big bib or a really great feeding spoon and bowl or travel containers.

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  154. At earlybirds I love the Bigger Birds bodysuit short (raspberry)

  155. My favourite item at Little Boo-Teek is the Tiger Tribe Boxset – Barn House

  156. At 41 Orchard I just love the Robot Chalkboard Wall Sticker

  157. At Whimsy Child my favourite is the Seedling The Outdoor Explorer Kit

  158. Extra little something for mum and dad, it’s easy to buy for baby but mum and dad (esp mum) has done most of the hard work.

  159. new bambino fb liker

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  161. Online boutique items and gadgets would be great,
    To try and show mates!
    We can all get to the shops,
    Try something you don’t see lots!

  162. A potty training rewards chart or a potty training box filled with all the goodies you need

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  165. Jewellery and chocolates

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  169. gift voucher for a massage!!

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  173. Beautifully scented candles, soaps and bubble baths would be very welcome.

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  175. Candle or chocolate

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  178. Paw Paw ointment

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  183. I would absolutely love to see a sample of a cloth nappy!

  184. I like Bambino Box Australia on Facebook…

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  186. I like Travel Nest at Earlybirds!

  187. I like Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies.

  188. I like Stroller Strap at the Gr8x!

  189. Something for the new baby, something for mum, something for dad and something for the siblings. Make everyone happy 🙂

  190. Lots of things for baby (perhaps organic fruit puree squeezy sachet, teething jewellery, chemical-free baby wipes & sample of bottle cleaner) and maybe one for mum (deluxe sample of stretchmark cream or fancy relaxing tea, etc). Things we wouldn’t think of to buy ourselves would be pleasantly surprising to find in a box! 🙂

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  194. Bamboo singlet…eco goodie!

  195. calming/relaxing cd for bub and mum

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  197. A motivational CD or DVD for mum as times can get hard and we can all do with a little help

  198. Liked Bambino Box Australia on Facebook

    still will not let me tweet do not know why come up bad request
    Little Obsessions;Fairy Girls Tutu Singlet Dress
    gummybabies;Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Honey
    littleboo-teek;Milky Chambray Frill Dress

    love to see books;leaflets,samples,phone numbers,journals of history of birth etc,online forums,free subscriptions ,samples of nappies etc.

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  201. i’d love to see lanisol, breastmates, a burp cloth, amber necklace, infants friend all of those lil tricks that experienced mums have learnt are handy!

  202. So’Pure Sophie The Giraffe Teething Ring (Soft Model) from sustainababy looks fantastic for my little one.

  203. Love Old West Tan Toddler Boots from Hootkid.

  204. An extra pair of hands to help through the day

  205. Nanaclairsgifts’ Snack Pack in Aqua colour is perfect

  206. Farm Animal Finger Puppets from Whimsychild are adorable.

  207. Drinking chocolate, bath salts, calming essential oils- stuff that will help Mum be relaxed and happy because when Mum’s not happy, nobody in the family is happy.

  208. I don’t know I would rather a surprise!

  209. one size fits all cloth nappy in a cute print

  210. Would love to see samples of baby skin care – lotions, shampoos, bath foams, etc.

  211. I like Bambino Box Australia!

  212. I am your e-mail subscriber!

  213. Love Girls Nolita Flutter Dress at Havoc Denim!

  214. Love Lelby’s Bean Chairs – Bluebell Stripes at Avidiva!

  215. Love DaVinci Cabinets at Art Eater!

  216. Love Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies.

  217. Love to see baby clothes and baby skin care products, thanks!

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