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Today is my youngest daughter’s second birthday and boy, did those two years fly by. A few weeks before my due date the doctors decided that she wasn’t growing as much as she should so I was induced and she was born on lucky Friday the 13th, in room 13. As a mother of twins I was already familiar with having premature babies so I was prepared for the possibility of her ending up in special care but thankfully she only stayed there for a few hours. When babies arrive earlier than planned they are usually tiny in size and it can be hard to find the right clothes which is where Earlybirds comes in.

Some of you may already know Earlybirds, a fantastic Australian label that creates beautiful clothing and accessories for babies weighing as little as 800gram. What you may not know is that Earlybirds has had a little growth spurt and now offers an extended Bigger Birds range too. The Bigger Birds Collection is designed for ages 3 months all the way up to 5 years old (selected styles), so your growing earlybird can enjoy the earlybird comfort for much longer.

Earlybirds owner Lynda, mum to a little earlybird herself, discovered that as her son got older there was a need for bigger clothing with a leaner, slimmer fit that is perfect for prematurely born children. The Bigger Birds Collection offers just that with a range of different suits and even undies designed for narrow hips and legs. The Bigger Birds designs feature a funky, bright bird motif suitable for boys and girls with navy blue or raspberry print.

If you are a parent of a premature baby, or if you are shopping for one, you will truly appreciate the difference Earlybirds makes with clothing that is tailored to your babies specific needs and shape. When buying Earlybirds or Bigger Birds by Earlybirds you are also doing your share in supporting a number of baby and children’s charities including Life’s Little Treasures Foundation, SIDS and Kids and Ronald McDonald House.

To find out more about Earlybirds, to browse the range and to order online visit

For your chance to win a Bigger Birds suit or set of Bigger Birds undies of your choice (subject to availability) visit and answer the following question: Which Bigger Birds product would you most like to win and why?

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends September 13, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only. By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

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  1. Short bodysuit in navy blue. Perfect for my 14 week old baby boy.

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    I would love the Bigger Birds Jumpsuit in Navy Blue

  3. I love the look of the Earlybirds Short Sleeve Organics Bodysuit. So cute, would be perfect for bub due early next year 🙂

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  6. The jumpsuits are so cute but I do love the Bigger Birds Undies for Boys on the Go!! Toilet training my little man so this prize would be fantastic.

  7. Liked Earlybirds on facebook too!!

  8. Visited your Sponsor gr8x and I wish I had one of their amazing Cindy Double Zip Satchels in Black!!!

  9. Love the name! And I like the jumpsuits – cute.

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  11. I love the Earlybirds Bigger Birds Romper in Raspberry. So stylish and cute!!

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  18. With summer coming up, I would love to try the Bigger Birds short bodysuit in Raspberry (18 months). I love the print on the back, its so cute!

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  21. My best friend’s baby was born six weeks’ early on Christmas Day, which was a bit of a surprise to everyone – particularly her!!

    She’s pregnant again, with eight weeks to go (or perhaps only two if history repeats itself) and would love the Navy Blue Bigger Birds Long Sleeve Bodysuit – it’s adorable!!

    I’d love the Pink version,but like you, my baby’s just turned two!!

  22. I love the rompers, it keeps my baby’s feet warm because she loves to take off her socks

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  31. Bigger Birds Jumpsuit – I love the patterns and the colours and the fact that the legs have ankle cuffs.

  32. The raspberry Romper. I like how it fits the smaller hips better, and the colour is sooo cute!!

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  37. I love the Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet in White at Gummybabies. So cute and helpful!!

  38. Love Lelby’s Bean Chairs in Bluebell Garden at Avidiva!

  39. Love the toddler cowboy boots on Hootkid! Definitely buying them for my little cowboy!

  40. I’d love to win Bigger Birds boys undies, they’re so cute cute cute. They’re for narrow hips and tops of legs, so they’re quite suitable to my little boy.

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  45. The Bigger Birds undies for girls would be wonderful for my little lady, Maybe it would inspire her to toilet train (currently reluctant), but also most underwear falls off her thin frame.

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  50. I visited Havoc Denim and I love the Boys Denim Track Hoodie.

  51. I visited Avidiva and I love the Wooden Walk & Ride Bunny Sorter,

  52. I visited Whimy Child and I love the Daily Tea Plumeria Sporty Dress!

  53. I visited Little Obsessions and I love the Le Toy Van Honeybake Oven and Hob set.

  54. Bigger Birds Undies for Girls with Raspberry Trim as my little Miss needs some new underwear

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  56. The Bigger Birds product I would most like to win is the Bigger Birds Jumpsuit 18mths in Navy blue.

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  61. My favourite item from your sponsor ‘Little Obsessions’ is the Le Toy Van Sweetheart Cottage Dollhouse.

  62. My favourite item from your sponsor ’41 orchard’ is the Hot Air Balloon Wall Stickers.

  63. My favourite item from your sponsor ‘Lelby’s’ is the Damask Pink Bean chair.

  64. My favourite item from your sponsor ‘Art Eater’ is the Framed Wall Art – 30 Image Mini Gallery.

  65. A Hoodie as my boy is late with his hair and looses a lot of heat through his head

  66. The Bigger Birds Girl Undies,my daughter would think their terrific!

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  68. […] you entered our Earlybirds giveaway yet? If you have you have already discovered the latest addition to the Earlybirds range, a special […]

  69. The Sunnydays T pant set. So cute.

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  71. I would love to win the Bodysuit Short (12 months) in Raspberry

  72. Love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

  73. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  74. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  75. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  76. I really like Bigger Birds Romper, I think rompers are the best for babies!

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  80. Favourite item at Gummy Babies – Amber Teething Necklaces.

  81. Favourite item at Sticky Biz – Personalised Height Chart.

  82. Favourite item at Little Obsessions – Djeco Farm Building Blocks!

  83. Favourite item at Coccinella – Plush Robot Toy.

  84. Any of the jumpsuits, trendy and easy nappy changing!

  85. I have done everything suggested except tweet about ‘Hip little one, I do follow them but I only tweet personal msgs

    I like the ‘Earlybirds Bigger Birds Romper’ they are so cute and I can just imagine my newest grandson in one

  86. I think the rasberry 3 month long sleeve body suit would be lovely to win. I just hope it won’t be to big. I have a blood antibody that may require early c-sect.

  87. T-pant set in pink great for that inbetween weather like spring

  88. I love Kicky Pants – Bamboo Party Dress with Bloomers from Avidiva perfect for the little girl in our life to go socialing. shared, liked on facebook.

  89. Love the rompers…so much fun to have and all romper ready to do it!

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  91. I would love the Bigger Birds romper in raspberry,I think my baby girl would look adorable in it!

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  95. I love the Bigger Birds jumpsuit

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  98. Petit Collage Bamboo Mobile – Owl Family from Sustainababy

  99. Giimmo Night Light – “Blue” The Elephant from Avidiva

  100. Bobble Art 3D Woodland Book Ends from Little Obsessions

  101. Watch Me Twirl Skirt from Hootkid

  102. Bigger Birds Romper. My little chick all birdy’d out!

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  105. I love the bigger birds long bodysuit, it looks so gorgeous and cozy!

  106. Bigger Birds Long sleeved bodysuits would be perfect for my little one who was born with extreme photosensitivity and needs full cover up is we go out!

  107. The Bigger Birds Long-sleeved body suit in navy blue, size 18 months because I think it may just be the cutest suit I’ve ever seen – love it!

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  115. The Navy Blue bodysuit for my little sailor he’d look so cute we;d have to give him his own ship!!

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  118. the bigger birds jumpsuits and biys undies are adorable

  119. Loving the Bigger Birds jumpsuits. I can see it on a gorgeous little newborn who has recently undergone heart surgery.

  120. My son Carter was born 3 weeks early and while not technically “premature” he was smaller than my other babies and re-admitted to hospital very sick at 8 days old. While we were back in, I got to know a couple of Mums with premature babies and I really wish I’d known about Earlybirds then as many were struggling to find clothing to fit and were relying on the CWA ladies to knit smaller clothing (and they were having trouble keeping up with demand). It’s so good to know there are such beautiful, well fitting options out there.

  121. Love their Bodysuit Short Sleeves, great for warm summer weather.

  122. I like Earlybirds on Facebook!

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    I like bodysuit Long as the birds around the sleeves are so cute. It can be wear with the pants, dress or skirts to go out. Great design!

  125. Follow Earlybirds via Twitter (Sashateslenok).

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  127. I am loving the ‘Cindy’ Double Zip Satchel at the Gr8x.

  128. At Little Obsessions my favourite is Le Toy Van Sweetheart Cottage Dollhouse.

  129. Love the Throw Rug Faux Fur Toffee at Lelbys.

  130. Love the (Bleach Out Blue) Unisex Janeiro Skinny Jean at Havoc Denim!

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