Jul 292012

While traveling and visiting family and friends I have received some lovely comments on my gr8x nappy bag, I love promoting all these great Australian businesses! In fact you can buy gr8x baby bags in The Netherlands too (as well as many other countries all over the world), you can safely say that gr8x is a big success.

In today’s Sunday Coffee we are sitting down with Caroline from gr8x for a quick chat about her ideal Sunday, her favourite gr8x design and what mums should look for in a new nappy bag.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
Sunday mornings are usually spent with the family leisurely enjoying eggs parma or crumpets with honey (it is our one indulgent day of the week that we deviate from muesli or smoothies). In winter months, it is a soccer day and I love watching the boys! Then it’s a hot chocolate in front of an open fire with a good book or magazine and then watching a movie together.

Why did you start gr8x?
I started gr8x in 1998, with our flagship product, the Baby Traveller and then the company and brand just evolved. It actually wasn’t a conscious decision to start a company and become a business owner. It did suit me though as I had semi retired to start a family and then, ran the business around my two little boys, choosing to spend the most time with them that I could in their waking hours. The business then took on a life of its own, and grew to become a leading brand in Australia.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
We draw our inspiration from a myriad of things – styles and colours of the forthcoming season, with underlying functionality driving our designs and feedback from our customers. I have always loved handbags so I am very involved in the initial design stages.

What is your favourite gr8x design?
My favourite design changes with each season and I usually can’t wait until the bags arrive.
But seriously, I think my favourite so far, is the gr8x Alice Shoulder Bag ($169.95, black and black/cream) as it is so original and chic.

What are the features all mums should look for in a nappy bag?
Organisation is very important in a baby bag, like our ‘signature’ wipes pocket, which gives mums ease of access, which is very handy when you need them. I think quality is also very important, which our bags are renowned for, and of course, style – if a woman looks good, they feel good.

To find out more about gr8x, to browse the range and to order online visit www.gr8x.net.

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  1. gr8x do have the most beautiful of all nappybags I’ve ever seen. I think we forget just how much a nappy gets used. It needs to last & it needs to look good. You have done both here at gr8x

  2. I left out the word bag as in nappybag. We never forget how often a nappy gets used. Sorry about that

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