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Last week I wrote about how more and more families are trying to live a little greener and it is important that kids learn the value of this from a young age. From not wasting water to throwing rubbish in the bin and from playing with recycled boxes and paper to separating the waste, there are lots of ways to teach kids about being green. Australian company Leaf. Paper for Life has thought of a great way to encourage kids to go outside and explore all that nature has to offer.

What child wouldn’t love to keep A Scrapbook just like Dirtgirl’s? Go on an adventure in your own backyard, the local park or maybe even on a holiday in the Australian outback. There is so much cool stuff to be found, you just have to start looking and you’ll be surprised at all there is to discover. You can enjoy your adventures over and over again if you record your findings in this cool Dirtgirl Scrapbook by Leaf Journals.

As you’d expect from a real nature lover like Dirtgirl this fabulous scrapbook is printed on 100% recycled paper, right here in Australia. With 64 blank pages to write on, decorate, colour in, stick on or paint on there is plenty of scrapbooking fun to be had. There are some fantastic scraps and craft papers included to get tou started but of course you can find heaps of good scrapbooking materials outside too and they cost you nothing, have you ever noticed how every leaf is different?

Maybe you want to use your scrapbook to study your garden or keep a diary of your next camping holiday, maybe it can be a notebook for your very own adventure club, you can use it for all kinds of things and you’ll find more great ideas in the scrapbook. A Scrapbook Just Like Dirtgirl’s ($39.95) is a great fun and educational gift idea that kids will love looking at again and again. Go outside and get grubby!

To find out more about Leaf Journals, to browse the range and to order online visit www.leafjournals.com.

For your chance to win a Dirtgirl Scrapbook by Leaf. Paper for Life visit www.leafjournals.com and answer the following question: What would you use your Dirtgirl Scrapbook for?

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  107 Responses to “Leaf. Paper for Life giveaway”

  1. I would give it to my daughter so she can document our move from one state to another, new house, new school, meeting new friends, the whole experience, then she can look back on it when she is older.

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  6. oh i love this! i could use it for all my kids outdoor adventures. we are really keen on taking photos. my boys always ask for copies of photos i have taken of them doing fun things and it would be great for them to have a really cool album to put the photos in along with all the pretty leaves and feathers and butterfly wings that they collect along the way 🙂

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  9. I would use it for the girls to use for the building of our new house and all the gardens we plan to put in. The girls are getting to design one section of the garden complete with a worm farm.

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  14. My son and I would use it to document the progress of his soon-to-be veggie patch: he’s interested in so many things eg materials used, plants chosen – successes/failures, the insects which visit (good & bad). He loves drawings & taking photos & collecting seeds & leaves, so these would doubtless all end up in his garden scrapbook!

  15. For me to draw in! I was always told to keep it up or one day you’ll lose your gift, and yes the gift is slowly beginning to fade and I need inspiration to keep it going…in a trove to look back on one day when it’s completely lost.

  16. As a mood book, drawings, ditties, thoughts, proverbs and poems to reflect my feelings for that day (and by no means do I mean anything all all ‘Dear Diary’ related!). And the way I’m blowing hot and cold at the moment, it will make for interesting reading down the track!

  17. My daughter has started growing herbs so we’d use it to document her plants’ growth and to record recipes in there that we made using her herbs.

  18. My daughter would use it to record her vegetable patch. At the moment she is growing corn, cucumbers and chillies for Daddy.

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  20. It would be used as a family journal, with photos and scribbles of our time together, whether we are snuggling up eating popcorn watching a movie or outdoors at one of our favourite places to visit. We’d all write in it about the day and it would become our family album to look at in the future.

  21. My daughter would love this! She is a huge dirtgirl an and loves to dig around in our garden. I’m sure she would use it to create special pictures from things in the garden 🙂

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    I will take my little one’s photos to see her growth and development. Then, put these photos in the scrapbook. It will be a great book to view and keep.

  25. I would get my daughter to journal about the progress of our vegetable patch. She could also write about what happens in the garden through different seasons. What a great educational gift!

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  27. My daughter would use it as a diary, she loves writing and I’m sure she would be very happy to be given one 🙂

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  32. I just tweeted 🙂

  33. My favourite at avidiva is the Auto Mobile – Black / White Floral- I need one of these for my car!

  34. My favourite at art eater is the Framed Wall Art – 12 Image Mini Gallery, it’s such a clever idea! 🙂

  35. My favourite at EarlyBirds is the Earlybirds Bigger Birds Romper- how wonderful that they now stock clothes to fit older babies! 🙂

  36. My favourite at Little Obsessions is the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset – Airport, hours of fun to be had I’m sure! 🙂

  37. My daughter is crazy for roll play at the moment. She likes taking our orders like in a restaurant. So I am finding little paper all over the kitchen, maybe a bigger book will keep my house a little cleaner!!

  38. We’d use it to document the Felix’s life – (our new kitten)! We could take photos and weigh him and watch all the changes as he grows including vet visits! It would also teach my family responsible pet ownership!

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  44. I love it! My little brother is always collecting leaves and flowers. We could press them and the scrapbook is perfect to keep all his little treasures.

  45. http://leafjournals.com/topic/products/girl-talk-theme would be cute for my DD to document middle school

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  48. I gonna use Dirtgirl Scrapbook as my little one’s diary book to record every interesting little things during the process of his growth. When he grows up, this beautiful document could bring up his fond childhood memories and he could tell his kids every stories, one leaf one story.

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  53. Loving all your wonderful suggestions! Thanks for dropping by Leaf too 😀

    PS. This is not an entry… 😉

  54. Rocking and Bouncing Kangaroo at Coccinella is my favourite.

  55. Quince pink vintage raincoat at Little Boo-Teek is my favourite.

  56. Birds on a wire wall decals at Bright Star Kids is one of my favourites.

  57. Bigger Birds boy undies at Early Birds is my favourite one.

  58. a garden journal to document the fruit, vegetables and flowers our daughter helps us grow from seed, as well as the compost and worm farm she loves getting involved in

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  67. I would use the scrapbook as a life book of what happens in my son’s everyday life to try and organise his routines a little better and help him to know what happens next in his life as it can be a little confusing at times for him. From therapy sessions, to special ed school, to gymnastics, to playdates with his friends and to new adventures with mummy and daddy in the garden, down the park or with his younger sister and brother. Adding photos and quotes and pictures.

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  69. the scrapbook i would use to collect all my daughters achievements and artwork from school, she wins awards and I like to keep them all so this would be perfect so in years to come she could see how much she has changed over the years

  70. My six year old, Jorgia, who is in Prep, has just started to learn to read and write. She is already writing down everything she can, and even adds the date to her ‘work’! She would LOVE her own Dirtgirl journal!

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    I will put my little one’s photos when she has her first experience on the new things and put in this scrapbook. It will be interesting to see her growth development.

  78. My UK grandaughter is staying for 4 weeks at xmas and she can scarpbook and journal her adventures to take back with her to keep and show family and friends back home.

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  80. I would like to give it to my 7 year old step daughter we love doing craft work together we have a craft room just for us i’m due to have a baby in 3.5 weeks and think it would be great for her to make a scrap book of her and her little brother or sister as she is very excited and always wanting to help out setting up for bubba 🙂

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  84. I would love to fill this out with my daughter, I think it would be fun and a beautiful keepsake.

  85. my daughter almost two and a half loves to pick large autumn leaves and flowers. We have been drying them out on wax paper in the middle of the yellow pages telephone book. When completely dry, the dirtgirl world scrapbook would be a great final destination to store them in along with our adventures of where she collected them from.

  86. At the moment, I’m right into teaching my Little Miss 3 about the beautiful things that mother nature has provided us with. It all started with a fairy garden. We would use the dirtgirl scrap book to record everything we learn, everything we find, everything we grow, and everything we achieve on our wonderful journey to become little green thumbs :o)

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  91. Would definitely take it to our upcoming Bali holidays, so my daughter can keep all the memories. Such a great scrapbook!

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  94. I like Djeco Farm Building Blocks at Little Obsessions.

  95. I like Small Address Labels at Sticky Biz.

  96. I like Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies.

  97. I like Plush Robot Toy at Coccinella.

  98. Keeping track of all the funny things our son says – every day he cracks us up

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  100. My daughter would LOVE to win the dirt girl scrapbook – she has just turned 6 and she is naturally the most nature minded child – something I really want to foster in her! This would be an incredible tool to get her out and really focusing on her environment, it would be a fabulous way for her to document and process what she does instinctively.
    Fingers crossed for Miss Piper! I am hoping by making this comment she is entered in this competition? Please email me if there is more I need to do.

  101. I have liked Leaf. Paper for Life – on FB. x

  102. i would use it for my daughters dancing and funny quotes she says and because she loves dirt girl

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