Jun 302012

I find it hard to believe that in just over a week we’ll be in The Netherlands, hopefully enjoying lovely summer weather. One of the things my husband remembers clearly about our past visits to Holland is the bikes, they are everywhere and everyone owns one. Kids learn to ride their bikes from an early age, they ride bikes all day and most of them travel by bike to school (even many adults ride their bikes to work). The twins are very interested in bikes too and I think that is why they loved watched the new Dora the Explorer DVD, Dora The Explorer: First Bike.

In Dora the Explorer: First Bike Boots rides his first bike and of course his best friend Dora is there to help him all the way, isn’t that what friends are for? Sometimes all you need is some encouragement from your friends to get you started whether is riding a big bike or jumping with the skippy rope. As always this Dora the Explorer DVD is filled with learning moments like counting and Spanish words.

And there is more, Dora and her friends also go on a holiday which is (obviously) a hot topic in our household at the moment. In ‘Vacaciones’ kids learn about planning ahead and ticking off everything they need to bring from their list. What do you need to pack for a summer holiday and what do you take on a skiing trip? In ‘Bouncy Boots’ there is a little mix up at the shoe shop and you have to help Boots get his own boots back.

All kids love a bit of magic but in ‘The Big Red Chicken’s Magic Wand’ they’ll find out that magic doesn’t always work out the way you want. The Big Red Chicken turn Boots into a chicken which is fun at first but then the Magic Wand breaks and Boots can’t be turned back. Time to find the Wand Shop and get it fixed. My oldest two absolutely loved this episode with all its rhyming jokes.

Dora the Explorer: First Bike ($19.95, by Paramount) is available from major retailers Australia wide.

To find out more about Dora the Explorer, to play fun Dora games and download free Dora printables visit www.nickjr.com/dora-the-explorer.

For your chance to win a copy of ‘Dora the Explorer: First Bike’ on DVD visit www.nickjr.com/dora-the-explorer and answer the following question: What was your child’s first ‘big bike’ experience like?

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  1. Scary but fun. He had been warned about the falls so seemed to embrace it. He fell while laughing at me trying to jog to keep up.

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  5. I love Avidiva’s Lelby’s Bean Chairs in Bluebell Stripes,

  6. He couldn’t work out what the pedals were for and kept on trying to push along the ground with his feet (like his trike). Didn’t take long, but was funny!

  7. I love Bright Star Kids Chalkboard wall stickers. The apple is adorable but I’d love a whole wall done in fruit… ha ha.

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  9. I love gr8x and all their wares. The Talia Drawstring nappy bag Moonbeam is super gorgeous.

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  11. Love Sustainababy’s Cheeky Little Soles Street Talk Baby Shoes

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  13. my baby girl just jumped on and started riding.. that was about 3 weeks ago and i cant get her off the bike ! lol !!

  14. With trainer wheels – she just took off and has loved riding her bike that she paid for with her pocket money (earned from 10c for every weed collected from the lawn). Without trainer wheels – scary for everyone but daddy!

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  21. My son was very excited to get a big bike from Santa and went out to ride it first thing on Christmas day! He got the hang of it very quickly and had his training wheels off pretty soon after that.

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  25. Thrills & spills. A lot of fun.

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  28. I’m a nervous mum so I held the handle bars the whole time in order for him not to fall off. Then my back ached for about three days.

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  31. We are not up to the riding bike stage as yet but if my niece is anything to go by it isn’t looking good! She fell off shortly after the training wheels came off and never got back on again!!!!

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  36. My daughter had a great time riding along the bike track around Lake Macquarie, had one little stack with a few tears but had all the protective gear on so no major ouchies.

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  40. Love the Transformable Helicopter @ Little Obsessions

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  42. Lots of fun!! He was only one and on the back of my bike, in a comfortable kiddie trailer, complete with tiny little helmet and an enormous smile that just would not fade.

  43. Testing! I was running out of patience, he kept crying because the training wheels were wobbling and making him scared. And then Uncle Aaron came over, and within seconds he was riding like he was born with wheels instead of legs.

  44. Getting his first bike for his birthday was a moment of great excitement! Have liked Nick Jr on facebook 🙂

  45. My little girl is still having her first bike experience. She has put one leg over, but that’s it! She is slowly getting on it. I am sure once she starts, she live it. Maybe Dora can show her how it’s done!

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  52. My little ones’ first bike experience is still on-going as he hasn’t been able to ride a bike yet as he can’t touch the floor or the pedals on any of the bikes. One of his first rides on his little trike though poor little fella, his feet kept flicking off the pedals, so he just has to grow that little bit taller 🙂

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  54. my daughter started with a bike with false pedals but being miss independent that she is got sick of not being able to pedal by herself, so now she is on a bike with pedals, and loves it, it doenst have the parent handle like the old one so harder for me to help push her, but she pedals soo fast now it only took her a few times to get the idea

  55. My daughter (3) got a lot of help from her big brother, she still is using training wheels but my son thought he was the the one keeping her from falling off ha ha. My son (5) is trying to ride with only one training wheel to learn balance, he thinks he is doing a great job and im so proud of him :))

  56. She’s still at the training wheels stage but is getting better each time she rides. She’s also a big Dora fan 🙂

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  59. We still have the trainer wheels on her big bike so she hasn’t had any falls yet but when she first started riding her big bike she kept putting the brakes on by accident by pedalling backwards.

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  62. Her first experience, wonderful for her, terrifying for mummy as I tried ever so hard to have smiles on my face

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  64. My little mans first big bike experience was getting his finger cut on the chain when bigger brother had the bike upside down and spun the wheel around…five stitches later he’s now learning to ride the same bike.

  65. My daughter learnt to ride a book in one weekend, it took my son a year and a half!

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  69. Our eldest son was very nervous learning to ride…and his dad ran around after him helping him balance- but he soon got the knack of it and for quite a few years we could barely get him off his bike. Then he discovered skateboards, but that is another story!

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  75. My favourite at avidiva is the Auto Mobile – Black / White Floral- I need one of these for my car!

  76. My favourite at Little Obsessions is the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset – Airport, hours of fun to be had I’m sure!

  77. My favourite at Whimsy Child is the Le Toy Van Pullback Racers Set- my little boys would love them!

  78. My favourite at looking at you kid is the Emma Laue Penelope Pinafore, it would be perfect for my little miss in summer- it looks so cool and light. 🙂

  79. It hasn’t happened yet but it will be a huge day when she’s ready to go on her first bike.

  80. I love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

  81. I love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  82. I love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  83. I love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

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  86. Tiger tribe is My Fave site and I am loving all the New products in. Sorry too hard to choose just one

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  91. He didn’t realise you had to peddle so he was using the bike a scooter and scooting it along and then running with it lol

  92. We’re about to find out! We’ve just bought our daughter’s first bike for her birthday in a few weeks time. I’m a little nervous about the prospect, but I think she is going to love it – she’s already a speed demon on her scooter!

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  95. Love the Lelby’s Bean Chairs – RED Orchid on Avidiva’s site!

  96. Would love to get the Butterfly Chalkboard Wall Sticker from Bright Star Kids for my daughter

  97. The Frog High Chair from Coccinella is fabulous

  98. Loving the ‘Alice’ Shoulder Bag Black and Cream’ from gr8x

  99. Terrifying … all I could think of was cars reversing out of driveways.

  100. The look of intense excitement on the face of Little Mister. He was so pleased to be able to go around the block with his big sister.

  101. It’s yet to come! I remember mine, I was absolutely petrified, but soon enjoyment & pride took over.

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  103. My first memory was thinking i could ride all on my own but the speed wobbles lead me face first into a tree! Ill never forget that 😛

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  105. Stressful, my youngest doesnt like to try new things or change but eventually got her on and she enjoyed it loves her tricycle most right now

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  109. Funny and scary

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  112. scary but fun after a while

  113. It was stressful, scary, challenging and funny – for ME!

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  115. Visited Coccinella and love Kalimba, the Baby Elephant soft toy.

  116. Visited gr8x and love the Madison Hobo bag in taupe.

  117. Getting close to “that first bike experience” but at the moment only looks at bigger kids riding their bikes in awe

  118. Quite good – he was braver than I expected. (though still has training wheels on at age 5….hmmmm!)

  119. My son was so scared, and gave me an expression that read, ” what on Earth are you doing to me Mum!!!” Still does not like pedals.

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  121. Watching her little brother zoom past her on his bike – with no training wheels. Certainly made her pick her act (or feet) up!!

  122. I insisted on wearing pillows straped to my knees, i was terrified.

  123. She decided the ‘big bike’ was too difficult to ride so it sits unloved in the garage. As she is a devoted Dora fan I’m hoping the DVD might persuade her to try again.

  124. He was going great until the trainer wheels made him wobble. Didn’t get on it for another week after that. Then we had to hold on for about a month just in case it wobbled on him:)

  125. If at first you dont succeed, have a laugh, pull yourself up and try, try again! (and again!) that was me!

  126. put it this way when i went too take her off it she screamed then i let her stay on it and all u heard was laughing lol she loves her big bike

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  132. My daughter’s first “Big bike experience” was on a big tricycle – she loved it!

  133. Nerve racking for me but his first taste of freedom for him

  134. My favourite item at Avidiva are these gorgeous owl invitations

  135. Lots of fun up and down the court… My girl loves her Dora Big Bike

  136. My favourite item at Little Obsessions is the Sylvanian Families Pig Family 🙂

  137. My favourite item at Little Boo-Teek is the Woddlers owl backpack

  138. very scary!!!! training wheels were on and after a few attempts like a duck to water hahahha riding everywhere!!! ♥

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  142. My grand daughters dream bike

  143. Exciting yet frustrating as she couldn’t work out how to use the pedals

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