Jun 092012

Have you ever been to a great new store or tried a good product, only to find out that 6 months later the store has closed down or the product has been discontinued? This happened to me a few times and it always left me wondering what was wrong with the product/store, if it really was that good it would still be out there for everyone to enjoy. In saying that, when a brand has been around for 160 years I can think you can safely say that you’ve got a winner and Bosisto’s is definitely here to stay.

You can find ‘The Parrot’ in most households across Australia and even beyond, I know I have sent my husband to the shop with ‘Parrot oil’ on his list (very easy to remember). The 100% natural eucalyptus oil has many different uses so we always have some in the house. The Bosisto’s range contains a wide range of eucalyptus products and you’ll be surprised to know how often eucalyptus can be useful in your home.

One of my favourite Bosisto’s products is the Eucalyptus Spray, a lovely natural way to refresh the mattresses and pillows when changing the beds. It does not only leave a wonderful clean smell but also kills household dust mites, a double win. But the spray can be used for other things too, like as a mosquito repellent, as a pre-wash stain remover or a quick way to remove sticky residue from stickers and labels.

To celebrate 160 years of Bosisto’s in Australia  one lucky Hip little one reader will win a massive Bosisto’s prize pack valued at $160. It is filled with the big Bosisto’s favourites for you and your home. A handy ‘hints & tips’ is included so you can really get the most out of your eucalyptus products.

To find out more about Bosisto’s Eucalyptus, to read all about its many uses and to locate a retailer near you visit www.fgb.com.au.

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