May 122012

Although the past week has been wonderful with many sunny days perfect for the park or playground we all know it won’t last forever. The days are already getting shorter and before we know it the kids will be forced to stay outside due to cold and rain. Luckily my three very much enjoy inside activities too and they spend lots of time playing with playdough, doing puzzles, drawing and, their big favourite, reading. And where better to sit down for a relaxing read than in a Lelbys Bean Chair from Avidiva.

Some gorgeous new Lelbys Bean Chairs have been released for this autumn season and the prints are just beautiful, they are a much more classy and timeless alternative to fluorescent pink Dora and in-your-face Spiderman couches. The unique prints will appeal to children and fit into your own decor too, proving you don’t have to give up your sense of style when you share a house with little people.

Based on the familiar concept of bean bags these bean chairs are filled with lots of little foam beans (not included but widely available in stores) to create a soft, comfortable seat for your little one. When filled the Lelbys Bean Chairs measure ca. 60cm wide by 60cm high, big enough for children up to 5 years old whilst not taking up too much room in your living room, play room or kids bedroom.

The Australian designed Lelbys Bean Chairs are available in 13 different prints to suit different genders, decors and colour schemes and all prints are made of high quality 100% cotton canvas. The bean chairs come with a no spill inner calico bag for safety and ease of cleaning (because no parent likes the idea of hundreds of beans spilling on the floor). And because they know little kids are curious the outer sleeve has a child proof zip which requires a paper clip to release and unlock.

To find out more about Avidiva, to take a closer look at the Lelbys Bean Chairs ($99.95+) and to order online visit, Australian orders ship free of charge.

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