May 112012

If you are a regular Hip little one reader you may have read before that I am one of the many mothers who has lost an unborn baby. I don’t usually share my personal story but I know there are so many mums out there who have gone through this too and it is something that will always stay with me and has defined me as a person and a mother. After losing our first baby in a missed miscarriage I was terrified of it happening again when I was carrying the twins. The doctors ordered plenty of checkups just so I could hear/see the babies, but there were still many times that I wish I could quickly hear that reassuring sound of a beating heart and I would have loved to have my very own doppler to use at home.

At Parents Like Us they know a lot of mums feel like this, which is why they stock a great selection of fetal dopplers so you can listen to your baby’s heart whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. With a Sonotech Fetal Doppler you can share those wonderful moment with your husband, children or other family and friends who would love to hear the heartbeat of your unborn baby from as early as 10-12 weeks.

There are different doppler models available in store ranging from the basic Sonotech Lite Fetal Doppler ($69) to the Sonotech Xpress Fetal Doppler ($89.90) and finishing with the top-of-the-line Sonotech Pro Fetal Doppler ($149.90). This last model has loads of amazing features like a TFT colour LCD with diagnostic graph display, out of range fetal heart rate alarm indicator, crystal clear sound with noise isolation (very important) and much more.

Your new Sonotech doppler conveniently connects to two sets of headphones and computer for listening to and recording of those wonderful, amazing moments of hearing your unborn baby’s heartbeat, movements and hiccups. All Sonotech dopplers ship free of charge with tracking and come complete with 250ml ultrasound gel and 12 months warranty directly through Parents Like Us.

If you were thinking of getting yourself a doppler you are in luck, right now you can enjoy 20% off storewide at Parents Like Us. Simply enter the code ‘MUM20’ at checkout, hurry though as offer ends May 13, 2012.

To find out more about Parents Like Us, to take a closer look at the Sonotech doppler range and to order online visit

For your chance to win a Sonotech Pro Fetal Doppler in blue or pink (RRP $149.90) simply like Parents Like Us on Facebook AND answer the following question: What do you like best about being pregnant?

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  158 Responses to “Parents Like Us giveaway”

  1. I loved knowing that a life is growing inside me, feeling every movement, watching my belly grow, connecting with this little person who I would meet in 9 months.

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  5. Im currently TTC for number 4! I would love to able to share the joy of hearing bub’s heartbeat with family.

    The best thing about being pregnant for me is feeling thattiny flutter of movement for the first time.

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  7. The WHOLE experience! I had such a wonderful pregnancy I enjoyed every minute, including labour 🙂

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  9. My favorite part was feeling them moving and wriggling around even if it caused discomfort you knew that everything was ok!

  10. I am 18 weeks pregnant with our fourth child, we had a big scare recently when I had a huge bleed, thankfully our baby was happy bouncing away! I am now paranoid and would love to win this to ease my worries.

    I love watching my belly grow, feeling my baby move inside me and watching my children talking to my bump. Nothing is as amazing as pregnancy and birth.

  11. It was such an amazing experience! Not only knowing that there is such a beautiful little human growing inside me but also the fact that my body was creating her. I think because pregnancy is such a normal fact of life we forget just how complex and amazing our bodies actually are. My favourite part like many others was feeling her every move and off course her hiccups!! Then seeing her do the same thing after birth was priceless!

  12. The thing i love most about being pregnant is the bond i share with my unborn baby, and the little games we play ♥ He kicks i poke back, he kicks i poke back 🙂

  13. Why I like being pregnant? The reason why I like being pregnant is the whole experience- bringing a newborn into life, from being a little spot then growing into a newborn baby, watching my baby on the ultrasound scans moving around and seeing all the parts of the body within the baby like the heart kidneys etc…. Seeing this brings happiness knowing ur bringing a wonderful thing into life. Also the feeling u feel when u feel ur bubs kicking or when ur baby has the hiccups lol.., this gives a mothers a bond to share with their unborn child, just waiting for those 40weeks to be over so ur little miracle baby comes Ito the world so u can hold them in ur arms, hear them cry, see them smile. I cannot wait for my bubs to come to this world, I am ATM 26weeks pregnant and I cannot wait for my lil bub to be in my arms, coz creating a little miracle and bringing them into this world is the best thing/ experience and I would do it all again 🙂

  14. the thing i love is being able to feel your baby kick and know that you have created the best gift in the world, a baby. i could lay there for hours watching my baby move and kick, its amazing

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  17. There’s not too much I like really, only that you get a bit of extra special attention and people fuss over you

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  25. Absolutely nothing. I’m swollen, sick, nauseous all the time, and chunky…so I guess I like the fact that it won’t last forever!

  26. My ridiculously over the top sex drive!!! For once in our lives my husband can not keep up with me, he’s the one saying no, feigning headaches and trying to sneak into bed when he thinks I’m already asleep!!

  27. I love knowing that my body is being used for an unselfish reason and for what it was designed for. I love knowing that there is a strength from within that no muscle bound man could ever do. I love seeing how far my body will change to complete the natural means of childbirth. I love craving foods that I normally would never touch. I love the non verbal communication that occurs. The ache in the stomach when she/he is hungry. The sudden kick, the shift in weight. I love that everyone in the room is concentrating on the speaker infront of the room while my baby does somersaults in my belly.

  28. I love knowing that for 9 months I have a unique bond with the child growing inside me. People may feel it kick from the outside of my tummy but there is no other feeling on Earth that compares to the feel of a baby moving and kicking inside you.

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  33. Feeling the baby move! After 4 consecutive miscarriages every flutter is a blessing!

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  37. Loved feeling the first kicks and then the excitement on my husband and daughter’s face when they could feel my tummy with my now 2 year old son in there. Hope to start trying for baby number 3 soon 🙂

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  43. I loved not being alone. I had someone to talk to and someone to shop with, someone to sing to and someone to protect, someone to learn from and someone to love.

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  46. I love Art Eaters Lil Davinci cabinets. With my son now in pre school I have tonnes of art.

  47. I love the colour of GRX8s Double Stretch Swaddling Wraps they look absolutely luxurious.

  48. Love Little Obsessions Tiger Tribe Box Kits especially the Airport. We travel a lot and often pick up Grandma from the airport. These would be great to play on the floor while we wait.

  49. I adore basic toys like the rubber band powered boat by seedling on Bright Buttons Toys.

  50. I liked that I stopped being worried about how my clothes looked. As long as they covered my bump and boobs, that was all that mattered…. now, not being pregnant, I have to worry about my clothes making my tummy, waist, boobs, hips, bum, legs and upper arms look good. 😕

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  54. I like Matilda from Australian Girl doll. Or maybe Jasmine…

  55. I like the bloom highchair from ladybub.

  56. Mine is feeling my baby kick and seeing bub move around in my belly.

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  60. After two years on IVF, we are now officially in the clear zone of 16 weeks which is very exciting for us!

    As we required a significant amount of intervention I am considering purchasing a fetal doppler just for peace of mind as this is truely our little miracle child!

    I also work for an early intervention service as a project manager and so see , on a daily basis, the effect that in utero issues has if the baby does survive.

    I am probably feeling a little anxious because of those two factors, I think that having a fetal doppler would reduce this anxiety somewhat!


  61. So to answer the question … after two whole years of trying to get pregnant using IVF every single twinge, butterfly, weird symptom is an absolute blessing. Sounds VERY strange but I am happy for the morning sickness, happy for the cravings, happy for the sore and tender chest, even happy for the mood swings … I do think that having fertility issues does make you appreciate the fact that you are now at a point of growing your own child inside you,, which is simply AMAZING! I am enjoying EVERY minute of it!

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  67. Giimmo Night Light – “Indigo” The Hedgehog at AVIDIVA

  68. Earlybirds Organics Jumpsuit with Mittens at

  69. Chalkboard Dots Wall Stickers @

  70. Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset – Beach Villa @ Little Obsessions

  71. I love knowing that growing inside me is my very own bundle of joy to love and to hold! I love that no matter what you are going through that day, you can look down and your belly, and know that all is right in your world! I can’t wait to fall pregnant again!

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  76. From Gummy Babies i love the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace – Honey.. I swear by my son’s amber! It has aided his sleeping greatly!

  77. From AviDiva i like the Lelby’s Bean Chairs – Spring Posies, so cute!

  78. From Bright star kids i love the Robot Chalkboard Wall Sticker! so cute and an adorable idea!

  79. At Sticky Biz i really love the II Bertie Canvas – its so cute and would we the perfect addition to any nursery!

  80. I love the kicks, the big round belly and dreaming of the baby that is to be. I love being pregnant, it’s such a special time <3

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  86. My favourite item at Little Obsessions is the Alimrose Designs Martha Doll Rattle, adorable!!

  87. My favourite at Yoplait is the blueberry yoghurt- yummo!

  88. My favourite at Outlet Shop for Kids is the Frilly Floral 3 Piece Set- so pretty!

  89. My favourite at earlybirds is the ribbed hats- I love squishy little babies in hats, so cute!!

  90. I’m 16 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and i love everything about being pregnant i love it when the baby starts moving 🙂

  91. I love when you first feel the baby moving,such an amazing moment! Have liked Parents Like us on FB 🙂

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  96. Badburst Kids-Baobab Red Swing Jacket

  97. Little Obsessions-Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset-Dollhouse

  98. Little Boo-Teek- Baobab Bell Sleeve Tee

  99. Whimsy Child-Le Toy Van Pullback Racers Set

  100. Avidiva-Love the Zuny-BOBO the Dinosaur Tan doorstop/bookend

  101. Looking At You Kid-Alex & Charli Puppy Dog Hoodie

  102. Currently pregnant with my 3rd, and I am loving LOOKING pregnant. I feel so lush and special when I am pregnant, and the curved tummy in front of me just reinforces that to the world. I love my maternity wear because it enhances the look

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  105. In love with the mini gallery’s at Arteater – these remain the best idea ever

  106. The sunnydays essentials pack at earlybirds is great – perfect gift for that little bubba who just couldn’t wait

  107. Looking very closely at those Charli-Bear pink joggers at Avidiva – we are almost grown out of our red mary janes and these Charli Bears are the best quality shoes ever

  108. Just love the Sparkle T Transport Bead Maze over at Budburst kids – they have the best stuff

  109. I loved the feeling of being a flower that ‘bloomed’ as my belly grew 🙂

  110. Knowing that every cell that makes your baby has been produced from your body and love

  111. When I was pregnant, I loved to sing, talk to her. She seems to be understand what I was talking about. When she moved, it was like telling me “Mum, I am hungry”, “Mum, this is too loud”.
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  112. My nesting instinct – it’s sadly lacking when I’m not pregnant

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  115. Can’t say what I like best about being pregnant since I am not a woman… But, I think the best thing about pregnancy is that you get to have another human being growing inside you — that’s pretty awesome when you think about it.

  116. Facebook liker. I loved feeling love and attachment to a little person inside me!

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  119. I like Auto Mobile – Black / White Floral at Avidiva!

  120. I love Matilda Doll at Australian Girl!

  121. I like Bobble Art Dinosaur Tin Suitcase at Little Obsessions!

  122. I love Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies!

  123. Liked.

    I love sharing this brand new experience with my devoted husband. I love making his dream of being a father come true and sharing every day with him. I love that it has made our relationship even stronger and has shown me a side of him that I didn’t see before xx

  124. I loved the bondit gave between me andmypartner. It grew everyday and I loved watching him interact with our unborn baby.

    We too recently lost our second baby through a missed miscarriage and Im sure me stressing wasnt helping either. But to have piece of mind is to have one of these machines.

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  126. I love being a parent.I love the kisses,the cuddles,the smiles,the tears,the highs and the lows.I love the joy of finding out your pregnant,hearing their heartbeat for the first time,seeing them in a ultrasound,watching them be delivered.Watching them grow and learn and helping them along the way.

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  135. I liked many things of course, but the best was having a new life developing inside of me! It is a miracle, really!

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  138. I like Keep Cup – Extra Small CANDY at Avidiva!

  139. I love 12 Image Mini Gallery at Art Eater!

  140. I love the Stroller Strap at the Gr8x!

  141. I love Melissa and Doug 1 – 20 Number Puzzles at Little Obsessions!

  142. At the moment, I am feeling such love and joy because of being pregnant! It’s my first, so we are very excited! It’s a new life and new beginning! I like on Facebook.

  143. I have shared this giveaway on my Facebook page:!/mila.krasnova.1.

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  145. At Little Obsessions I like Melissa and Doug Farm Animal Sound Puzzle!

  146. At Gummy Babies I like Dandelion Knots Rattle Organic Cotton!

  147. At Earlybirds I like their Sleeping Bag!

  148. I like Kicky Pants – Bamboo Layette Gown – BOY MULTI ANIMAL PRINT at Avidiva!

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