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Being pregnant is for many women a dream come true, it is such a special time and those 9 months seem to pass in the blink of an eye (unless of course you are Jessica Simpson). But is not all about that beautiful growing belly, the first tiny kicks and eating whatever you want; sooner or later most expecting mums also experience a sore back, swollen ankles and meals that don’t stay in for long. Generally these issues are resolved quickly once the baby is born but thinning hair is often a more long lasting problem, which is exactly where Nioxin comes in.

Many people think that only men suffer from thinning hair while in reality nearly every mum struggles with it at some stage after giving birth. We try to ignore it and might even be embarrassed but there really is no need to be, it is completely normal AND there are fabulous products out there that will help you get your tresses back in tip top shape in no time. For many years Nioxin has been supplying men and women worldwide with effective, customised treatments for hair thinning, with six different systems available there is a treatment for everyone.

So what causes hair thinning after pregnancy and how and when can Nioxin help you? Imelda Sebastian from Nioxin gives you all the answers you need:

Why do women experience thinning hair after pregnancy?
For most women hair loss post pregnancy is caused by changes in hormonal activity which can bring about a thyroid imbalance. An over or under active thyroid gland can cause a diverse range of health related side effects – one of which is hair thinning. For women experiencing these problems it is extremely important to consult a doctor to balance hormonal activity, and bring the body back to equilibrium.

How does Nioxin help create thicker healthier hair?
Thinning hair is characterised by three distinctive characteristics including fewer hair cuticles, finer hair strands and an unhealthy scalp environment. Nioxin helps to create thicker, healthier hair by reducing hair loss due to breakage, delivering denser looking hair, amplifying hair texture, strengthening the resilience of hair against damage and removing follicle clogging sebum to create a healthy scalp environment that promotes healthy re-growth and recovery.

When would you recommend women start using Nioxin – when they fall pregnant or after?
Nioxin is safe to use through any stage of pregnancy and also whilst breast feeding. So, it can be used as a preventative measure during pregnancy, or when women notice changes in the thickness of their hair.
By rule of thumb, if you begin to feel concerned about thinning, start using it!

To find out more about Nioxin, to take a closer look at the different Nioxin Systems and to locate a Nioxin salon near you visit

For your chance to win a customised Nioxin System 30-day trial kit (RRP $57) visit and answer the following question: Which Nioxin System would be ideal for you and your hair?

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  1. i love the australia girl dolls they are amazing gr8x selection is so big and so nice and the little obsessions range i could buy it all but i wont so many things from avidiva the personalised clothes are brilliant exspecially if you have twins love it all and i adore this site

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  23. System 6. So happy you showcased this product. It is such a touchy and embarressing topic that I usually only men are advertised to.

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    system 7 is for me, since I have had surgery on my thyroid my hair quality has changed

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  65. System 3, my hair needs all the tlc it can possible get at the moment.

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  67. System 4 but not for me. my brothers fiancee has thin hair you see. She’s currently carrying my nephew so win this is the least for her I can do.

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