May 222012

When I go out with my three little ones people often ask me if they are all mine (because they are so close in age), usually followed by a comment along the lines of ‘you’ve got your hands full’. I admit it is quite an adventure going out with them all and they just love running in opposite directions. I always try to keep an eye on them (and myself) but last week I was so busy gathering my tribe and directing them into a store that I totally missed a very heavy door that automatically fell close on my finger.

There was blood, and not just a little bit. I tried not to upset the kids and hid the ‘damage’, scanning the store for an employee to get me a bandaid but it took ages until someone finally came to my rescue. All I could think was that I was so relieved it didn’t happen to one of the kids, and why on earth I didn’t have a bandaid with me for emergencies like this. From now on I will never leave the house without the Kiss It Better Wallet.

We all know a kiss from mum can solve a lot, but in some cases you need a little more which is where the Kiss It Better Wallet is a life saver. This compact first aid wallet is filled with all your must-have emergency needs: from bandaids and bandages to gloves, thermometer and a mask, from wound dressing and burn gel to jelly beans and stickers to put help those little tears dry up quicker.
The Kiss It Better Wallet has been developed by mum and first aid educator Vanessa so you get the best of both worlds: all the products a professional recommends and some lovely extra’s from mum that will cheer up sad faces.

All these supplies are neatly packed together in the fold-out Kiss It Better Wallet which is a perfect size, it won’t take up much room at all. If you really are short of space you can take out one of the compartments to keep in your handbag. I made sure to put the kit in our pram, that way we always have it on hand when out and about (even if it is just for scraped knees at the park). A fantastic product that every parent should know about!

To find out more about the Kiss It Better Wallet ($40), to take a closer look at the contents and to order online visit

For your chance to win a Kiss It Better Bag Wallet visit and answer the following question: Have you experienced a ‘first aid’ emergency and which item from the Kiss It Better Bag Wallet would have been most useful to you then?

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Competition ends June 22, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

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  1. no i havent tryed this amazing product but i would love to as my lil girl is always wanting bandaids when she falls

  2. While teaching my little girl to use a skipping rope in the park a few weeks ago when I leaned over to help her she jumped up as hard as she could and smacked into my nose with such force that it actually broke my nose!!
    I didn’t want to freak her out too much and was trying to hide the blood and the fact I was in pain. Having some wound dressings from the Kiss It Better Bag would’ve been extremely handy and helpful…

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  7. The Saline Wash would be ideal for when my toddler tripped over and grazed his head and got a nasty gravel rash when we were out walking and I had nothing to clean it with.

  8. On the weekend our toddler ripped his little fingernail back and was bleeding in the car, luckily we were still in driveway so could run inside but really coulda done with the bandaids and stickers then!!

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  14. love the girls at Australian Dolls, you can pick one that suits your little girl or that she picks herself. Belle would bear the closest resemblance for us.

  15. t-shirt jackets on early birds sale at ladybubs are so cute!

  16. shared on twitter and facebook and done all of above
    i love the Hobo Deluxe
    from gr8x

  17. Sustain-a-baby have great Jellystone Designs “Suckables” Silicone Teething Bangle Fiesta. Its hard to find something fashionable to wear when you know your kid is gonna have it in their mouth but this is a winner!

  18. BURN AID burn gel 3.5g for when my nephew touched the hot barbecue plate when we were visiting for a family get together

  19. With a very active rough and tumble little boy, we have had many cuts, bumps, scraps and bruises so we have used quite a few dressings and bandaids and a few lollies to distract from the pain or the application of any medical assistance. great idea!

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  21. Mumma Bubba Jewellery tulip bead necklace in mint is worth checking out

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  24. I don’t have twitter but i pinned both hip little one and kiss it better bag on my pinterest

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  26. already love lady bub after discovering it from your site, love that everything is so cheap and very quickly dispatched.

  27. gummy babies amber teething necklaces, heard so much about the amber necklaces and with a baby who is starting to teeth i just ordered one because they are so cheap compared to others i have looked at

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  29. sticky bizz name labels for a forgetful little boy who seems to misplace things at school

  30. Sustainababy’s ErgoCocoon-Zip-Up-Baby-Swaddle-Sleepbag

  31. We are for ever going through endless amounts of bandaids and stickers when my little boy falls over and gets a booboo. I have subscribed to the newsletter and liked on facebook.

  32. I have liked and joined for a weekly email, thank you

  33. A Stroller Strap from Gr8x would be super handy whilst out and about with the kids.

  34. I love the Eye Play Studio Silly Lillie the Garden Pixie canvas from Little Boo-Teek.
    It’d look so great in my little girl’s room and would spark their imaginations with it’s beautiful design.

  35. The lux Pacific Blue Twisted Bangle by MummaBubba Jewellery is such an amazingly vivid blue that is totally eye-catching, love it!

  36. I would of love the jelly beans and stickers so I can give it to my brave girl

  37. The Streep & Co Baby Wraps from Budburst Kids are so bright and modern. I’d love to get some for my baby boy Joshua.

  38. When my daughter was around 3 months old she sliced her finger open on our pram. Bandages or bandaids would have been really helpful. All the shopping centre management would give us were tissues.
    She now has a big lumpy scar across her finger (She is now 4) because the hospital said she was too little to have stitches or glue, so the just taped it with a steri-strip

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  40. The stickers would have been amazing to put that smile back on a sad face with a scratched knee.

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  46. I would love this little pouch with three accident prone little kidlets who are quite partial to bandaids 🙂

  47. Would have loved this wallet with me all the time as my little one has just started crawling and is constantly head butting the floor or getting into things and grazing fingers and knees. The whole kit would be a lifesaver

  48. My daughter at 1 pulled a pot plant down on herself and split her lip – the jelly beans and stickers would have been the best thing as unfortunately you can’t do much about a slip lip. A fantastic idea to have in a first kit!

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  50. Yes, paper cut!! They hurt like hell, and a little band aid always makes them feel better!!

  51. Stickers, full of happiness!!! Just the thing to keep sticking on hubby aka Daddy when he’s in his grumblier than grumpy moods!!! We push and push until he melts, and these will help!!

  52. I experienced an “emergency” all the way home from kinder, just this afternoon. BOTH knees required urgent band-aiding because they had tiny little spots on them. Terrible! Luckily there was a supermarket close by because the only band-aids I had were no good…there were NO pictures on them. Terrible! Thank goodness it was only a second aid emergency and not a real first one.

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  55. Love the round clothing labels at Bright Star Kids

  56. I love the whole idea of the Kiss It Better Bag and the jelly beans would certainly have come in handy on a few backyard accidents! Especially the tricycle mishap we had last week.

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  62. The best thing to have on hand are bandaids, I carry them around with me just in case of “Look Mum, I’ve scratched myself and there’s blood!” My family is one of the clumsy ones and we tend to fall over ants, so there’s always an “emergency” to deal with.

  63. The ice pack would have been handy today in the shoulder bag. My daughter closed her finger in her drawers….poor thing. The pea bag from the freezer didnt work too well.

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  68. The wallet is a great idea 🙂 There has been many times when much of the contents would have been useful when out and about with my children. I like the inclusion of stickers and jellybeans and character bandaids as sometimes even the smallest scrape is a really big deal for a little one. Having these items handy can calm down a situation 🙂

  69. Touch wood we’ve never had a major emergency just little cuts and scrapped knees so the cartoon bandaids, jelly beans and happy stickers would have come in handy while away from the house.

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  71. My daughter had a toenail ripped back by an automatic door at the supermarket. It would have been handy to have most of the contents of the wallet when it happened. Especially as the sight of the injury/blood had all of the supermarket staff running around like headless chickens.

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  73. Love the ‘Girl’s Reward Chart’ at

  74. Really like ‘Cheeki Stainless Steel Water Bottle 500ml – Blossom’ @ Budburst Kids

  75. Loving the ‘Lou & Olly Contemporary Merino Blanket – Grey Marle’ from Sustainababy

  76. The ‘Lelby’s Bean Chairs – Faux Fur Chocolate’ @ Avidiva looks sooooo comfy.

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  78. Thankfully we have not had any serious accidents as yet… though my friend’s child burnt her hand and the burn aid burn gel would have been great!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  83. sustainababy – Jellystone Designs Teething Bangle

  84. mummabubba – love the bangles 🙂

  85. little obsessions – Tiger Tribe Fairytale Palace Magnetic Playbook

  86. looking at you kid – Miss Treasures Emily Lace Skirt

  87. The band aids would definately come in handy,especially for trips to the playground where there are quite usually falls or stumbles!!

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  92. Sustainababy-Cheeky Little Soles Walkers in Scarlett are adorable!

  93. Looking At You Kid-LOVE the Emma Laue Annabelle Dress in Jade Daisy

  94. Bright Buttons Toys-The Doorway Theatre by Fiesta Crafts

  95. Havoc Denim-Boys Amazon Hoodie

  96. Just this morning Ava lifted off her entire little toe-nail at the playground – the saline wash and low-adherent dressing would have been a godsend for this panic-stricken Mummy!

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  98. Some saline wash and wound dressings would have come in very handy when my son came off his skateboard and grazed his knees, wrist and shoulder at the skate park.

  99. A bandaid can make everything feel better so i always have plenty on hand 🙂

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  104. No – fortunately I haven’t. I think the stickers are a genius addition to this set. Nothing clears up tears like a bright, shiny, happy sticker 🙂

  105. I love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

  106. I love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  107. I love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  108. I love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  109. my daughter kicked her toe quite badly at a park and i only had my wallet (where i actually usually keep a bandaid but must not have replaced it when i used hte last one) – it was bleeding and i had to end up wrapping a hanky around it as that is all i had. the bandaids and cleaning wipes from this pack would have come in handy.

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  112. from litle booteek i love the Gorgeous Lark Treasure Island Box

  113. from bright buttons toys i love the Hyper Colour Putty

  114. from looking at you kid i love teh Three Little Trees Max T-shirt

  115. Omg with how accident prone I am, I can just imagin how bad my little girl will be when she is actually walking so far we have had lots of bumps, bruises, and a few scrapes just from crawling and a split lip

  116. from budburst kids i love the Fred Tea Cupcakes – Cupcake Moulds

  117. I’ve been spared any first aid emergencies with my little man so far, but the burn gel and bandaids would have been very handy for when I stood on incense and burnt my toe while holidaying in Bali!

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  119. At a beach get-together, one of the kids sliced his toe open on a rock (ouch!). Those bandaids would have been perfect at the time!

  120. How many times could I have fixed it with jelly beans and a sticker!! My son gets a prickle and asked me if it was broken and is there any blood.

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  123. I love Little Obsessions wooden toys and the Sparkle T Candy House looks like great fun.

  124. I love Little Boo Teeks Hooded Towels. The Hippo is adorable.

  125. Looking at you kid have so great onesies like this Mini Shatsu Skater Onesie. Its a refreshing change from the usual baby coloured stuff.

  126. Sticky Biz has the best Personalised gear. I love the canvas art my son is right into dinosaurs right now.

  127. My son fell over and got a graze at the kindy, there were so many tears because he could see the blood…until we got home and put a bandaid on it. If I’d had one of these in the car I would have had no trouble finding the right size and getting him all cleaned up- and it would have saved a lot of tears!

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  133. My favourite item at Whimsy Child is the Mini Munster Winners L/S tee 🙂

  134. At Sustainababy I love the Cheeky Little Soles She’s a Star baby shoes- super cute! 🙂

  135. At Little Boo-Teek my favourite is the Designer Kidz Layered Vintage Dress

  136. At Skip to my Lou my favourite is the Milky Tutu Legging- Pink, adorable and so girly <3

  137. Burn gel is the most useful in the bag. It minimizes the burn pain before go to the hospital or clinic.
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  138. I think the most useful item would be the bandaids and the Jelly Beans and Stickers. I have boys and they are forever falling off scooters and bikes when we are out and about. I never seem to have a bandaid at hand and the jellybeans and stickers would help them feel so much better.

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  144. My son fell and split his head requiring stitches. We were at home, but I didn’t have any bandages or wound dressings. The Kiss It Better Bag would have been a great help. (The Jelly Beans might have helped me once the adrenalin wore off and I had to drive home from hospital).

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  150. I visited Sustain A Baby and I love the Cheeky Little Soles Walkers in Scarlett!

  151. I visited Little Boo Teek and my favourite item is the Humble Bumble DooLittle Dress in Mustard.

  152. I visited Skip To My Lou and my favourite for the cold winter months would be the TANE Organics Quartz Booties.

  153. I visited Avidiva and I love the extra small Keep Cup in Candy.

  154. Jelly beans and stickers are most useful because they can make kids happy and forget pain.

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  159. Babyjo (“Aiko” Double Layer Pyjamas Latte + Raspberry Red Trim) at avidiva is my favourite.

  160. Change wallet at gr8x is my favourite.

  161. Jungle canvas art at Bright Star Kids is my favourite.

  162. Sunnydays collection bodysuits at earlybirds is my favourite.

  163. We recently took our 4 year old daughter into the city and while running she tripped and face planted the concrete, she wasn’t badly hurt but I could have really done with a band-aid and a sticker to make it all better 🙂

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  166. Fortunately I’ve not experienced a First Aid emergency, though master four thinks the slightest mishap is an emergency. Cleansing wipes would be the most used product in my kit.

  167. The Kiss It Better Bag Wallet would’ve been so handy when fishing on the weekend when young mister 4 embedded an old hook into his hands – wish people used bins and not the ground 🙁

  168. Just checked what I could’ve used and wow what a list:

    Gloves (large, vinyl, slightly powdered)
    Band Aids (assorted colours, shapes and cartoon figures)
    Wound Dressing (size small)
    Saline Wash x 2
    Cleansing Wipes x 2
    Pad and Pen
    Jelly Beans and Stickers

  169. Thanks God we didn’t have any real emergencies, but I was once taking a bath with my toddler when she grabbed my shaver and badly cut her precious finger. It was more scary rather then dangerous but I wish I had those kids Band Aids to put a smile on her face. All we had were those plain boring ones!

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  173. Favourite item at Looking at You Kid – Three Little Trees Red Bolt Romper!

  174. Favourite item at Little Obsessions – Melissa and Doug Princess Dance All Night Magnetic Tin Dress-Up Set!

  175. Loving Matilda Doll at Australian Girl…

  176. Favourite item at Little Boo-Teek – Mida Owl Pajamas.

  177. On a weekend away to a nearby island, my two year old daughter slipped near the pool and split her chin open. We hadn’t packed any first aid, the hotel surprisingly had nothing, and because it was Anzac day no shops were open. We had to use a panty shield as a dressing, luckily one with adhesive wings that stuck it to her chin, while we organised for the ambulance station to open for us. Wish we’d had a Kiss It Better wound dressing then, and I’m sure she does too, as we now have a great photo to bring out on her 18th!

  178. You never know when you may need a first kit in your home or when your on the road. For that expect accident. Always be prepare.

  179. This bag is a really, really great idea! Would make a great gift. We had a little stove emergency a month ago, could have used the BURN AID burn gel.

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  183. Love Emma Laue Annabelle Dress (Thistle Berry) at Looking at You Kid…

  184. I like AW12 at the Gr8x.

  185. I like Le Toy Van Wooden Ghost Pirate Ship at Bright Button Toys.

  186. Like Belle Doll at Australian Girl.

  187. I would love this in my car… my son thinks he is a Crusty Demon and is forever hurting himself when at the skatepark. I could have used this for initial first aid when he landed on his shoulder and took all the skin off down to the bone.

  188. My daughter slipped and hit her head – a jellybean would of helped her feel better straight away!

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  191. When haven’t I experienced a first aid emergency – my wee boy was born at 24 weeks gestation (669 grams). He has mild cerebral palsy and Propreoceptive input disorder basically that means he falls over a lot and bangs into things a lot SO there are always scraps, bumps, bruises, bledding. I would love it all and wish I had it all.

  192. Falling whilst trying to catch the ball my little one just started to bawl and there it was this massive cut that a gauze bandage was needed but I didn’t have one, multiple band aids had to be applied but if I just had those bright coloured stickers I would have had dried eyes.

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