May 242012

From the very first cold day my three have been asking for ‘boots’: cosy, warm, comfy, luxurious sheepskin boots just like daddy. As you know I did not grow up in Australia and it was only after I moved here in 2006 that I realised how much of a wardrobe staple these boots really are. It may be a different colour, shape, style or brand but pretty much every Australian has or has had at least one pair. This winter my little half Aussies are proud to show off this iconic look too, their little feet planted in some beautiful, warm EMU boots.

Australian label EMU is extremely popular all over the world and many celebrities have been spotted wearing EMU so it is very likely you have seem some of their designs before. What you may not know is that the brand caters for children too, in fact there are a massive 28 different styles available in a huge selection of colours. From tiny babies (6 months+) up to size 4, there is great EMU style for every child.

In the kids range you’ll find several absolutely adorable animal designs, how gorgeous are these Little Creatures Koala boots with their dark nose and fluffy ears? Every little boy and girl I know would love stepping around with koalas, bees, butterflies or ladybugs on their feet. My kids are always arguing about the ‘koala boots’ because they all want to wear them at the same time.

After wearing their EMU footwear daily for a few months I was expecting to see some clear signs of wear and tear on them but I was pleasantly surprised. The rubber sole is proving to be very hard wearing, even for rough little monkeys like mine. If your little one is prone to smelly feet you will be pleased to know that the luxurious sheepskin  is a brilliant insulator that wicks aways 70% of moisture, so no more smelly boots.

Whether you like your boots high, low or in between, whether you like a classic chestnut colour or something a bit brighter, whether you prefer something plain or rather a more fancy, unique style, there is plenty of choice at EMU. All EMU footwear is made with the highest quality, soft, thick, 100% Australian sheepskin so you can rest assured they are keeping little feet super toasty this winter.

To find out more about EMU, to order your favourite EMU styles online or to locate a stockist near you visit, shipping is free for most destinations worldwide.

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