May 212012

A few days ago my son (3.5 yo) asked me ‘where we got baby from’, a question I wasn’t really expecting just yet so I tried my best to talk around it. As I was telling him about the baby being in mummy’s belly and them visiting me in hospital when she was just born I realised how fast the past two years have gone. One moment I was bringing home this tiny little newborn who surprised us with her early arrival, the next moment she is a cheeky nearly two-year-old who is always busy discovering and exploring. I am not in a rush for her grow up, in fact I very much love her being our little baby but she clearly has a different opinion.

With two older siblings there are always new things to learn and copy and for the past few weeks she has been climbing her sister’s bed at every opportunity. As she mumbles ‘rest’ she installs herself under the blankets with her dolls and teddy and she won’t come out for anyone or anything. My heart melts when I see this chubby, curly haired little princess so happy and content in the big bed and I think she is nearly ready to have one of her own.

From my experiences with the other two I know that the move to a big bed can be pretty scary when you are only little: there are no sides, the bed is high off the ground and what about all that extra room around you? Because our little lady is still quite small we might start with a smaller toddler bed, like the Milo XT Toddler Bed ($198, walnut or white) which I spotted on the Big W website.

Milo XT Toddler Bed (Big W)

Unlike standard single beds toddler beds are lower to the ground (easier to get into and a softer landing) and little ones still get to enjoy the safe, familiar size of a cot. After all a happy baby means better sleep, which in return means happy parents so we are all winners here. Obviously a smaller bed also takes up less space and because you can still use your ordinary cot mattress and bed linen you don’t have to buy everything new at once. I particularly like that the Milo XT Toddler Bed features short safety rails on both sides saving you another expense.

To take a closer look at the Milo XT Toddler Bed, to browse the range of other nursery furniture and to check availability near you visit, home delivery is available too.

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  1. My youngest is also almost 2 and I’m deciding when to move him into a big bed and what kind of bed to move him into. With my oldest (he’s almost 4) I moved him much earlier so the cot was ready for his sibling! I started him with a single bed base and used a really thin mattress on top which I found at Clark Rubber, so he was low to the ground! Think I’ll have a look at Big W this time around – thanks!

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