Apr 142012

With Easter behind us it will soon be time for Mother’s Day, a very special day to many and one that often sneaks up on us leaving us no time to buy a little gift for wives and mums. Now I have reminded you today that there is just under one month left until Mother’s Day (Sunday May 13th), plenty of time to pick something lovely so you have no excuse to face your mum or wife empty handed! For a whole range of sweet gift ideas check out Nana Huchy, a stunning Australian homeware label inspired by the beauty of France.

To start with my own mum (who doesn’t use a computer so my secret is safe here) I have already wrapped up this absolutely gorgeous Frill Apron ($61.60). Surely wearing this classic, long length apron you’d picture yourself in a traditional French country kitchen, baking soft bread and rolling dough for home made croissants. I know she will love it, an apron you use (nearly) every day so you might as well add some style to your cooking chores.

It is not just on Mother’s Day that you should treat your mum like a princess, she deserves to be a princess all year around. In saying that, being a princess is not easy and Nana Huchy understands that completely. How cute is this Princess Pillowcase ($30) with lovely pink flower detail around the edge? Add a home made voucher from the kids for a ‘free nanna nap’ and your very own princess will have a brilliant Mother’s Day.

But it is not just the mums who love Nana Huchy‘s French charm, the range also features a delightful kids collection with soft toys, bags, rattles, bibs and much more. This adorable bunny called Becca ($35.50) gives the best cuddles and when you pull her tail she plays music too, such a sweet surprise. If you are looking for a unique, high quality and classy gift for a special little or big person in your life the Nana Huchy store is well worth checking out.

To find out more about Nana Huchy, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.nanahuchy.com.au.

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